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2011/9/23 19:05:41
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Probably it takes a while until the next release ?

Until then try this if you still like to burn your fingers...

Get Bombset and Bombs in ASE format here: Download
2011/9/13 16:19:46
another transparent video test I've also checked nearly all available (also losless) codecs and found no other solution.

CineGobs is a 'keyer but not the key !
It also simply uses the codecs as any other video editor.
But maybe there's indeed another codec that works ?

The only option (I know) for compressed videos would be an additional opacity channel (like in iClone)...

By the way, 1st animated dragon ever in Muvizu - Download: Here
2011/9/12 20:24:47
another transparent video test This is really cool ! Cool

But as you know I'm always looking for a free alternative.
This time it was easy since I already made a short comparison of different chromakeyers:

The simple solution is called "CineGobsKeyer": Link

The handling is very easy and there are several tutorials in the Help section of the software.
You'll find some free explosion examples here: Link
After chromakeying you can either export "RGB+Alpha" as "PNG (Single File)" and get numbered PNG-files or even better directly the transparent video without the need of VirtualDub.
As I noticed today you should change the frame rate (under Input) to 25 (or even more ?) !
Otherwise the video will flicker !
Finally, it's also possible to select only certain frames or change the size of the video before export (under Output).

Check this out !!! Thumbs Up

P.S. Here are some examples (changed from 5 to 15 fps) produced today: Link
2011/9/12 6:00:07
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) It seems that I can only work with Muvizu when I'm online ?
Every time I try to create anything (even backdrops) being offline Muvizu loads and loads and loads... Sleepy

I wonder if this is due to the new online content or is it a glitch ? dunno
2011/8/5 5:54:31
Alternative ASE export You're welcome !

Last chance would have been to upload a .set file or convert them as usual but thanks to mcmillan-ra the problem is solved now. I forgot about this option.
2011/8/2 18:00:45
Alternative ASE export As announced here is the link to the converted ASE files: ZIP
I also added a small copyright text from Psionic.
Please check if these do the job !?
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2011/8/2 5:59:08
Alternative ASE export Strange !? Confused

If the dog loads then all other animals should also work.
I really did nothing else than removing the first GEOMOBJ and saving the file.

I could set a download link to the converted files this afternoon if you are interested in comparing or checking my ASE files ?

Since I'm only showing animals in the picture I thought I could also add an octopus and a dragon and give pleasure to a lil' sock puppet.
2011/8/1 20:57:15
Alternative ASE export Besides Blender and the Sketchup-Plugin you can also produce ASE files for Muvizu using either the free converter "Biturn" (link here) or "Milkshape" (shareware, link here).

By comparing the ASE files exported from Sketchup and from Biturn I recently found that Muvizu only accepts ASE files containing one GEOMOBJECT (probably depending on the ASE version).
If you simply remove the first GEOMOBJ (only responsible for position and scaling ?) in a text editor then the Biturn/Milkshape file will also be loaded into Muvizu:

Unfortunately, that only works for 3D files with one complete texture for the whole object.
Otherwise, the Biturn ASE exporter generates GEOMOBJECTS for every single texture part (at least that's my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong).

You can easily check this with the free objects from Psionic (see picture, link here):

If you encounter problems like wiggling or maybe wrong import orientations than uncheck the "Keep upright" box before turning.

Good luck and keep on dreamin' ! fingers crossed
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2011/3/10 19:45:46
Jim's last day So long Jim, and many thanks for your help !

Bad time for a change: you'll miss all the coming goodies... Pat on the head
But it seems that you're not completely LOST...
Good luck and keep on rockin' !
rock on
2011/1/10 18:33:49
Beware the Pie Part 4 Although from Germany I also enjoyed this part very much. Excellent voices and story ! Big Grin
I think I urgently need to watch the other parts too !

Luckily there are some free proxies with youtube support for us:

The other possibility would be to first convert and download it before watching:

And, by the way, this vampire is sexy as hell ! Fork Off
2010/10/17 10:23:57
3D Modelling Packages (For Object Import) Hi abolina,

if you follow the above link you find different ASE exporters.
I installed more than one in the latest Blender version and one of them worked but only with some of the models.
2010/10/12 6:36:18
Free voices and video software You're welcome !

Thank you for your comment !
And good luck with your new experiments ! Gavel
2010/9/30 9:40:32
Muvizu Should Become Commercial Software @Norrie & Dreeko,

Exactly my thoughts !

I also like Muvizu because it's different from other 3d programs.
I don't think it is necessary to implement every kind of feature like glow maps and other knick-knack to inspire people to be creative in 3D animation.

I bought iClone about 1.5 years ago, but what keeps me from publishing videos is on the one hand the harsh restrictions of the "GEMA" (Link - I can't even watch some of my own old videos), on the other the "pseudo-reality" of the characters ("uncanny valley effect") and finally the strong commercial aspect that lies behind the philosophy from iClone and before getting the required stuff.

