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20/02/2016 13:46:58

PatMarrNCMuvizu mogul
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... but very related to the hobby of 3D modelling which is shared by many on this forum...

I'm curious to know how many here are involved with 3D printing? If you own one, I'd like to know what you have. If you don't own one, but are planning to buy one, I'd like to know what you're looking at.

And for those who may use one at the public library or other institution, I'd like to hear how that works out.

I don't have one yet, but I supported a Kickstarter project for TIKO, an upstart 3D printer company, and they expect to be shipping their first units in March. I was one of the last supportes before the KS campaign ended, so I won't get mine for several months after they start shipping.

On a related note, I also just discovered a free open source modelling program called FreeCAD, which is parameter based.

If you've ever used a parametric modelling app, you already know how powerful that feature is. I was very surprised to find a FREE program that is parameter driven. Usually you only find that in the very high end programs like NX or Catia.
the topic is closed

Home ? General Discussion ? totally unrelated to Muvizu....