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2014/6/23 18:58:36
Coming Soon... OMG
...in a good way
2014/6/22 22:47:29
hello, new here video567 wrote:
lol, no I do not sleep at all. a few hours if i am lucky. I am in pain alot and keeps me awake. this keeps me from being a pansy and get busy.

I really wish the super hero models had a sidekick option These Gatchaman i made look crappy cause they all are so bulky. but i got to play with textures and this is what i came up with!

and this is what they should look like if you don't know who they are..

edited by video567 on 22/06/2014

Gatchaman? Didn't know what you meant for a sec... in Europe they were called G Force : Battle of the Planets. They probably never did dub in the explanation of what the G meant Used to watch them after school (and Ulysses 31, which was just weird).

I have found that Daz is also (now) a good importer path for whatever 3D models you got - it can convert them into fbx pretty well. And Daz is free, which is nice
2014/6/22 21:34:37
hello, new here Don't you sleep? Big Grin

Good to see you're getting on top of the whole 'why the hell doesn't this imported thing work?!' stage of Muvizu's learning curve. I did some stormtroopers too, but the head size on the characters makes it hard to scale them (they always kinda look like they're going to fall over from the weight!). Look forward to seeing what you're up to
2014/6/20 23:09:45
Coming Soon... I thought it was a gimp mask...right kind of trousers for it Big Grin
2014/6/20 23:08:16
A little Star Wars Parody Who knew a Wookie could be so eloquent? Nicely done (can you turn the shadow detail up higher on your PC? Never liked the blobby shadows Muvizu makes. My only gripe, honest guv Big Grin ).
2014/6/19 18:54:02
Custom Textures Glad to be of service Big Grin The skirt length is actually pretty easy to do - just delete the bottom part of the texture and save it as a PNG file (which preserves the transparency, unlike JPG files). When you apply it, the bit you deleted will be transparent and so you have your shorter skirt (or ragged, or slanted, or whatever). (edit - you can't actually make the skirt any longer, only shorter).

The pants, on the other hand, is something you would paint on using the character's custom template, as you started to do at the beginning, and apply using the Custom Texture box for the character. Everything on the character's body and face is 'paintable' on the template EXCEPT the skirt, which has it's own, erm, thing. The newer characters (Heroine, Beefy, Sinister and Rosie) have much more detailed (and therefore a bit more complicated) decal options, so steer clear of them just now until you get used to working with the standard characters. Oh, and remember to set the pants/top/etc to None in the Character's properties before you start applying custom decals, or you won't see them under the default ones. Hope all this helps
edited by ziggy72 on 19/06/2014
2014/6/19 1:05:18
Custom Textures Okay, I'll do this Fazz style, since it works quite well

When you want to alter the skirt in any way, DO NOT start with the Character's Decals :

Start by going to the character's Legs, then Skirt, then the Texture box (currently black), like this :

Click Import to select your skirt texture, which is just a picture of any type you like :

Voila! One skirt
2014/6/14 19:08:50
A question of scale? I can say that because you posted a link to a site that (probably) sells actual scales, when the thread is about 3D objects and how to scale them. That smells like spam to me.
2014/6/12 21:40:03
A question of scale? Really...how interesting...isn't SPAM also measured on scales too?
2014/6/10 23:20:52
Coming Soon...
I luv props Big Grin
2014/6/10 23:14:21
a fake commercial I made Pretty good first attempt, hangs together okay - unfortunately your volume goes from okay to DEAFENING at 39 seconds in, but sound is tricky within Muvizu (a video editor is something you'll need later, we have all found). I'd advise you to experiment with the lighting and shadows too, to get some more depth and definition in there. And welcome aboard
2014/6/10 23:08:14
New mod! Hello Muvizu Chap. Nice to have the company
2014/5/28 23:37:04
How do I set the microphone on Fire ! ? (Free) Imported objects can be attached to characters only in Play+. In the free version you'd import an object as per the tutorials and then position it as if the character were holding it, but it would look rubbish because the 'not breathing' option in Muvizu doesn't work at the moment so the character will move a little all the time (as they breathe), and the object will not.


Unless you want to buy +, I'd advise you to rewrite your scene, and avoid the ciggies. Hope that helps
2014/5/28 18:46:51
How do I set the microphone on Fire ! ? (Free) electricrider wrote:
I refashioned some safety glasses into some cool shades but as a new object I cannot save it by itself ? It only saves as part of the character's inventory. This means I'd have to recreate that pair on every character I give them to. How can i solve this?

Don't think you can, no. You could save the character wearing the shades as a Favourite, so you can paste him back in later if you need to retrieve the same values you set the original glasses to, but that's about it.
As for your other problem, yes you do need to have Play+ to get anything like a cigarette in their hands - unless you do static shots, and then you could use pictures overlayed later, or imported 3D objects.
2014/5/26 20:46:16
Hello... I'm a new member. (twitches curtain)
Ooh, look who's moved into number 74...
(goes to find binoculars)]

Big Grin
2014/5/23 17:25:56
lip sync .... Yes

The lip sync thing is to do with the timeline, or how it works, I'm not sure, but I know that I have to jump back on the timeline to a previous bit of the dialogue to be able to play it in sync. If you just play from where the edit point is then it won't be in sync - even moving the edit point by clicking on the timeline, or dragging it about, doesn't keep it in sync. So, I use the timeline markers, placed a few seconds before the bit I'm interested in, and use the keyboard shortcuts HOME and END to jump back/forward to them when playing back a segment multiple times. That (usually) keeps things synced up.

As for your other problem, dunno - may be a side effect of things not playing back in sync making you move the Talk/Shush markers when you don't have to, thereby messing up your edit. Are the characters overlapping their talk/shush windows by a lot, or just a little?
2014/5/23 16:54:35
lip sync .... Could you tell us what you mean by "one version of the lip syncing works and other doesn't"? Do you mean the Talk/Shush method isn't working, or the silent bits on the audio file method isn't working, or...? Gotta be a bit more specific, y'see
2014/5/23 16:49:21
Just One Piece Competition Fazz & The Hamster - sound's like a 70's detective show Well done both of you! Applause
2014/5/18 16:12:55
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Toon, NOOOOO!! Don't go to t'Dark Side! We need our Moguls!
2014/5/18 16:04:44
Advice needed on system requirements please? The recommendation is for at least a Shader v3 capable card, yours would be v5, so you've nothing to worry about there
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