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2016/8/9 19:20:49
uploading videos via muvizu They tend to do it once or twice a week.
2016/8/9 18:51:54
MUVIZU.. the best deal in town! What He Said
2016/8/9 18:42:20
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 Dark lights now seem to work on camera, but not on sets from pre 1.8

Direct Dialog initial state works now, but it still leaves an 'undarkened' marker on the initial Shush.

Home and End keys still jump to the event markers, not the Cue points (really, really annoying!!! kinda renders Cue points useless...)

Still can't name Cue points? After all this time?

Still does the random spins with keyframed cameras and objects - bad news!

Still can't rotate FBX objects in one axis when keyframing (forward roll). Very bad news.

No icon for Mandy on the Content Packs list (even when her content pack is installed).

Something going wrong with Prepare Camera - first time I tried it, it wouldn't change the output camera and then crashed (see image below), the next time it did work. And then it didn't next time. Direct Camera Cuts does still work but I dunno, have to watch this one.

Ties are still useless when character is walking (flap up at 90 degree angle).

Last-person-to-have-eyes-animated not working seems to be fixed... but this was an erratic one too, so more research needed on my end.
2016/8/9 17:01:58
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 Okay, feedback on this one goes in here.

Please don't auto update. I know it sounds convenient, but unless you're fond of testing software, download the Full version from the Download button (top right) and install it into a NEW folder until you're sure that it all works okay. There, I said it again
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2016/8/9 14:18:59
Donald Trump Parody in front of audience It was a theatre seating model I downloaded from 3D Warehouse (for Sketchup). I couldn't find that particular model again, but it was similar to this one : https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=1c4c1165e8abbb68379c8b0babe54ffe

Bring it into Muvizu with low collision, make non visible ground planes for the characters to sit on, and you've got your seats. Hope that helps.
2016/8/8 23:08:07
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Done! You can do the first week in 4 hours easy. I like that they started with tracking - so damn important and useful, as us Hitfilm users keep telling everyone. Good stuff, roll on week 2
2016/8/8 23:06:04
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! Have you tried the horror actions? Might be something 'undead' in there. Other than that I was thinking of the robot, but he walks (and breathes!) like everyone else.
2016/8/8 19:13:25
Chicken test from Sinister Ikes for Mogul - I endorse this message Big Grin
2016/8/4 14:32:07
Second video, Minions styled characters.... @ Christian Clavet - I did a project with 130 characters once. Once! Never again. 7 or 8 second lag for every thing on the timeline to happen, horrendous. A couple of dozen is reasonable, but then I'm using a GTX 970 and Windows 7 (every version above that sucks - don't care what Microsoft says, everything higher than 7 sucks in terms of speed and getting the most out of Muvizu).
2016/8/3 23:43:31
Chicken test from Sinister That's some good chicken wrangling Ikes, I like how the seam looks so clean between the top and bottom bits. Good feet too. I think if you used the Evil mood while moving it would make their legs even more chicken like (maybe).
2016/8/3 19:02:03
Competition? That is a great list... for the Oscars Just making something that hangs together for it's duration is all we're really looking for here, along with effort. Anyway, bullet lists are for accountants, not artists - it's overthinking it to be so itemized, I would argue. Judging should be done based on your emotional reaction, not necessarily your rational reaction. I would argue.
2016/8/3 14:10:47
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) PatMarrNC wrote:
Well, I managed to come up with an entry after all... by not modelling anything. Everything that isn't stock Muvizu or from the user assets is a 2d graphic merged in Hit film. (LOVE that program!)

Basically the video depicts about 13 or 14 vacation scenarios that I would hate to experience... starting with getting squished on the flight between two other passengers... then going on to include everything from lost luggage, a really bad hotel, gnats on the beach, rain, a speeding ticket, a beach bar where all the girls are dogs (both literally and figuratively), close encounters with a shark and a bear, no toilet paper when you need it most, getting mugged, car breakdown, and finally a relaxing day floating down the river of death.

Action is driven by an original song appropriately titled "20 seconds"

Another good one - timing the clips to the music was a good choice, and I love the atmosphere of the rainy motel room at 6 seconds in. BTW, MrDrWho13, since I contributed to the prizes I can't enter anyway, so I will volunteer for judging duties if you want.
2016/8/3 1:04:21
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. Hey, I just posted about the same action before I saw this (but in relation to chickens).
2016/8/3 0:59:59
Chicken test from Sinister Under the Law Actions (I think) is Handcuffed Pose, where the character's hands are locked behind his back while he walks, which might also be a useful pose to get rid of the swinging arms.
2016/8/2 15:33:42
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] No worries mate, I was just clarifying what it is Anticip would be downloading from your link, and why it works. Us veterans can sometimes be a little blase about it, and we forget to state the details sometimes. It's always someone's first movie somewhere
2016/8/2 13:17:34
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] The 'too small' message can also appear if your original object is too thin - Muvizu has to create a collision volume, but there's not enough width/height for it to calculate it. Using the Ziggymesh exporter (as ukBerty says) creates the volume for you, so should make life simpler.
2016/8/1 21:53:11
Stand while holding cup. And there you are : http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic5734-arm-yourself.aspx
2016/8/1 18:28:29
Chicken test from Sinister Awesome Ikes. That's what we're calling you from now on The way they move reminded me of turkeys, for some reason, but definitely convincing if you don't look too close.
2016/8/1 0:54:36
Stand while holding cup. Done the arms, but now I want to add a phone.

Couldn't find a good free phone to use, so I'll make one to go with the left hand.
2016/7/31 20:23:27
Stand while holding cup. Rocque wrote:
You use a PSD file? I am not sure what that is yet.

It's just a picture file (like JPG or BMP) but it supports multiple layers within the file, unlike normal picture files. In this case one of the layers is the colour of the arm, and another is the UV layout of the model (so you know where to paint). You would export it from Photoshop (or Gimp or whatever) as a normal picture file, then use that as the texture for the model inside Muvizu. Make more sense now? Probably not, but I tried
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