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2012/10/4 11:34:02
Rendering time As another example, I built this set on my i5 (@4Ghz), 8gb RAM, Nvidia GTS450

4 cameras, 11 lights, no effects, and 130-odd characters. And it takes just over 20 minutes to render out 1 minute of 1280x720 iYUV AVI. Thing is, it's impossible to animate - each action you take that effects the timeline gives you a 5 or 6 second pause while Muvizu grinds to a halt thinking about stuff. In the end I had to have the audience in a split screen with the speaker on stage animated on her own... what I'm saying is that it's all relative, and you should just keep pushing ahead until your PC pushes back
2012/10/3 15:41:34
Jacket and Hat ekessler wrote:
Do you have the eps file that I can open in Illustrator and change the color to navy or black.

I created the skin as a .png file from the start, it's source being a multi-layered Photoshop .psd file. I could export the skin as an .eps file if you'd like, and/or send you the original .psd file. Send me a message (link's in my Profile page) with an email address if you'd like them.
2012/10/1 17:59:21
Video into TV or into background? They've all gone home by now I would think, so I'll field this one - although you can insert a video, Muvizu wont play the sound from that video. You would have to import the audio seperately then sync it up to make it appear complete. Hope that helps.
2012/9/30 23:54:46
Jacket and Hat To make your own, follow this guide :

Or, alternatively, just download someone elses, like mine from :

Hats are 3D objects that have to be included as part of the character's options (ie built in, and can't be added by us users), although most have them.
2012/9/30 23:50:01
Rendering time Hi ekessler - your laptop has plenty of memory, but not much video power. A desktop machine with a decent video card, or a gaming laptop, would be a lot faster to render. Muvizu is based on a game engine, so you need a machine capable of running that kind of software to get the best out of it.
2012/9/28 21:55:59
Things that might be useful for the next version Hey jfespinal (hell of a name to type that one) you'll be pleased to hear you already can animate the depth of field in Muvizu. You'll be less pleased to hear you have to do it by manually sliding a control around with the mouse, which is in no way accurate or entirely predictable.

Briefly, the process runs like this - first of all, under Focus in the camera options screen, turn on 'Focus Distance & Depth Of Field'.

Then, with the camera still selected, select 'Object Properties' from the Prepare menu. In the Track drop down menu you can select either depth of field, focus distance, or field of view to animate.

Select 'Object Properties' from the Direct menu, select the appropriate track, start recording, and adjust the slider as necessary.

Experimentation is key to understanding the workings of Muvizu, so have fun with it. Hope that helps
2012/9/25 19:27:14
Help me Rock this video...Is there an easier way? What He Said

...and also realise that you'll have to use your editing skills to make it look right, rather than relying on Muvizu - you'll have to edit around the bits that don't work, speed up/slow down the actions, or just plain hide/obscure the hands at the animation stage so you can't see that they don't match exactly.

As for your 4 block view, you can do that with Premiere and Vegas and the like (did something similiar myself at the end of my Fistful Of Coders vid) but I don't know about AVS. You could try looking for some tutorials, to see if the full version can help you out.
2012/9/25 19:15:00
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly wrote:
I've finally found a method of creating one 'BIG' map that combines several other maps that Muvizu will quite happily choke down (with the odd coughing fit on the way) without resorting to creating a multisub object material. This means I can apply a separate ao map to a large model.

One map to rule them all? Whaaaaa? Surely not! How, where, when, etc? (can't believe I'm getting excited by texture mapping - my GeekMeter's just gone off the scale!). And the model looks excellent.
2012/9/24 18:20:00
Coming Soon... So very very daaaark... Looking forward to this one (goes without saying, really)
2012/9/19 20:44:08
A Werid Problem with Muvizu Don't know how (very!) old that version is you're using, but the simple answer is 'Download The Newest Version!' and try again.
2012/9/17 23:28:42
Eyes wide shut I downloaded the program through the site, then installed it over the top of my previous version (21b). I always do.
2012/9/17 19:28:41
Eyes wide shut Tried this myself, and Beefy's eyes worked 100% as they should do. The other sliders seem okay too, although I haven't tried every single one. 64 bit, full fat downloaded version, Nvidia 450. Strange.
2012/9/16 12:30:38
Rotate backdrop I just tried this, and it rotated around the rotation point as it's supposed to. Are you using the arrow keys (as I was) to rotate?
2012/9/13 22:33:01
Feedback Thread - v0.22b release (September2012) ekessler wrote:
However, I'm not sure if this a bug or my settings, I rendered a video using the ffdshow codec and it came out as just millions of dots. I tried this on 2 different computers and the same results. I have used this in the past and had perfect videos.

Check out this thread - I don't think you're alone

2012/9/13 22:28:42
Ride a motobike Hi nguyenmai, that's some fundamental questions you're asking there, but here's an overview of the answers (the details would run to many pages)

1. Ride a motorbike when running.
If by running you mean moving, then no, you cant. The bike can be moved, but the characters can only move my walking/running/animations, or be lifted up/down, but not moved in time with the bike. It sucks, but what can you do? It's a limitation we all have to put up with. Move the background to make it look like the bike is moving forward.

2. Character lying down.
For this, and the appropriate poses to sit on a bike, look to the list of character actions, down under Themes you'll find Biker actions, and under Pose you'll find lying down actions. There are a lot of actions for each character, so it's worth spending time just trying them all out to see what they do.

3. Character sitting without floating.
All objects, like chairs, can be set to interact with characters, or not to interact. Right click on the chair, uncheck 'can be stood on', and your character will sit on/through the chair.

Hope that helps, and you understand okay. Good luck!
2012/9/12 20:10:31
anti-aliasing Think you may have a codec problem JB. I tried the same thing, but all was fine (using my normal iYUV codec). Switched to ffdshow, turned off the AA, rendered a test shot, and it came out fine on playback. Turned on the AA, rendered the same shot, and it came out like this on playback :

Tried again, no changes, and it came out fine. Why it should be doing this I don't know, but I find that Muvizu doesn't get on all that well with other codecs in 64 bit mode. Good luck with this one!
2012/9/12 15:31:09
Feedback Thread - v0.22b release (September2012) Liking the look of the new set bits, especially the rooftop ones - so very very Batmanesque Not sure what you tweaked on the lighting, but it looks better. Still can't fully zoom in on the timeline using keys though - it still stops halfway and forces you to drag the slidey thing for the remainder, which is really annoying and time consuming. Ah well, we all have our timeline issues...just ask Mysto (still no snapping to cue points, my friend - you'll have to wait some more...Brick Wall )
2012/9/11 19:40:07
Muvizu start up error One other thing Mutley - sometimes Muvizu doesn't download correctly in the first place, so it doesn't matter how many times you reinstall it, it will always be broke - download the latest version (just out today!) and try again. Can't hurt
2012/9/9 13:23:19
Ghettoblaster Hi Rob - export the plugin to your google install directory, usually :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Sketchup 8\Plug Ins\

It will appear in the Plugins drop down menu in Sketchup as 'HardPCMs Exporter for Unreal Tournament', all being well.
2012/9/8 14:55:07
binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! To create the cat, just follow this simple recipe :

1 Create Boy Character
2 Add cat mask and mess around with it
3 Err...um...lemme see now...

Actually, I can't remember the exact steps, so I'll upload the cat character as a set, which you should be able to download from the gallery on Monday (I do remember it took a lot of fiddling about with to get the face mask colour to match the body, and to get it to the right scale and position to match up with the face correctly, which is why I saved the cat so I wouldn't have to do it again!).
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