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13/08/2010 16:16:02

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Hi Kaynine,

We are looking at doing some new Tutorials - I pass on your suggestion that we need one with an emphasis on camera placement.

In the meantime - there are actually two "Tutorial 4's" - the April 2010 one goes into the basic operation of the camera in a bit more detail - Tutorials 8 and 12 (Part 1) also give some tips on camera placement.

Take care,
14/08/2010 15:18:28

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It's a good point. We'll keep it in mind for the next batch of tutorials.
If there's any other feedback that you, or any of our other users have, please let us know and we'll try to improve in the future.

All the best,

15/08/2010 08:19:19

GordonMuvizu staff
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Kaynine wrote:
(3) Also, when you trigger a sequence of animated movements by a character, can you cut those actions off part-way through to start a new movement so as to make a sequence more pacy?


Kaynine wrote:
(4) OR can you apply a speed-up or slow-down function to character movements? (How, for instance could you otherwise create a Benny Hill type run-around or realistic floating in the moon's gravity?)

This is something we've been looking into, and will hopefully make it into the app in the future.

Kaynine wrote:
(5) Thinking about it - can you post-edit a sequence by deleting sections or even shifting them around?

Yes - highlight your character, then select Edit > Timeline from the menu. The track at the top of the timeline shows animation events - you can drag these around the timeline, and right-clicking on an event will give you an option to delete it.

Hope this helps.
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15/08/2010 15:02:09

NeilExperimental userMuvizu staff
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Kaynine wrote:
Thanks again - you guys are ultra keen ... monitoring the forum on a Sunday! Never heard of R&R?

You obviously haven't seen the hidden message in Muvizu that says "Send help! We're chained up in the basement of Muvizu HQ!"

On a more serious note, we've debated endlessly how best to handle the dialogue audio. Some people seem to like the single audio file for dialogue, but others would like to be able to use a single audio file per character. We chose the single-file method because it felt simpler for people to get something up and working quickly, and simplicity is probably our primary focus. It's obviously going to be confusing if a user expects it to work the other way though.

It's something that we keep looking at, so it may well change in the future.
edited by Neil on 8/16/2010
17/10/2010 13:08:36

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I discovered the single track issue, for dialogue, at the end of making a
long movie. What I did was create the video and at the end import the avi as
the dialogue sound track. Then I deleted each individual sound component. This
makes timing significantly easier!

19/04/2011 19:40:59

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Hello, I'm new here, and I'm not very familiar with the movizuwould likewonder , howto add one more camera , andhow the charactersmove and there is no time to write the movie ... Can someone helpme?
please help!

19/04/2011 20:23:01

DreekoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Have a look at the tutorial videos
see link below

These should help


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Home ? Feedback ? Camera and Audio tutorials - a few comments