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2012/3/21 11:47:17
A Screenshot Jamie wrote:
What I did was make a cube in sketchup and put the tarnish / rush / distressed texture with transparency on one face and...

That is about exactly where you lost me. Too much texturing and exporting and mapping and question marks flying around my head. Wouldn't it be easier to just pop in a backdrop using a camera output as its texture, position the camera to act as a mirror, then add the rust texture to the camera as an overlay?

Using a spotlight with a camera output effectively creates a projector tool, no need to muddy up the interface with more tools. Please, if another tool gets added, in the name of all that's holy make it a tool to allow prop interaction or attachment. Then again, using a spotlight as a projector isn't something most people would think of and the point of Muvizu is to be easy as pie, so perhaps it is a good idea.
2012/3/18 17:56:05
Collision Schmollision Indeed. I tried it with some brand new models in Sketchup and it worked like a charm. I knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks!
2012/3/18 12:21:24
Collision Schmollision Clearly I'm doing something wrong because this keeps putting the collision UNDER my objects so they end up sitting a foot or so off the ground. It works, and it's small and this would be outstanding if I could figure out why it's showing up where it is... EEK!
2012/3/18 12:09:43
Strong Characters They can use me as a model if they need to, but I'm afraid I'd make a character so sexy that peole would never be able to stop using Muvizu! ROFLMAO

In the meantime, check out the latest News item, I don't know how much this suits your needs, but it seems it's in the right direction:

2012/3/11 23:13:01
Move objetcs Up And Down To move an object up and down you would left and right click at the same time and then drag up or down, whatever this would mean on that contraption, I'd imagine you'd push down with both fingers then slide up or down.
2012/3/10 23:33:00
Problem with walking (not me, Muvizu) That happened in another video posted to the gallery and it was only for one character in the scene. A glitch indeed, it's good to know a re-render solves it in case I get the glitch as well.
2012/3/10 23:31:29
HayManMarc says "Hello" Dreeko wrote:
most helful forum you will find!

Quiet Dreeko, the Satanism isn't supposed to come out until later!

Anyway, welcome HayManMarc, we look forward to your video!
2012/1/25 23:39:09
no import dialogue The button is actually labeled "New" not "Import" but otherwise the rest is accurate.
2012/1/25 22:35:31
no import dialogue I don't have Muvizu right in front of my but the Prepare menu is just to determine a character's initial state and which audio track to sync him to. As I recall you want the first option in the Prepare menu, it should be Audio and there's a button that says Import.

I hope this helps, it would be a lot clearer if I actually had the program here at work.
2012/1/12 13:09:33
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). I downloaded the new version and think the new character effects are simply awesome. And lo and behold, right clicking the character to edit his/her properties doesn't have a big swoop! Giant thanks for that. You can even move the character around while still editing the properties. This is magnificent.

I like the new actions, one of which is called "Eye Blast" or something like that. I must be missing its use since none of the new effects involve eye lasers. There is fire breathing though, so that's a step toward Dreeko's dream.

Also, I pulled up an old set with dialog, characters, lights, imported objects, the works. Muvizu threw me four errors saying that it wouldn't be able to load the object's properties correctly, and the set has four imported objects so I'm guessing that's why. However, the set loaded just fine and played correctly, if not just a bit "jumpy."

And the zoom feature on the timeline works again! WOOHOO!

Overall a very good release, just seems a bit buggy still.
2012/1/11 12:36:23
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). mysto wrote:
IPlease forgive me if my explanation isn't very clear. I'm trying to say it in the best way I know how. I'm not complaining mind you, just giving my humble opinion.

It's clear. This began with the last update where whatever the last button you hit remains the focus of the space bar. It's a frustration I thought would be sorted out with this release because I detest using the mouse if it can be at all avoided. Evidently not. I too had really, really hoped for the ruler marks to return to the timeline.

One workaround is to just hit the two different actions very quickly in succession and then use the mouse (shudder) to stop right away or hit Idle right after the two actions. It then records them as just small little blocks which you can move around as described. Granted, it's not a solution to the actual problem but can at least ease the symptom.
2012/1/10 23:46:02
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). I was right in the middle of downloading but now I think... I'l refrain. Duhh
2011/12/27 12:27:35
The Best Show Ever - "Halloween" The Muvizu team must still be celbrating the holidays so rather than wait for the show to appear in the Gallery I'll post it here. Both parts are complete. Please comment and subscribe and all that other wacky stuff:

2011/12/27 12:25:38
Happy Christmas (oops little late) Very nicely done - and Merry Christmas to you too!
2011/11/23 3:05:31
Thank you - Drychalice and 65Radius Hey, you're welco... oh, never mind...
2011/11/21 23:54:51
Turn Turn Turn Even better! Almost like having a clock around the character and you can click at any "time" to turn the character that direction and by that much. FANTASTIC idea!
2011/11/21 17:18:29
Turn Turn Turn The movement system is fine and I love the new addition of the double click to move the character to a point.

It's in the side turns. For instance: character walks up to a couch, parallel to it. This is normal. However, in order to sit down he has to slight side turn, slight side turn, slight side turn, sit.

Nobody moves this way. If people wants to see something slightly off to the side, they turn their heads and look that way. If they turn to the side, they do just that, turn completely to the side. The above situation should go, walk up to couch, 90 degree turn, sit.

I just don't get the slight side turns as no one anywhere moves that way. "Hmm, something just happened 10 degrees to my right. I think I'll turn my entire body in that direction." People only turn when they're making full 90 degree quarter turns. It just seems this would make for a much more natural movement system. Again, everything else is marvelous.
2011/11/21 16:32:00
Turn Turn Turn Here's something that has always bugged me, why not throw it out there and see if anyone else agrees or if it can make the next update.

The characters have a host of smaller movements, such as turnaround, adjustment steps, etc. These are great.

What's up with the side turns though? What kind of goofy little slight angles are these? No one on Earth turns that way. If a person wants to see something slightly off to the side, he turns his head. When a person turns his body, he turns completely to the side. 90 degrees.

I've gotten pretty good at swinging characters wide so that they can turn while walking, but that's also not terribly realistic.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
2011/10/22 13:45:33
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) The tabs disappearing onthe eyes/head window has caused me to curse a time or two as well.

As for the dialog, just get in the habit of nudging the timeline marker back a bit every time before you hit play or record. This seems to keep the sync accurate. If you move forward or just stop and then restart playback, it'll be off every single time.
2011/10/16 13:15:52
Animate character properties I've found where you can change the color of a character's hat in an animation, but not its size or position. Too bad, a hat jumping in the air and spinning around would make a good "sting" to a joke.
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