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2011/8/1 20:37:30
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... How do you ditch someone without too much pain? This might help...

SYBDs 5 Tips for Dumping Your Relationship

Happy dumping!

Okay, no idea why that's come up twice on here!
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2011/8/1 20:25:49
Is this a new feature? It's a bug that manifests itself sometimes with the updated version. The interface elements aren't being hidden when they get to the edge of the box, as they're supposed to - doesn't actually effect the program at all, so don't worry
2011/8/1 15:34:54
MIIVIES Marco_D wrote:
Have you noticed the amount of money they charge to render a movie? EEK!

I hadn't got that far into it - damn them! Just goes to show where the best movie producing software is...
2011/8/1 14:46:50
MIIVIES That is quite nice...a waypoint system for walking, or you can use keys - now where have I heard that discussed? Sadly it's another one where they expect you to use text to speech (which never sounds all that good), but I did like the idea of having the menus 'pop around' the objects/characters. Promising, but it does look like another attempt at Xtranormal. Again.
2011/7/30 19:02:30
Upload pictures?! The name of the Sketchup plugin you need is HSKP2UNR - it's here :


Hope that helps.
2011/7/25 22:07:33
v0.16b Feedback Also struggling to see any real difference when using the Look At speed slider - maybe the effect isn't exaggerated enough.

Anyway, that's not what I'm posting about - I've just been reusing an old set of mine (Matt's flat from The Dumped Stories). It had, as a feature, blinds I got from Sketchup. I shone a spot through them, they cast shadows across the room as you'd expect, all good. Now, however, there are no shadows cast by the blinds. None at all, regardless of light setting or shadow intensity. I thought at first the lighting looked bad because I just wasn't used to the subtleties of the new engine, but now I find it just doesn't work. This doesn't feel like progress.

For example, why do objects sitting on top of other objects cast shadows THROUGH the shadow of the object they're sitting on?! It looks terrible. I think maybe I'll have to reinstall the older version of Muvizu, just so I can have working shadows again. There seems to be something fundamentally broke with the lighting system of the upgraded Unreal engine - an object can cast a shadow from a light source on the other side of an object that should be completely blocking that light - huh? Surely that's just plain wrong in any 3d environment. And don't get me started on the Individual Shadows option - all it does is render your scene useless by putting crazy shadows in all directions with no relation to where the light source actually is. And how can a WALL cast a shadow of itself inside a room?! Don't walls block light usually? Whaaaaa?

Please please fix this. I can't animate in Muvizu without using lights and shadows - it's fundamental. The old way the lighting was handled wasn't perfect, but at least it was predictable. And it cast shadows in a realistic way.

Other than that, all's good!
2011/7/25 21:25:47
Random requests! Colour coded cameras! They can be hard to see, grey as they are, among the other objects and it would be good to associate them by colour rather than just number alone.
2011/7/24 20:39:55
Cheap(ish) laptop glasgowjim wrote:

Coincidentally, I have just bought a new PC and, for the techy users, here are the specs:

Intel i5 2500k Quad Core 3.3 GHz (I am hoping to overclock it to 4.5 GHz)
Geforce 460 GTX 1GB
8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Ram
MSI P67A-GD3 Motherboard (Compatible with both SLI and Crossfire)
Low-noise Modular Cooler Master PSU
OCZ Sata-3 60GB Agility 3 SSD
WD Caviar Black Sata-3 1TB HDD
Asus Xonar 5.1 Surround sound PCI Card
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Cooler
LG Super-Multi Blu-Ray/DVD Drive
2 Low noise fans
Screwless case

Thats more than you need to run Muvizu, but it never hurts to test for the high-end users (that's how I have been justifying the purchase to myself but it hasn't really worked).

I am looking forward to getting the bits and putting it all together - now that PC cases don't try to eat your hands like they did in the '90s.

Having almost the same spec (ASUS rather than MSI though) I can tell you that the 2500k will clock up to 4.3 without any problem, and using just the stock cooler. I can edit and animate everything in Muvizu with all the lights and effects turned on all the time, which is a time saver actually. Beyond 4.3Ghz, you're into the realm of voltage tweaks which, personally, I'd recommend against unless you like pain
2011/7/24 12:30:55
Static Mode ukBerty wrote:
Blimey Ziggy - that sounds like a lot of work.

I've sorted it out however......

I changed the script so that they're lying down.

