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2014/1/3 17:47:21
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:

coming very soon.... the avengers pt2. just a couple of scenes to finalise

Anyone else notice the user picture hidden there?
2013/12/30 3:30:49
Guessing Contest! Congratulations! Here is the wallpaper and link:


Thanks to everyone who participated!

2013/12/29 14:59:23
Doctor Who? Whenever I hear my dishwasher running, I think it sounds like the TARDIS
2013/12/29 3:33:19
Uploading Failed fazz68 wrote:
yep its the holidays. all videos,assets,sets and textures have to be moderated by the staff before they appear on the site and they are all away getting drunk somewhere for the duration and wont be back till next year

Thanks, I had a hunch.Logic
2013/12/29 0:43:09
Doctor Who?

Of course not complete without some cool stuff

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2013/12/29 0:39:48
Doctor Who? Okay. That's definitely a "yes."
Who's your favourite Doctor?
2013/12/29 0:28:44
Doctor Who? Do you know what Dr. Who is, primaveranz?
2013/12/28 23:25:00
Doctor Who? Wait a second... A guy named MrDrWho13 doesn't know what Doctor Who is? Duhh
Why did you name yourself that then?
2013/12/28 17:01:56
2D Muvizu-Type Software? I like Toon Boom and it's products.

But then again, Toon Boom costs money. Brick Wall
GoAnimate doesn't. It depends if you're willing to pay the fee or not. I don't think they have a free version. I tried digging around for a good one a few years ago, but then I just used GoAnimate.
I could help you better if you could give me your price range. Feedback Requested
2013/12/28 16:48:27
Doctor Who? This subject is very off-topic. Off Topic

Does anyone here watch Doctor Who? It's a British Sci-fi show about an alien that travels through time and space via police box. Resond by either replying, using the poll, or both. Wiggle
2013/12/28 16:42:10
Uploading Failed I'm new here at Muvizu, and I tried uploading a set. I went through all the steps and it looked like it went through, but a few days later when I logged on, I couldn't find it anywhere. Is it just because it's near the holidays, or did I do something wrong? Please answer if you can. Thanks. dunno
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