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2016/5/28 15:24:32
Speeding up Muvizu editing Well, tried it all.

Although it's better than it was, it's still ***WAAAAAYYYY*** slower than the prior version.

Gotta be something else to try (other than getting a new pc)

2016/5/28 14:40:36
Speeding up Muvizu editing ziggy72 wrote:
Delete Muvizu, and download the Full version (avoid the upgrade). Reinstall, and it should be back to normal. You are stuck with a laptop equivalent video card though, it will never be great.

Will try it - I love my NUC, but sometimes it'd be nice to have THE POWER!
2016/5/27 22:40:11
Speeding up Muvizu editing Thanks MrDrWho13.

I hadn't looked into layers yet- I'll check it out.

Tried turning off lighting and other settings.

The 2016 Feb version is just noticeably slower.

Even loading a scene can take 15+ minutes.

Seems like something's wrong. The prior version was at least tolerable.

Anyone else have other ideas? I'm kinda stuck with my graphics as I'm on an Intel NUC.
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2016/5/27 22:01:12
Speeding up Muvizu editing Hi all,

Please forgive me if this topic's been raised before, but what are the best ways to speed up Muvizu while in the editing process?

I've just downloaded the latest version, and although the features are nice, it seems much slower overall.

Can I turn off features while editing?

Is there a way to tune my Win10 system to better handle the load?

What would you suggest to speed up the edit/preview stage of developing an animation?

Thanks in advance!
2015/10/3 1:37:58
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ Update:

I manually downloaded the latest version, then installed it.
Seems like it is happy now...

Version: MZASS-v1.5 - build 2015.10.01.01R (64-bit)
2015/10/2 17:13:20
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ MrDrWho13 wrote:
Chances are you've got 2 versions of Muvizu on your PC and are running the older version. Make sure to tick the box that adds a shortcut to the desktop. If it keeps happening after that, go into the Muvizu root files(Called Muvizu Play or something)-->Binaries-->Muvizu.exe (application) which should open the newest version.

Nope - thought of that already.

Only one executable on my system:
C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.exe
2015/10/2 17:06:21
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ Hi,

Every time I run Muvizu, I get a prompt that says "A newer version of Muvizu is available. Would you like to download and install it now?"

I've downloaded and installed twice so far with no problems, but it still acts like it hasn't updated.

Here's my current version info from the "About" page inside Muvizu Play+
"MZASS-v1.5 - build: 2015.08.20.01R (64-bit)"

It's a fully licensed version of Play+.

Everything runs ok, I just have to keep ignoring the update popup.

Can you advise when this is fixed?

2015/4/30 17:28:42
EVIL! Episode 7: Gathering ziggy72 wrote:
It's well put together but you really should be doing the eye movements as well - just moving the head doesn't convey much. They all look kinda spaced out... something in the punch?

Yeah... that's it... the punch!

Haven't been big on the eye movements. Maybe I'll play with them more in the next episode.
Thanks for the feedback!
2015/4/30 14:18:35
EVIL! Episode 7: Gathering A new episode of "Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair)" is up!

Starring a great cast of voice actors, this episode is a "Lair Warming Party" on Evil Island.

Thanks for watching... and spread the EVIL news!

2015/1/22 1:27:17
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? fazz68 wrote:
its also very handy if you want to make a mirror.

just remember to reverse the camera image Big Grin

Sweet - cool trick...
2015/1/22 0:42:47
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? fazz68 wrote:
yes you can. in the backdrop texture box you can set the texture as a camera view. anything you can add a texture to will take a camera view as a texture.

Excellent! Works like a charm - thanks much Fazz68!
2015/1/21 21:34:40
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? Hi,

I'm trying to create an inset window with one character - (like a video screen of them chatting)

Is it possible to take the output from a camera and project it onto a backdrop?

Or maybe I'm using the wrong tools.

Worst case, I could do it in the post-production video editor, but it would be simpler to handle inside of Muvizu.

(thank you)
2014/10/23 14:44:09
Digimania News LugofilmLtd wrote:
I would be more active, but I can only go so far voicing characters myself. In my current project, I voiced five different characters and tried to have different sounding voices for each (changing the pitch with Audacity helped), but it's not easy. I could do more if I had voice actors, but I'm unsure about contacting any (amateurs with audition reels on youtube for instance) because I don't know whether they would expect to be paid, and since I have no money to pay anyone with...yeah.

You might try the "Voice Acting Alliance" forum.
They do a lot of fan dubs and may have some actors willing to work for credit.
2014/10/20 20:38:27
movement issue see this thread:

It could also be a "drag" vs. "double-click" issue.
Dragging seems to cause the bug. Double-clicking doesn't.

Haven't tested this myself, but it's worth a try.
2014/10/20 20:14:19
Charactere Not Moving Perfect!

Thanks much for the tip...
2014/10/20 18:04:49
Doritos Crash The Superbowl! (EVIL Submission) Hi Gang!

Just made a takeoff on my "Live! from E.V.I.L." cartoon for the Doritos Superbowl 2015 competition.

Please view here:

... and let me know what you think!

Maybe we can get Muvizu some Superbowl attention.

2014/10/20 17:59:29
Charactere Not Moving AllanParker wrote:
Hey fellas, if anyone is still looking for the solution to this problem, I've always had this problem with Muvizu, but it seems to only happen when I move a character by clicking and then dragging. The problem doesn't happen when moving the character by double-clicking; at least not in my experience. Best of luck.

Hmmm... I've always used dragging. Didn't know you could double-click!

So, you just double-click on the destination?
2014/8/20 18:17:49
Live! from E.V.I.L. episode 5: Evil Noir! primaveranz wrote:
Great stuff as usual, Joe

Thanks much!
2014/8/18 15:52:24
Live! from E.V.I.L. episode 5: Evil Noir! EVIL has gone back in time for a "Film Noir" episode!
Episode 5: EVIL Noir! (The Maltese Cheese)
With dozens of famous quotes from classic films.
Shot in "Noir View" showing you movie sources during playback.

Full list of IMDB links also available on Joe's Dump:
2014/5/14 23:38:39
Down at Netto - Geordie Elvis - this is Muvizu! Good job on the animation, and kudos to Berty on the song!
(had to look up "Netto" - figured it was the store ;-) )
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