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2011/7/29 21:52:47
Strange message Thanks for this. Sorry for the delay, my notification ended up in spam.

I don't think I had two instances open.

I'm running Windows 7, with an i7 CPU, 8Gb Ram and an NVIDIA GForce GT 330 M graphics card.

(I now know how to find this information. LOL)
2011/7/8 13:57:43
Strange message I just installed the new Muvizu, 64 bit version, it was a clean install as my previous versions had been wiped when my laptop went back to the Manuf (long story). Anyway, I'd already started the prog, and set a scene - no probs. I needed to do some work on a sound file, but when I tried to restart Muvizu I got an error message saying my graphics card didn't support alpha rendering and the programme was going to close.

Funnily the prog didn't close, I'm running it now, but I do wonder if I need to worry about something.

Thanks for your help.
2011/1/29 11:10:37
Logging in Thank you.
2011/1/19 14:27:46
Logging in I'm trying to add an image. I have created the backdrop, but the images I uploaded are in my Muvizu account online, and they don't show up in the Muvizu program the way they used to, because I can't log on to the program.

So, how do I make the images accessible on my computer, when I right click and edit a backdrop?
2011/1/19 10:08:53
Logging in Sorry to be dense, but how do I import them into the program? Is it "Create Object" - "Import"

(I don't want to break something.)
2011/1/19 9:40:40
Logging in So if I log in to the site, does that mean I can access my assets via the program? Because at the moment I can't.
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2011/1/18 10:46:13
Logging in I'm having log in problems too.
I can log in to the site, but I can't log in to the Muvizu program.
2010/11/12 19:12:36
Make objects move OK - Just to let you know. I still couldn't get anything to move. Kept clicking all the buttons, and changing the setting but not a wobble.

What I had done was gone into "Prepare Object Properties" and set it to "animate" (thinking this was the right thing to do) - duh. For some reason this stopped any movement. I don't know why, but don't set it to "animate" if you want it to move. Whaaaaa?
2010/11/12 18:23:07
Make objects move Thanks everyone.

Freakmoomin - the video seems to end with "OK. So, let's..."

Is this a cliffhanger?
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2010/11/11 11:58:04
Make objects move I've created an environment within Muvizu beta and I have some objects in it, but for the life of me I can't get them to move.

I've tried using Direct Objects, but then I sit there attempting to drag them or make them rotate - anything really, but not a tremble.

What I want to do, is swap one object with another within the scene (like magic). Any ideas?
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2010/11/11 10:56:52
Multiple Versions of Muvizu on Computer Oh goody. I hope my hard drive is big enough.
2010/10/22 13:25:08
Animatable objects-props Really good news on being able to move objects during the movie. Will it also be possible to delete an object and replace it with another object? I ask because this would be great for doing online presentations.
2010/10/17 13:19:15
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? ukBerty wrote:
I could do with kissing (oo-er).

...and possibly hugging.

Sorry - had to laugh.
2010/10/15 10:43:25
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I'm not sure if anyone has posted about these, I searched the terms, but didn't find anything.

1 - handshake - It would be nice if you could get two people to shake hands. Click on one and then the other and add "handshake". Or something like that.

2 - washing hair - This would probably need another "bubbly" hairstyle, and then the ability to get the character to "wash hair" (maybe in the same section as "take a bath".

2010/9/3 8:32:24
YouTube adverts I've just been contacted by YouTube to see if I want to allow adverts on a video I created using Muvizu, which is nice because it means people are watching it. However, in filling out the form I'm not sure if I have the right to do this. I read an interview with Vince Ryan online and quote:

" Because the more people who use it, the more likely it is that someone will create something that goes stellar. It’s at that point where a Muvizu creation makes money — when we come knocking on the door to get our cut."

Now, I haven't gone "stellar", but is this the kind of thing you want a cut on and how would it work?

2010/8/12 18:01:41
Locking items? It might be that it's possible to do this already, I just haven't figured it out yet. Is it possible to lock an item in place? The reason I ask is that I keep moving walls by mistake. :p

2010/8/12 17:05:39
Game assests Thanks Glasgowjim,

glasgowjim wrote:

... feel free to bombard us with questions and suggestions

OK, you asked for it.

What I'm trying to do is create a lesson to teach the letters of the alphabet, you know A is for apple etc... but it's a bit boring if there isn't an apple to show. When you say I can use it for a texture on a backdrop / TV etc, could I create a display screen using the existing assets and then show the pictures on that, like a presentation?
2010/8/12 16:34:22
Game assests Hi,

Re static objects. How do I import them?

I have imported a couple of assets into a project (two small jpeg files), but I can't seem to do anything with them in my video.

I'm also a bit confused as to how the projects work in general. Are they just to share scripts, ideas and images?

Sorry - lots of questions I know.
2010/8/12 16:28:03
Bug? I've looked again, but I can't see any difference. When I use the other "moods" it's clear, but on happy, there may be a slight change to the tilt of the head, but the hands, the hands - left? right? nope. There's subtle and then there's incomprehensible. ;-)
2010/8/12 15:29:17
Bug? In Happy Pose, Two hands forward / left / right / back are all the same pose.
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