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2011/11/7 11:00:29
MachinExpo 2011 - On the weekend of November 18 Hi all,
As you may know, the Machinima Expo 2011 is coming up real soon, I do hope you'll join us. Previous years have been fun, entertaining and educational too, it's free and you don't even have to get out of your comfy chair. You have the choice of attending directly via Second Life, or watching the live stream via the web portal.
The 4th annual 2011 Machinima Expo (MachinExpo) will take place on the weekend of the 19th and 20th November 201 in the virtual world of Second LifeTM ( and live on the web ( The Festival celebrates the art of Machinima, which is 3D animation created in real-time. The MachinExpo will feature screenings, panel discussions, interviews and opportunities to meet and learn from machinima filmmakers all over the world.
191 machinima films were submitted to this year’s Expo. Four films will be selected by a hand- picked jury, One film will win the Grand prize and 3 will win Jury prizes. The prizes will be announced during the weekend events. A selection of the other submitted films will be screened during the expo as well as the week running up (and the week after) to the event. All films will stream 24/7 at the Expo web portal (
There is no cost to attend the Expo either within Second Life or to watch via the live steam web portal. If you’ve never been to Second Life before, we recommend you download the free software and try it out before you attend.
The weekend event is being sponsored by Muvizu (, Reallusion ( and the machinima filmmaker Anim8tor Cathy ( They all have made generous donations to help provide with the running costs and prizes at this year’s Machinima Expo.
Earlier this year, it was announced that the MachinExpo is collaborating with the New Media Film Festiva (, a real-life festival taking place in Los Angeles in May 2012, the Expo’s films selected by the screening jury will be also screened at the New media Film Festival.

For more information see and
2011/10/25 13:59:07
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions Congrats Dreeko, and for those who didn't get accepted, maybe this is an excellent opportunity to vent your emotions into a new Muvizu flick that you can submit to next year's Expo?

Don't feel too bad about it, hope you're still coming along to the Expo, I find it's a fun experience every year, it's more about getting together with like-minded creative people than a "hey look at my video" sort of event and watching the films shown gives inspiration to make more of your own stuff too!

See you there!

Scott / Satscape
2011/9/27 13:49:23
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions Just a quickie update. The deadline for Expo submissions has been extended over the weekend, so you now have until 23:59 PST this Sunday (2nd oct) to submit an animation to the expo.

Even you're old vintage Muvizu animations are welcome, so long as you haven't submitted it to previous Expos (accepted or not).

So get busy this weekend and show off this lovely software!
2011/8/2 15:11:43
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions I'm hoping to see a lot more Muvizu videos at this years expo, there's so much good stuff in the Muvizu Gallery, and remember, it doesn't have to a be a 45 minute epic to be accepted.

So, rummage though your own Muvizu creations, or make something new "in hours, not weeks" (as it says at the top right). You have a little under 2 months until the deadline, plenty of time!

2011/5/16 13:18:41
A couple of feature/functionality request Hi Guys,
I've not made a lot of stuff with Muvizu, but from my experience with this wonderful program, I've got a couple of requests. I do like the unique processes you go through to make a movie in Muvizu, but it would be nice to have alternative ways to get things done.

As far as I can see the audio track containing voice acting, music and sound effects needs to be done in one big WAV, which is neat if you're making a music video or using a pre-recorded radio play, but I would find it easier to be able to drop individual character lines in at a specific point to get the timing of the line just right, you can still do the 'talk' and 'shush', in fact I guess it could even do an automatic talk and shush if for instance the recorded line was loaded into the character at a specific time. This is how it's done in Moviestorm and iClone, so I guess I'm just used to working like that. If this feature already exists, please slap me round the head and point me towards the correct video tutorial.

Next up, I'm a bit crap at moving the character's around the set just how I want them, so either tend to keep the characters on the spot or do several takes at getting their path and speed just right. I guess it takes practice just like moving characters in a game, but again, would be nice to have an alternative way to move them around, much like real film making where actors have points to move between. iClone does this using "Beizier paths" that can be finely tweaked, Moviestorm uses a series of points for the character to walk between. Both ways work great for me, so would be a welcome feature. Again....a slap and a big pointy finger towards a video tutorial showing how this is done if you can already do it.

Oh, and the second one would also apply to moving cameras.

