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2016/1/1 21:46:34
Coming Soon 2016 ukBerty wrote:
Happy New Year Muvizuers...

Who knows, maybe this year "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" will finally see the light of day.....

It has to emerge into the light - horror always does Big Grin The shots look amazing btw, even though I've seen them before, they still draw me in.
2016/1/1 21:24:44
Coming Soon 2016 Hey, they're showing Eraserhead, love that film...
2016/1/1 21:20:46
2 Questions please help! Ericksone, you can only drag the audio tracks about in normal Timeline view, not in any of the Recording modes. When you're recording Dialogue, you can only effect the Talk/Shush status, nothing else, so you can't move the audio track AT THAT POINT, but once you leave recording mode you can.
2016/1/1 17:59:56
play+? It's on the File menu.
2015/12/31 21:46:13
Coming Soon 2016 Yeah, it was actually UrbanLamb that pointed it out to me - that page was just getting unwieldy. I thought now would be a good time to make the switch. And yes, that's a lighter on top of his cigarette packet. Lots of props in this thing - hundreds.
2015/12/31 17:16:29
Coming Soon 2016 This topic is for all Muvizu users to post pictures/vids of their upcoming projects.

Me first

Ted Bundy, 12 hours from execution.
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2015/12/31 17:08:47
Coming Soon... I started this thread ages ago, not expecting it to get quite so big. People with slower internet connections are having a long wait for all the pictures to load, so to make things easier I'm closing this topic and starting a new one (Coming Soon 2016) so that there can only be a maximum of a year's worth of images posted on it.

Thank you to everyone who put their pictures up, and I hope you'll continue to do so on the new page

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2015/12/29 20:27:39
I'm going crazy Please, Clayster, everybody, use v1.5.


It doesn't support keyframes, but other than that it works. Never do the automatic update to the new version, never. Download it separately, install it separately, use it separately, but never update your version of Muvizu via the prompt you get when you first load the program (Muvizu HQ, you'd have so many less complaints on here if you just added a warning line to that prompt...not everyone wants to be a tester). Even if a patch comes out tomorrow for v1.6, chances are that it'll just break something else anyway (just going by past history) so use a stable version instead and forget about v1.6 for the moment. Even if you have to rebuild your v1.6 sets, at least you can get on with it for now.
2015/12/23 19:16:44
SKETCH-UV Awesome - and it works with Sketchup 8, which is vitally important on this here forum... Good find Pat! I've always struggled to get any texture to wrap around anything that isn't flat in SU, so this is just great. And it's free - what more could you want?!
2015/12/23 0:06:31
request Oh cool, even better that I uploaded it then. I forgot there was another update after this one - like I keep telling everyone, I don't upgrade till I know for sure the new version works, and it never did work right after this particular version... (and even this one has the 8 second cut-off for mp3s).
2015/12/22 18:33:11
Star Wars Smoking "Hit that sh*t!" LOL
2015/12/22 18:27:15
request Thanks MToon, glad to be of help. The link to this version is already up somewhere else (MrDrWho posted it) but I couldn't find it straight away so put up this link instead.
2015/12/21 23:09:39
request MToon wrote:
someone would be able to give me the link to download the version: 2015.10.01.01R
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Give that a go - it's my copy, please me know if it doesn't work.

Its the Full 64bit version of Muvizu, btw.
2015/12/21 17:44:57
Merry Christmas to my friends and family! 1) Processed voices are always harder to discern, but you can help the clarity by rebalancing the EQ levels in whatever you used to change the voices. And yes, slowing it down is usually better.

2) Nah, he needs hooves Clipping hooves is better than none at all - when I can't get round a clipping problem, I move the camera...

3) Attachments are limited to being single sided, but that's the inside of the model you're seeing (being transparent) - to see the inside, it'd have to be double sided. To get around that you'd have to make sure your model is 'closed' with no inner surfaces visible before you import it into Muvizu.
2015/12/21 17:32:45
Improved Muvizu/live footage hybrid TheOtherGuy, to import an image onto the camera you go to the Overlay dropdown > Image Overlay. You click on the default binoculars overlay to select a different file.
2015/12/20 22:24:00
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 MrDrWho13 wrote:
Go on Ziggy, make a list of your favourites!

