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16/05/2011 13:18:41

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Hi Guys,
I've not made a lot of stuff with Muvizu, but from my experience with this wonderful program, I've got a couple of requests. I do like the unique processes you go through to make a movie in Muvizu, but it would be nice to have alternative ways to get things done.

As far as I can see the audio track containing voice acting, music and sound effects needs to be done in one big WAV, which is neat if you're making a music video or using a pre-recorded radio play, but I would find it easier to be able to drop individual character lines in at a specific point to get the timing of the line just right, you can still do the 'talk' and 'shush', in fact I guess it could even do an automatic talk and shush if for instance the recorded line was loaded into the character at a specific time. This is how it's done in Moviestorm and iClone, so I guess I'm just used to working like that. If this feature already exists, please slap me round the head and point me towards the correct video tutorial.

Next up, I'm a bit crap at moving the character's around the set just how I want them, so either tend to keep the characters on the spot or do several takes at getting their path and speed just right. I guess it takes practice just like moving characters in a game, but again, would be nice to have an alternative way to move them around, much like real film making where actors have points to move between. iClone does this using "Beizier paths" that can be finely tweaked, Moviestorm uses a series of points for the character to walk between. Both ways work great for me, so would be a welcome feature. Again....a slap and a big pointy finger towards a video tutorial showing how this is done if you can already do it.

Oh, and the second one would also apply to moving cameras.

Scott / Satscape
16/05/2011 13:51:45

DreekoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Your requests have been raised on the forum many times before ( especially the waypoints one) by other users including myself. You are not alone with your wishes!
The separate audio tracks feature is one that will appear at some point(according to the devs) but like all the other requests we don't know when. Same goes for the method of moving characters etc around.
We have recently been told that a new update to Muvizu will be available "soon" It has been undergoing a major overhaul to the game engine and animation system for the last few months and this will apparently enable a lot of new features to be added which previouly wouldn't be possible.

So sit tight. Good things a coming!


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Home ? Feedback ? A couple of feature/functionality request