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2016/6/30 15:37:43
Muvizu Crash and freeze Obvious question first - does your PC meet the minimum requirements? http://www.muvizu.com/System-requirements

The Shader Model is the most important spec - if you're trying to run this on a laptop then you will struggle, since laptops have weak graphics chips.
2016/6/29 22:23:37
Where will I find Mandy's UV? These are the Ambient Occlusion maps for shading the character, it's the UV maps you need. I've already got them posted from here : https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=49D7234E5E7C54B9!172&authkey=!AHJTBfGh15Ux1rM&ithint=file%2czip
There's probably a setting in Umodel to extract different layers - the AO by itself isn't enough without the colour and/or specular layers. I think there's normal layers in there too, it gets complicated
2016/6/29 19:25:57
Where will I find Mandy's UV? Nah, can't download the link. And Muvizu can import TGAs directly, it just doesn't show them as options when you import unless you select 'show all' in the filters.
2016/6/29 18:25:53
Where will I find Mandy's UV? The UV maps were supplied by Muvizu HQ, so if they don't match up it would be up to them to fix/update the UVs (since you need the original models to create the UV). Start petitioning now, would be my advice
2016/6/28 15:29:31
Where will I find Mandy's UV? Originally Mandy was called Zubox girl, and so were all her assets. When released as an asset, her name was changed to Mandy, but anything called zubox girl belongs to her. Some of the UV maps may be a little off though - haven't used any of her clothing UVs myself, but it should be easy enough to make some new 'border' lines to avoid painting on bits you don't want.
2016/6/26 23:16:28
Depth Of Field Yeah, the 2gb limit thing is why a lot of us switched to exclusively image sequences, as well as removing all codec issues.
2016/6/26 19:12:20
Depth Of Field What He Said AVIs are just so last year... Also a Vegas user, I only use PNG sequences now (to avoid the compression issues and time limits on clips, which is less than 20 seconds for 1080p).
2016/6/26 16:08:56
Coming Soon 2016 Rocque wrote:
How did you get the character, and desk? Everything looks awesome. I spent all day on about 30 seconds of my animation. I used parts from a pre-existing scene so just had to add a few more things here and there to personalize it. It is absolutely nothing like yours. However I still need to do more, and this is just one part I worked on today. I hope the rest goes smoothly so I can have it finished for the competition.

Keep up the good work Ziggy.
edited by Rocque on 26/06/2016

The character is just the standard Sinister without his usual evil accessories (dressed formally for the occasion!). I added some detail to his face decal, but other than that he is pretty standard. The desk is just a Muvizu desk - don't know what 'pack' it comes from, since I always just use the search box in the Create Objects bit to pull up things (manually searching through them all is too slow). The papers and coffee cup are imported, and the whole lot sits on a floating ground plane. The lighting consists of two spotlights - on a black set they look quite dramatic And that's it - like I said, there are no magical tricks to help you make your movie, only what Muvizu gives you (but some users are so focussed on what it CANT do they never get around to exploiting what it CAN do!). The only way any of us get better at anything is practise, so please, everyone, enter something into Clayster's competition and show some support. And thankyou for your questions Rocque, I am happy to explain anything to anyone if it helps them.
2016/6/26 3:08:32
Coming Soon 2016 I know I said I wasn't going to post any more pictures of what I'm working on for Clayster's competition, but I love this image This is what Burroughs used to do, just go on a stage and sit and read to the audience in darkness. A little sepia tint to the camera output is the only effect added. So simple - this is why I love this program you know, its not for the tricks its for the looks you can achieve.

2016/6/26 2:42:25
Depth Of Field Hi Robert, that's a common problem I think, dealing with the DoF sliders. Here is my bulletproof guide to setting focus in Muvizu :

Set Focus Distance to zero
Ignore Falloff, you never need to change it unless you're doing a tracking shot with the focus distance changing all the time. Its usually fine where it is, is what I'm getting at
Set Focus Range to almost zero (about 20 or 30)
Set Scale to max

Camera view is a blurry mess? Good, now increase the Focus Distance. You will see a band of focus moving through your set. Move it to your point of interest - you'll probably have to type in the exact number to get perfect focus.
Once you've got your target set, increase Focus Range to encompass whatever else you want in focus. Decrease the Scale to your tastes. And that's it, really Hope that helps.
2016/6/26 2:11:04
Create a campfire You can't import effects, no, but you can sort this. Either put the campfire on a raised bit of ground (like one of the mounds) so that you have room to put the fire lower, or else build a false floor. I tend to use a lot of ground planes (pretending to the be ground) hovering higher than the actual floor.
2016/6/25 14:14:21
Base Character Reference Models Nice job Pat, added them to the OP.
2016/6/25 13:17:21
Hello from SoCal Hi Marc, welcome to the club You should post a link to your video here as well, we're always happy to see new stuff.
2016/6/24 2:35:37
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Oh yeah, it's a competition, I forgot Not posting nothing more till it's done. It's just so nice to work on something that doesn't involve death and maggots...
2016/6/24 2:07:48
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) clayster2012 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Working on a little something to enter...

You got me wondering, can't wait to see it!

I'm just having fun now

2016/6/24 2:03:25
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) You just post/upload your video through your Muvizu account (which should be linked to your YouTube account).
2016/6/23 23:56:53
Patient lying in bed primaveranz wrote:
So could you download a mesh, remove the head (presumably you'd need to keep the same number of vertices) and replace the one in the Muvizu folder to have a headless actor? You'd have to switch that mesh in and out to get the original back of course.

Mandy's head is separate from her body, so her head is a separate mesh. You could presumably import the head into something, edit it, and save it back out as a UPK file (I don't know for sure how you'd do that) but what about the skeleton? It's tied to the head mesh, and physically changing any of the source Muvizu files is not a good idea for any number of reason. I wouldn't advise trying it that way - better to just create her head as a standalone object.
2016/6/23 22:24:14
Base Character Reference Models I'm already going to be using the Mandy mesh to make her body top for the operating table scene (so you can't see that she's just a floating head!) for the movie I'm making for Clayster's competition. Necessity is the driving force here - why do think I was all over this from this morning up till now?! Been asking Muvizu HQ for YEARS for the reference meshes for the bodies, so I wasn't hanging about when I have the chance to do it myself.
2016/6/23 21:44:24
Base Character Reference Models Chopping bits off them to use as animate-able attachments and such would be another good use for them, certainly. It's what I'm gonna do
2016/6/23 21:27:29
Base Character Reference Models PatMarrNC wrote:
Ziggy, you've really moved fast on this and figured out a lot of stuff very quickly... my old man brain is still trying to find and load models in UMODEL (not very successfully)

Couple of tips for ya, regards Umodel :

Path is C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\MuvizuGame\Content\Packages

(or Program Files (x86) if using the 32-bit version)

Make sure to tick the PC toggle in the Platform box at the bottom of the start screen.

Before you try to export anything, click on the Tools dropdown and select Scan Content. This will now show you what has a skeleton, a texture, etc.
edited by ziggy72 on 23/06/2016
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