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2010/8/10 12:27:09
Unable to load DLL 'UE3Engine.dll' error
  • thanks anyway, I tried the program, but the same thing came up so i think I'm just going to uninstall he program now. see ya people mcmillan-ra wrote:
    Hello again,

I just had a look at the details and it is your graphics card. It's an onboard intel card, which I am afraid does not have the capabilities that the unreal engine requires.

Given that you have a notebook computer, you won't be able to upgrade the graphics card, so your only hope of getting this working would be to use the application Jim mentioned in the thread I mentioned earlier. (And there are no guarantees of that.)


2010/8/10 8:30:57
Unable to load DLL 'UE3Engine.dll' error hiya yes I've just sent the information to the email provided, i hope theres a solution. thanks Emily wrote:
Hi xXHNutXx

Welcome to Muvizu, I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with loading.

Could you give us some more information on your machine specs?
This will help us figure out what's going on with the application.
What we would need your full system specifications using a small part of Direct X.
This is called DXDiag,which is a tool that is shipped by Microsoft as part of DirectX andbasically gathers your system configuration and lets you save it as atext file. To use it follow these instructions:

1. Click the start menu.
2. Select Run.
3. Type dxdiag and hit enter (or click ok).
4. Wait until the processing bar runs to completion.
5. Click the save information button.
6. Attach the file with all the information to an email reply to us to bugs@muvizu.com

You can find more information on DXDiag at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc938991.aspx


2010/8/9 9:07:47
Unable to load DLL 'UE3Engine.dll' error I was having some trouble when trying to load Muvizu, it says "Vertex element type 5 not supported"
I'm using windows vista

In 32bit and 800X600 pixels
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