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2012/2/9 11:51:59
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Weird Glitch...

If you make a character sit down and then activate 'dodge' in the fight actions....the hair and facial features all scrunch up...or remain where they are...or do something weird....like this

2012/2/9 9:33:17
Camera Overlays Is it possible to use a transparent avi as a camera overlay? I want to be able to have an animated image moving in front of the camera to represent a pilot but then the camera to go through a series of maneuvers to give the impression of flying.

A bit like Luscan's world famous Doom sequence (I'm gonna post it before he does ) but I want the camera to revolve.

2012/2/8 20:50:20
Big Problem Need help with codec doofahs Thanks Ziggy...I've had a bit of a download session...and I'm trying out the Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, initial tests (made two clips using the xvid codec of good quality, put them through Vegas) and everything is definitely ticketyboo! So it looks as though I will be popping onto e-bay for a copy!
2012/2/8 16:06:18
Big Problem Need help with codec doofahs I'm still having major headaches with codecs. I've managed to get the xvid one to work which gives great results but....none of my video stitch em together and add effects software will work with it. Any idiot proof instructions available to get something which I can get good results with yet still be able to postwork it?
2012/2/8 11:20:32
Random requests! Just been out in the snow with the Beagle and I've been thinking...yup thats what that strange crunching noise was...

What we could do with is a version of each character, male, female etc as an .obj file. then we could import that character into 3d application of choice, Sketchup, 3ds Max, Maya etc...we could then create any number of stiffs etc, for want of a better word. Perhaps it may lead to the creation of new characters for Muvizu based on the existing rigs.
2012/2/8 10:06:19
Random requests! Didn't I see a Drychalice clip where he'd managed to get Muvizu characters to stand stock still like statues? Or was it a trick of my eye?
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2012/2/6 14:24:02
Correct way to import into Muvizu? Hi thanks for getting back so quickly. I've tried importing it in all different ways. If I import just as a straight texture everything is visible. I've gone back and checked all the normals. But whenever I add alpha to transparency on any model, its as though some of the normals have been turned the wrong way around. Totally stumped I it has. Here's one of the models should anyone fancy having a play around with it. Its a window...of sorts!

2012/2/6 12:41:41
Correct way to import into Muvizu? Can anyone help here...whenever I import a model that has transparent sections..ie glass etc the whole of the model goes transparent at certain angles. What is the correct way to import something into muvizu with transparency?

The settings I use to import are Don't use id tex, alpha to opacity, has ao and single sided....the textures are targa files with just the bits I want transparent...er transparent, the rest are opaque.
2012/2/5 20:47:47
no import dialogue Hi there,

in the latest version, go to Prepare/Audio click on New and then Edit. From here you can import an audio track.

Now in Prepare/Dialogue select the character and then the track you wish to lip sync the character to.

Hope this helps.
2012/2/5 16:02:27
totally stumped by transparent textures help? here we go .... http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax
2012/2/5 10:03:08
Future of Muvizu after BETA Its free. Free! FREE! FREE! FREE! Nuff said!Whaaaaa?
2012/2/4 21:44:57
totally stumped by transparent textures help? Multi-sub object material 3ds Max is from, young Jedi...ahem however there is a free lite version available from Turbo Squid, just register....but whether it can handle complex materials is a bit beyond me.

Jamie was the one that showed me some tutorials on transparency, and I’ve still not fully cracked it myself but to get your wine glass transparent into muvizu

I would use gimp or photoshop to play with the texture. In Photoshop just move the opacity slider of the layer so that the layer is semi transparent and save the document as a single layered document in either .png or .tga format. When you import into Muvizu import, click don’t use id, set alpha to transparent and leave as single sided. Now when I do this, I end up with a semi-transparent object. In Gimp remember to add alpha to the layer you want to be transparent and merge down each layer, don’t flatten image as this removes the alpha channel, until you have a single transparent layer, and then import into Muvizu.

I think I’ve sorted out the problems I was having with opaque bits of a model being transparent...I did say think...well I think it has something to do with the background colour of the original image map...still experimenting...!

Hope this helps if not mail me a link to the prop and I will try and get it into Muvizu semi opaque or transparent...see through?

2012/2/3 1:34:59
totally stumped by transparent textures help? Hang on to your hats...I've had a Wright Brothers experience...whilst fiddling about trying to get the textures to work on the bee/wasp, I discovered how to make a 'multi-sub/object material' which has given me the ability to put several texture maps onto a single model. Although I've still not worked out how to get the bits I want transparent and everything else opaque. I moved on to trying to het the shot of my insect flying...discovered that I couldn't direct a grouped objects movement...discovered that I'm not deft enough to direct two objects to move in unison...HOWEVER

I did work out how to make a model and project wing movement onto a transparent section that is part of the model, by using a 'multi-sub-object' material and Jamie's transparent avi technique. So in effect it's like attaching a backdrop, with a transparent avi on it, onto a model (only better fitting) and being able to direct the objects movement.

Now I still have problems with the transparency of the objects but... propellers animated onto the front of an aeroplane model, rotors on a helicopter...moving wheels on a car....it's making my brain click over a bit...!

Here's a very short clip of it all working, with the settings I've used below that.

For some reason the insects legs seem to be using the same colour as the wings plane...and I do need to spend a bit of time animating the wings properly...but does it have possibilities?
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2012/2/2 16:11:10
totally stumped by transparent textures help? I'm having some problems with a prop I've made. I want to make part of it transparent or semi transparent (the wings). I've followed all the tutorials I can find...but either the model shows opaque in Muvizu or I get a nice transparency on the bit I want but then other sections of the model become transparent. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

2012/2/1 21:20:47
Censorship by Muvizu ? Just to recap...animations about one one legged ants will be censored unless they are posted before coffee, unless Ziggy has a headache and/or we get mysto a coffee at the same time as Luscan, dependent upon the rate we feed YouTube or if we want the animation to be private in which case we have to put objectionable content behind a warning screen with the majority of the minority of all content unrelated to Muvizu, or get IanS to look into it?
2012/1/31 11:08:11
Poor output quality Hiya Berty...as it happens...I used Jamie's Transparent AVI tutorial and a little Gizmo I found in Gimp. A bit more detail on my blog.
2012/1/31 11:05:43
Some more free stuff Okay Dokey,

Here's a new post, a little gizmo I found in Gimp!
Dylly's Workshop
2012/1/30 22:51:13
Poor output quality I'm having some difficulties getting descent quality output with the new version of Muvizu. I'm using the 64 bit version and have tried both the Xvid and FFdshow codecs, yet no matter what settings I apply, even the best results jump all over the place, even after running the clip through virtual dub. The camera's don't seem to glide smoothly as they used to in the old version of Muvizu.

In desperation I tried rendering out a targa sequence into virtual dub, however for some reason the output from Muvizu is being read upside down or inside out by Virtualdub. Everything comes out the right way up in gimp though.

What on earth am I doing wrong?

Ignore me...I worked it out! Doh!
As the clocks chimned midnight I sussed it...there was a new version of the K lite codecs released as of the 25th of January available here. After downloading and installing ffdshow decided to work correctly as can be seen below.

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2012/1/30 16:30:05
Kevin McLeod Music Just hopped by Kevin McLeods site at www.incompetech.com and noticed a new feature...customizable sound tracks....now this looks very very useful and still creative commons license!

2012/1/30 16:21:21
transparent video Thanks guys! Had a near panic when I restarted Muvizu, as my work in progress had vanished from the start up menu and as usual I'd forgotten where I'd saved it! Whaaaaa?All fine now!

Should have some shots up and running in a couple of days!
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