That's why I like Muvizu for the cartoon style of the characters, for the simplicity of animation and for the generosity of the Muvizu company.

For sure, there's a lot missing in both animations (lay down...) and interaction (with objects..), but from version to version its getting better and better and I'm really looking forward to the next.
2010/9/23 12:49:28
3D @Than,
That's interesting, but I suppose I mean't render a movie such that it appears 3D while wearing 3D glasses (perhaps the ones with green and blue tints) without having to do anything else except choose a 3D option on the render movie.

I don't know if it's possible to insert flashs in the forum, but you can watch the video directly in 3D on my webpage (here). If interested, you can even download the set there or here.
It's nothing spectacular - i just wanted to set different distance levels.
StereoMovieMaker is able to export stereo videos in many different formats.

Just a 3D render won't work. The 3D effect (depth effect) has to be adjusted for every shot.
So to get it right there has to be a special 3D camera with the right adjustments (seperation and
convergence settings).

I don't know if you are satisfied with the result, but I didn't adjust anything at all (although you are able to do so in the StereoMovie Maker).
I simply placed 2 cams exactly side by side as shown in this picture:

filmed the whole scene with both and joined them with the StereoMovie Maker.

It's something we've talked about quite a bit at Muvizu HQ and it's something that I'd personally love to get working. I think it's a relatively simple thing to implement ..

In the latest iClone version they implemented different versions:

and also a convergence slider for the adjustment.
I'm not sure how it works but I think during the export they probably added a 2nd virtual cam besides the main camera ?
2010/9/23 6:47:36
Free voices and video software Hi,

first of all I have to apologise to the Muvizu team that the following video looks like a promotion for the Xtranormal software. But be sure, it's not meant to be.
I just wanted to "hit two flies with one swatter" (german proverb).

1. For all those who either don't like their own voice (like me) or speak with a rather bad accent (unfortunately like mine again) there is a nice possibility to get 4 free voices from scansoft for free.
Simply download the Xtranormal software package (here), install and finally delete (but not deinstall !) the unnecessary state part (~80 MB) and keep the voices for usage in Balabolka (Link) or whatever.
Ssamantha sseems to have a problem with the "S", but apart from this the voices sound rather good compared to other free (robot) voices.

2. Furthermore, I wanted to show that you don't necessarily need expensive video software to produce some nice effects.
The first useful program is the free StereoMovie Maker (Link) that could not only be used to generate Stereo-Movies (as disussed in the 3D thread - here) but also for joining different video parts together.

And it perfectly fits to the free Virtualdub editor (Link) that already comes with some nice video filters.
And you can find tons of others in the internet ( here is one link with more than 250 filters).

In this video I only used 3 filters (invert, resize and excessively the cropping function) and finally the Append function (as shown in the Videojoiner limit thread - here) for the final assembly of all video segments.

So, finally here's the video (produced in the last 2 evenings); but be warned - it's not funny and is repeated 3 times for the demonstration of different effects.

Comments welcome !
2010/9/21 10:23:00
3D That's because I had to upload the video side by side to enable the 3D option (additional 3D button below the video) in Youtube by adding 3D tags.
Please read my hints answering Emily and the instructions from Youtube: Here
I used the StereoMovie Maker by Muttyan, a very cool and simple free program: Link here
Of course, you can also directly export the video as color anaglyph.

Furthermore, you can use this program for other nice effects (together with virtualdub).
I already thought about a short tutorial but as always I'm very limited in time at the moment.

There's maybe another 3D option here: Link
But I haven't checked this.
2010/9/15 16:36:49
Importing from Google Sketchup Great idea ! Cool

I'll save your video it in my tutorial folder together with your 1st video.
2010/9/15 15:51:24
Videojoiner limit? Just wanted to mention that you could also use the "Append" function in the free Virtualdub software:
New release here
to join videos - as long as you don't change the video or audio codec of your video parts.

After you opened your first video file (left input video, right output video) you click on "File-Append AVI segment" (lower left) and select the following video sequences (right).
If you consecutivelly number your videos you can also simply activate the "Autodetect" function (right bottom) and the program will automatically append the next sequences.

And don't forget to set Video and Audio to "Direct stream copy":

Otherwise it will be recompressed again.
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2010/9/15 15:27:28
What codec do you use and why? I don't understand why, but I encounter difficulties when I directly use the XVID codec.

So, I either use the Lagarith Losless Video Codec: Link hereor the XVID codec from within the ffdshow codec package for the first step (1):

and/or the MPEG-4 codec for the final step (2).
Both set to "one-pass quality" and "Quality" to 100 (percent).
2010/9/15 15:15:23
new characters Thank you, Emily ! Cool

I hope, he isn't as cute as the baby in Jims video !
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