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2013/4/22 9:34:31
Rosie Who created Rosie ? A Masterpiece !
This is the way I'D like to see Muvizu go. NOT Superheroes or suchlike, but REAL people !
Is the Rosie Creator working on more actions for her ? I'd love all the Musical Instrument ones, especially the Piano !
2013/4/18 12:53:19
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Yesterday I Uploaded "Rosie - Hound Dog". It has still not appeared in Muvizu. It has no Copyright problems. Please put it up!
2013/2/20 12:54:53
To the community at large Why ZuboxTV ?
Yesterday, in the Gallery there were 11 out of 16 of them! They Have Special Characters made for them, and most of all, in my opinion, they provide no innovation, and very little humour!
They are watched by a lot of people too, on the day they are put up. How Come ?
dreeko, urbanlamb, and many others provide much better more worthy stuff, and they do it alone!
Please explain.
2012/12/10 20:35:26
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? ziggy72 wrote:
chuckles wrote:
I've no idea what stv is! What Network ?

If it's in the UK, STV is just Scottish TeleVision. Why they would do this is beyond me, and everyone else I'm sure.

Yes, now I understand, thank you! I DID clip excerpts of a Scottish TV programmw - The Funny Farm, because a lot of my Comedian Friends were on it in the 80s, but the shows they were in were 30 minutes. I just extracted short clips of them so they could be watched on their own, I DID give full credit to stv and the programme. They added ads and I thought that was all OK. It's strange that they took views AWAY from me! Why would they do that? I'm making no profit from it.
2012/12/10 19:10:29
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? I've no idea what stv is! What Network ? Why am I on their list ? What is social blade ? How can views be redirected ? Have I been hacked ? Please help.
Worried of London.
PS I've never applied to be Monetized or anything else!
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2012/12/9 9:20:49
My 150th Muvizu Video ! The Glums at Christmas

The Glums were the most popular characters in the 1950s Radio Show, "Take It From Here", It starred Jimmy Edwards, June Whitfield, and Dick Bentley.
Written by Frank Muir and Dennis Norden, it was one of the funniest programs of that time.
I think it is still funny and relevant today.
Hopefully this is just the first one I shall do in Muvizu!
2012/12/7 9:53:05
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? Thank you Mike. No, I've changed nothing in my tags, and my titles are similar to always. It's a mystery (Toyah). I've read several things about how to attract people to watching, and tried some of them, but this seems to have all happened in the last two weeks. Most of the remarks and nice things that are said about my stuff, are by the Moguls, or by the Muvizu staff!
2012/12/7 7:07:50
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? I Started in November 2010. My next Muvizu will be my 150th one. I think my standard is as good as ever, but my last two have been almost ignored (23 for one, 11 for the other) Only two weeks ago I was getting, on average, about 120. I've looked at other people's videos, and they are all doing better. the two I'm talking about are -

and -

They both appear on the Muvizu Gallery. , the "Puppy" one is suitable for children, AND has a funny ending.
Any Ideas / suggestions ?
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2012/12/4 19:43:16
The Character "Coleen" by zubox tv is not Muvizu? Coleen, and other characters made by Zubox tv, are surely not made in Muvizu, are they?
If they are, then how are they made ? If not, then how can I copy similar ones into my Muvizu sets?
2012/8/12 16:28:26
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box Hi Dreeko. Great lighting tutorials,thank you, but where did you get Batman's Cowl ears? They are not in my version, unless they are very well hidden.
2012/7/20 13:04:09
Custom Textures for Heroes and villains How come we can only make textures for the heads? There are no options for importing textures to any other parts.
2012/6/18 16:45:38
Banging my head against a wall... Hi Jamie
I did everything you suggested - used these settings:Bitrate mode = constant, quality = 128kbps, variable speed = fast (greyed out, can't change this), channel mode = joint stereo
It made no difference. It makes no difference whatever settings I use. I've sent, to the other email address
a small mp3, which contains part of the mp3 before importing, followed by the distorted version, recorded through the Mic using audacity.
Maybe we are all using the same laptop? Mine's a Dell XP5.
2012/6/17 19:26:27
Banging my head against a wall... Hi It won't make any difference if Big Wally or anybody sends you an mp3 file. I went through all this a year ago, and sent in many files. Nobody then could help, so I gave up.
It happens with ALL mp3 files. Once those files are converted to WAV files they import fine, but when converted back to mp3 using Audacity, they won't.
2012/6/14 6:18:50
Banging my head against a wall... I have had the same problem as Dylly (31-5-2012) for over a year now! I can no longer import mp3s without them being severely distorted and slowed down as well. Wav files are fine, but they take up so much memory it makes it very difficult to do much. This happens with All mp3s, whatever the codec, whether mono / stereo or whatever. Of course they all play fine in other programs. I have all the latest codecs and 64bit version of Muvizu.
With my recent "John and Jon" efforts, I was unable to add any special effects (Low fog). When I tried, my whole screen blacked out a few times then Muvizu crashed.
2012/6/14 6:08:05
Muvizu needs you! Jamie wrote:
We're steaming ahead here with the anticipated Superhero's release and in order to make sure that it's as good as it can be we need your help! If you think you've got what it takes to squash a few bugs leave a message (or any questions) here to be an official beta tester.

We expect the beta test programme to start next week, Monday 18th June 2012.

Count me in too, please!
2012/2/1 10:39:40
Censorship by Muvizu ? Thank you, Ian! Good to know I was wrong!
2012/2/1 10:16:37
Censorship by Muvizu ? Hello Ian
Thank you. It's called Const'pated Cat -

2012/2/1 7:11:48
Censorship by Muvizu ? On Saturday I uploaded an animation. It has still not appeared on Muvizu even though I wrote to Muvizu asking about it. I got no reply.
IF the reason is that somebody found it offensive, then surely I could be told this?
I LOVE Muvizu, and the wonderful people who work there, and I am spending most of my time creating animations with it.
Have I been Censored?
2012/1/23 10:38:40
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Hi
The models of monitors, will NOT stand upright! or float in air in an upright state. They lean at about a 70 degree angle.
2012/1/10 23:42:32
New 32bit version completely crashes! I could not download it from "Download 32bit version". It downloaded and installed when I ran the old version. When I try to run it, it says - "Fatal error!"
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