Scott / Satscape
2010/12/1 10:56:13
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely I've used Moviestorm, iClone and Muvizu over the past few years. None are "the best", each has their own pros and cons. The great thing is that we have such a wide variety of tools to use, no longer limited to just using games to make animation. I like to think of it as using the right tool for the right Job. Eg. I wouldn't dream of using Muvizu to make a serious drama, it just wouldn't work, but for silly comedy and fast production, its the best tool in the box.

As for the free/non-free comments, well, think about it, Muvizu won't be free forever, at some point, they'll probably be a lite version and a pro/paid version, unless of course the investors have infinitely large bank accounts :-) IClone is the same, theres a free non-expiring version, a standard and a pro version. Moviestorm have a free/lite version (v1.2), a buy version (v1.4) and a rent version (v1.4).

I'm currently not using Moviestorm, as I can't afford to rent or buy it, version 1.2 lite doesn't have the features I need, and runs like a sack of sh*t on my PC, however iClone and Muvizu run just fine and I shall continue to enjoy using them both.

End of Rant :-)


Satscape Films
2010/9/8 13:02:08
Google Sketchup Object Import Thank you, and also thanks to Jim for the tutorial.
2010/9/8 12:42:35
Google Sketchup Object Import Theres another post that I found through the search that MAY be explaining how to import from Sketchup, but its coming up 'bad request' :

So, is it already possible? or is there some way to convert to ASE files (or ArSE files as I like to called them)


2010/6/8 19:45:03
Machinima Expo 2010 Information Hi everyone, I'd like to invite Muvizu staff and everyone interested in making animated movies with software such as Muvizu to the 2010 Machinima Expo (now in it's 3rd year) - Don't worry, you don't even have to get out of your chair to attend, and its completely free, and there's free beer and pie...oh hang, there's no free beer or pie.

The Expo takes place in the virtual world of Second Life (again, its free). Once in-world you can transport to the expo site, meet like-minded folks, watch LOTS of machinima/animated movies, ask questions, talk to the pros, and generally have a fun time.

It's in November 2010, no specific date set yet, just wanted to give you all advance warning.

“This year we’re bigger than ever” …Ricky Grove..

“Our goals are quality, variety and easier access” …Phil Rice

“The Expo is about fun, friendship and inspiration” …Kate Fosk

The expo is a well respected online event run by a dedicated team of

It is FREE to enter, and FREE to attend.

Visit the website for more details and breaking news.

Are you a machinima director?

Why not enter a film?

Submission deadline August 31st


Scott Hather

(Satscape Films)

p.s. Hope I'm ok posting this here, if not, just tell me to bugger off... thanks.
2010/5/31 21:49:41
Not good code. Troll?
Clearly didn't see the word 'beta' or doesn't know what it means.

Works fine here, even on my old/slow PC.

In fact, its more stable than iClone and Moviestorm, both of which are NOT beta.
2010/4/28 12:38:56
My Wishlist for Muvizu Thanks, I didn't see that bit before :-)
Glad you liked the video.

2010/4/27 10:01:24
My Wishlist for Muvizu Hi there, I'm new to Muvizu, but not new to computer amimated films, I've been using Moviestorm and iClone for a couple of years, I'm so impressed with Muvizu I'm definitely going to be using it for silly comedies, as it lends itself very well to that style, probably not suited to a shakespeare play though!

Anyhoo, a couple of things I'd like to see in Muvizu:

1. Animated cameras. Having 4 cameras is just about enough to film a scene, but being locked-off cameras can be limiting, I'd like to do dolly and crane-cam shots, but if you are planning to implement this, PLEASE make it ease-in and out of camera movements. Theres nothing worse than panning the camera and it stop dead when it reaches the end point.

2. Individual dialogue. I'd prefer to have all the actor lines recorded separately, and drop them in the timeline at specific points, rather than the current method of having one big WAV per scene and guessing the timing of the line. Also, this allows you to tweak the performance and delivery timing of a particular line, so that it matches the animation better.

Anyway, thats the only two niggly little things I don't like, everything else...bloody fantastic! I shall be using Muvizu quite a bit!

While I'm here, just a question, I like to post-produce my animations, so is there a way to upload to this site outside of the program? I'm uploading to my YouTube account, so would I just post it here in the forum?

Just made my first Muvizu movie, quite funny I think, going to upload to Youtube later today!



(Satscape Films)
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