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2012/1/14 14:47:20
Sketchup to Muvizu I also have downloaded Dylly's cottage, I agree with Mysto, it's amazing. However, I believe the name is spelled wrong. The correct spelling is 'FANTASTIC COTTAGE'.

@Dylly-Thank You for sharing you hard work with the community.
2011/5/29 14:42:25
Freeze when click make video FYI, I also had this problem after I resolved my graphics card problem and the "fix" worked for me as well. I am running a 2.5G Quad, Windows 7, 8G Mem, Desktop.

Thank You Team Muvizu
2011/5/27 1:29:58
New 64 bit Edition The graphics card is ATI 1300, 256., 8meg ram, Windows 7, 64 bit. It looks like the graphics card is the problem. I'm looking for updated drivers.
Thanx for your reply
2011/5/25 18:48:57
New 64 bit Edition Is anyone else having a roblem installing the new 64 bit edition???? It installs OK for me but I get a "Direct 3 Device" and a full page of files not found.
2011/5/18 17:53:20
Industrial-scale collaboration @KerryK, thats GREAT.
2011/5/13 3:05:38
2011/5/5 14:57:45
Locations? Hey all, USA, Pennsylvania(North East PA).
2011/3/30 13:44:08
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Dreeko, I would like to enroll in the "Dreeko School of Animation" where do I sign.
2011/3/29 12:52:19
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Very impressive, thanks for the peek.
2011/3/28 2:43:01
The Pick Up First Muvizu Movie, I"m Hooked.
2011/2/12 13:58:19
Import Heads .......sorry to waste the space here but I just figured it out. Guess I had a memory glich.
2011/2/12 13:43:01
Import Heads In the vid by bigwally, "Dancin on the White House Lawn", he has the Obama dancing up a storm. I would like to get family and friends in my videos, so my question is how did he import and attach Obama's head?
2011/1/31 2:58:04
Walking in a straight line I had the same problem. If you use a straight edge, like a ruler, and run the mouse along it you will have a straight path. Hope this helps.
2010/12/25 14:36:21
New Tutorial Vids claireq wrote:
I am trying to decide what tutorial still to do guys. So far I have came up with.

*greenscreen muvizu characters onto a video (either using after effects, nuke or fusion. take your pick)
*import models from modo into muvizu

Hi Clair, my vote goes for greenscreen. That would be great.
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