I accept your challenge sir!

So, in no particular order, I would propose these vids and Muvizuers to be the best examples of the art (posted on the Muvizu Gallery, and mostly excluding the ones already mentioned) ;

Anything by ukBerty, but especially
...and the other 3 parts.

Anything by Jonbez, but especially his Dark Ninja Reviews series ;
...and his Ghost House series ;

Anything by Mysto, in particular this fine music vid ;
...and of course the epic Garage Band Blues series, made with the recently departed Danimal.

Anything by Dreeko, but especially ;
...the Staundoone series won't be understandable to those who struggle with accents...

Anything my Matt, but especially The Book, which is still one of the best looking things I've ever seen made with Muvizu ;

Massimo_bo only posted 2 vids, but they are both amazing ;

Anything by fman00, but especially ;

Anything by Zubox, especially ;

Anything by BigWally, especially his Nick Danger series ;

Everything by Fazz68. Seriously, everything.

Anything by Skylike, but specifically their excellent Tales from Zombietown epic ;

Anything by Rodrisilva, but everyone should see this one ;

...and so many others. Edited highlights would run like this...


...and then some!

PatMarrNC, I look forward to your detailed synopsis of each one - should only take you a couple of months... Big Grin
2015/12/20 20:30:15
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... roland1963 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
roland1963 wrote:

I tried all of these; no result...

The ASE file is in plain text format. Are you saying you opened it in Notepad and manually replaced the path and filename from TOTO.BMP with the path and file name to your texture, and MUVIZU still won't find the right texture?

Actually,this thing is getting me crazy... 3 hours on it!!! I already not have much hair left but with this one...

If I go back to what I did;

1) created my cigarette in SketchUp (or what looks like it!)
2) Imported a 256x256 pixels texture in SketchUp for my cigarette
3) Add the texture on my cigarette
4) I used other SketchUp textures for the but
5) Exported as Ase file
6) Put all the files (ase, texture as bmp, skp) and the Toto file in the folder UT3 on my Desktop

It does not import in Muvizu...

So what Do I have to do on top of this? Or what did I do wrong?
edited by roland1963 on 20/12/2015

I think the only thing you're doing wrong is expecting Muvizu's importer to work automatically Unless the path to each texture is explicitly defined in the ASE file you have to manually load each texture into each slot within Muvizu.

Here's what I mean - here's the start of an ASE I have (also a ciggy I am currently using) :

*MATERIAL_CLASS "Multi/Sub-Object"
*MATERIAL_NAME "Material2"
*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp"

The Bitmap location for each material is the default TOTO file, to keep Muvizu happy, so my cigarette starts off as all one colour. I load each texture into each slot. If I wanted Muvizu to load each texture for me, I'd have the change the default BITMAP path to something else, like D:\my stuff\models\ciggy\filter.jpg, or something similar. Hope that helps.
2015/12/20 14:49:32
Failed to load object from file Further to this, has anyone noticed their characters not animating their eye movements when being rendered out? This is happening to me in a v1.5 set, and I'm wondering if that glitch (which is part of the head movement system) has maybe had a knock on effect in v1.6? Removing and redoing the eye movements has no effect, btw.
2015/12/20 14:42:46
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 We should make you our reviewer, Pat! We tend to forget the vids we made because we're focussed on what we're doing now, but they do show how far the program has come. That list isn't particularly representative either - where's Fazz68 for a start? Or Mysto, or Skylike, or ukBerty, etc? It's a long list...

Anyway, thanks for the observations, and you're right, I did rip off the camera moves in a Fistful of Coders - I just used every Sergio Leone movie I could remember The walk at the end was just using Sony Vegas (or was it Adobe Premiere? long time ago now) to slow the shot down a bit.

I couldn't pick just one vid from all the ones I've seen, but I'll nominate this one as a personal fave for showing excellent characterisation, model making, lighting and fun : http://www.muvizu.com/Video/35627/Classic-kirk-fights-number-2-kirk-vs-khan
2015/12/18 14:29:27
Buzzball Day 3 A little while ago Google decided to destroy youtube's usefulness (and sense of community) by making comments possible only if you a G+ account (a third rate facebook clone). Third party sites have had issues with the latest changes made this year, and continue to do so by the looks of it.
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