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19/09/2016 13:51:11

PatMarrNCMuvizu mogul
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AND THE CASH WINNERS ARE (in order of amount paid) :

1) Ikes for his DORIS PART1 : $50 (Excellent work, I'm so impressed!)
plus additional compensation for each copy of his T-Rex character which is being given to everyone who submitted entries to the contest

2) Clayster, for END OF THE CHASE : $40 (You submitted some pretty flashy stuff my friend! You da MAN!)
plus additional compensation for each copy of his new RAPTOR character which is being distributed to everybody who entered the contest!

3) TONY, for his clever and extremely well-done INSTANT KARMA! $40 (Tony! GREAT job! More, More!)

4) the random drawing winner is: Rocque $30 (Congratulations Rocque)

uncompensated honorable mention: Zayha, for his KUNG FU TEST... (very clever short! Welcome to the forum!)

I think everybody's submissions were praiseworthy. I wish I were rolling in money so I could send some to everybody... but knowing that's just not gonna happen, I did at least make provision that everybody who entered got some very nice sets, some of which aren't in the store and might never be. As it is I ended up exceeding my prize budget by more than 100%.. but I think it's money well spent to encourage friends to pursue their hobby, participate on the forum and share their knowledge!

I will get links out to everybody ASAP so you can DL your zip files full of new sets and stuff that you scored by submitting an entry to the contest

Cash winners should PM me with your preference of a paper check (in which case, I'll need your mailing address)
or PayPal (in which case I'll need the email address you use for PayPal.)

If you send me the wrong address, you 'll never get the money, and I ain't sending it twice. ;-) So it's on you to get it right the first time.

Congratulations to everybody who participated.. great job across the board! If you have comments, please share them at the end of this thread. Contest is now officially over!
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19/09/2016 14:00:16