Note that UKBerty has used the standard film industry approach to the problem - cheat and sidestep it! If Muvizu can't do it then, short of the kind of painstaking trickery I suggested, just change the script to something Muvizu can do.

It is kind of odd that such a seemingly easy thing to have the characters do (nothing at all) should be so problematic. A 'statue' mode for characters would be very helpful.
2011/7/23 16:09:38
Static Mode My tuppence - slow their shots right down and split screen/green screen them against the normal action, maybe? Or only use the frames when they look staionary, and loop them? I'd be trying something like that, anyway.
2011/7/22 21:37:18
v0.16b Feedback A new error has started to appear in one of my sets - it's a window with Fatal error! at the top, followed by this kind of thing

Address = 0x823f65e7 (filename not found)

It continues on like this, with different addresses, for another 25 lines or so, before ending with

Address = 0xf3b0ce7 (filename not found)

...and then Muvizu crashes (no more messages, nothing left behind in memory).

I start Muvizu again, and all's well with the set. Which is nice.

Ideas? And would you like me to post you the set?
2011/7/22 20:43:17
Stripping Good idea. That damn set takes sooooo long to load because of all the wine glasses and bottles I had to import. Being able to pare it down to just one camera angle would be a handy feature.
2011/7/22 20:39:30
Resource Could not be loaded from Package I too have had this message - with a couple of sets (since the big update). Doesn't stop them loading or working though. Using the 64 bit version. Want them too?
2011/7/19 0:21:18
v0.16b Feedback We got shadows again!
We got textured people!

Putting the UV maps up was a great idea - we didn't even have to ask! Not sure I want to tackle the Skeleton map just yet... Whaaaaa? Think I'll start with the Blob and work my way up.

Muvizu - we salute you worship
2011/7/14 20:43:21
Interface & Timeline Yes, Yes, Yes also! To both simonheffer's suggestion and to ukBerty's experience of selecting the wrong thing without being able to see what you've selected. I think a dialog box for the options would be great, but right now could we not just have a little text line added to the basic interface (overlaid?) with the name of the item you've got currently selected? Hang on, where's Neil at... poke
2011/7/13 20:45:54
import texture The only thing you mention that's different is that you exported the texture from Sketchup - I didn't. I used a texture bmp that I already had, which was nothing to do with Sketchup or the model, so...I guess it must be the format of the exported texture then? I just used a standard bmp for testing, are you using anything different? Or does Sketchup use some odd codec for encoding it's exported textures, maybe? Can't think what else would stop it appearing.
2011/7/13 19:51:49
import texture That is the very one Wizaerd, yes - I thought I could just copy and paste in the link - obviously not! Apologies!
2011/7/13 19:43:26
Interface & Timeline I'd like to second simonheffer's request for user text labels on the cue points - handy, simple and useful. Good one. And yes, some control over the sound tracks would be good - just being able to cut the sound file, and drag the two halves apart to create pauses would be incredibly helpful.
2011/7/13 19:31:40
import texture Wizaerd, try herehttp://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic995-monty-python---the-bridge-of-death-.aspx?Page=1

Try reading my post, on page two, about this very issue - I think it might help. Oddly enough, it ended up in a discussion about JonBez's excellent Bridge of Death animation, and the textures he used.
2011/7/11 11:12:11
Interface & Timeline Okay, slightly odd request I guess, but could we have the option to clear all the loaded textures in the Object Properties window (when you're Animating the Image).

The reason I ask is that I've created a set, and I'm reusing it, and it contains a movie/image slideshow. To clear the slideshow, I have to select a Texture, set to None, close the Palette window, and do it again...8 more times! And I have to reuse the set 5 times, so... that's a lot of clicking. A 'Clear All Textures' button would be appreciated

Also, while I'm here, I've discovered that using an imported movie (as an Animated Image Texture) is a bit hit-and-miss in Muvizu - the movie doesn't always start at the start, if you see what I mean. When you Direct the cuts between AVIs, you'll get a flash of other bits of that AVI before it settles down and starts playing properly. And it records like that, so it's not just a glitch while previewing. Moving the start of the next cut actually alters where/how much of the flashing you get in the previous cut Confused

I've resorted to using split screen so that I can edit out the flashes, so it's not so bad really.

PS it's actually sunny in Glasgow right now. The sun, I remember that...big glowy thing, right?
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