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2016/2/2 2:22:31
Kids with round heads! looking forward to this
2015/8/4 13:51:50
Animator wanted 40 minute project-prefer Spanish Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for an animator to do an 40 minute animation in Spanish. Voice work not necessary. Spanish speaker preferred but not a must.
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2014/10/29 16:57:54
I give myself defeated. Floors and carpets? loving this cgtextures site, thanks Ziggy72!
2014/10/8 22:54:23
Ziggy72's UV maps really cool stuff. Thanks!
2014/9/29 16:48:26
animated sky / ground? really great stuff! Thanks Fazz68
2014/9/29 16:02:08
animated sky / ground? Hello Everyone,

I downloaded a set from the muvizu assets downloads "The 5th political - part 1" and noticed that it has an animated sky. I tried to see if it was some of clever use of a background wall but it doesn't appear to be. How do I go about creating an animated sky and can this be done with the ground also?
2014/1/22 7:23:10
Body proportions I second this request..I could use this to make younger character with short little legs and big heads.
2014/1/22 6:14:06
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets Excellent. Thanks for your response and your work in this community.
2014/1/21 13:59:40
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets I would also have to agree that formalizing some sort of "rights" tag/section for the downloads would allow for more clarity and for everyone's rights to be respected more easily and frequently. Securing rights individually can be difficult/impossible when lots of different assets are used and modified the subsequently removed, then put back in, etc. As a content creator myself, I believe in paying your share for apps, media, software, etc and I actively preach this to all who will listen since I recognize the work that goes in. Please understand that our intentions are for everyone's rights to be respected, and that some type of structure will help the community grow which will benefit us all.
by the way urbanlamb your work is amazing!
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2014/1/17 15:47:07
VIdeo Card specs...Bottleneck? Ok, I got to try the f12 setting earlier and it worked great.I'll try Ziggy's in a bit. Thanks to the both of u.
2014/1/17 10:25:10
VIdeo Card specs...Bottleneck? Excellent! I will try that this weekend.
2014/1/17 9:16:04
VIdeo Card specs...Bottleneck? Hello, I am new to Muvizu (HELLO EVERYONE!!) and most scenes run really smooth... There are a few however (i.e. moon scene and desert island) that aren't very smooth and I'd like them to be smoother when I'm moving about and adding objects and such. My question is, would you suspect the video card to be the bottleneck here? Don't worry I won't hold you to your answer. I just need some advice before I start upgrading video cards, power supplies and such. All help is appreciated!

Current PC:
-i7 3.4 ghz processor
-12 gb ddr3 ram
-standard 7200 rpm hard drives
-1 GB Radeon 7450 <-- I suspect this is the bottleneck.
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