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2013/6/2 16:20:20
Crashed randomly and lost 1-2 hours work LOL, that's the best way that's ever been said.
2013/6/1 18:41:22
Hello Community That sounds bad!
2013/5/31 20:18:58
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d I have to agree, but there are only a few people on the team.
2013/5/31 18:37:14
HELP! Beefy's eye beams won't turn off! This is fine now, I think it was before the launch or with the non-compatible version of play.
2013/5/31 18:30:26
Hello Community Aww, such a shame!
2013/5/31 18:28:19
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d Don't worry guys, the Muvizu team are working on both of these things. (They may take some time though)
2013/5/31 18:18:41
Hello Community I have a laptop with Muvizu and find that putting lego blocks under the little rubber feet stops it from overheating.
2013/5/26 8:16:12
design new character I would say 2 years or more, but I don't know.

2013/5/25 14:33:02
Hello Community Sound like you know quite a lot already, have fun making your movie!
2013/5/24 21:59:00
How to make a character holdong an exported object Sorry Dwarf,
You are not currently able to hold objects in Muvizu. The team are working hard to make this possible. Many people who attended the Muvizu:Play pre-launch party had a go at hinting how it was not possible and how much we would like it throughout the evening.
2013/5/23 21:36:40
Explosions! Hmm, it appears he has deleted his post. I looks as if I started this forum....
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2013/5/23 19:31:05
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures I've made this mock up, like I did with the timelines.

Do you guys think this is what the gallery should be like?

2013/5/23 17:35:19
Explosions! Click the explosion pink box thingy, go to Prepare --> Object properties then one of the drop down menus should show 'trigger' set this to 'animate' rather than 'don't animate'. Click 'direct' and you should be given a little 'trigger' button. Click the 'record' button in the timeline (the red circle). When you want it to explode, press the 'trigger' button.

I hope this helps,
edited by MrDrWho13 on 23/05/2013
2013/5/23 17:30:07
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures chuckles wrote:
Adding to this topic
Is it true, that both ZuboxTV and TheFootballSpecial are both operated by Muvizu People ?
If so, then as I write they currently have 6 out of the 8 videos showing in the Gallery. I think this is unfair, if true, to us mere mortals. Why not have a Separate Gallery for them ?
If they are completely independent, then I humbly apologize in advance.

ZuboxTV is Muvizu's sister company, and I believe TheFootballSpecial is run by Zubox.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
2013/5/23 16:26:30
Coming Soon... Sounds interesting Dreeko!
2013/5/23 16:22:06
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures urbanlamb wrote:
I'm just wondering if they need to rethink some of the gallery stuff eg: there are people/channels/users (whatever you want to call each uploader) who upload more then one video per day. I am wondering if the page should not revolve around "latest upload per channel/user" as well. Even if they doubled the size of the gallery uploads with the increase in userbase this problem will mean eventually people's uploads will only be there for a few minutes. So as well as increasing gallery page amount that it can show (it can only be so big really) maybe they also need to find a way to sort uploads by users so that each different person uploading only takes on spot at a time instead of potentially all the spots.
edited by urbanlamb on 21/05/2013

Hmm, so, 'latest uploader' instead of 'latest video' and when you click on 'latest uploader' it gives a drop down of all their latest videos...

Does anyone agree? dunno
2013/5/23 16:18:48
Where are the easter egg codes? I remember unlocking some of these before, but when Muvizu updated, I seem to have lost them...
2013/5/23 16:15:12
Where are the easter egg codes? Boogy Dance
2013/5/22 16:55:08
Chromakey, characrer in livevideo Yeah, that was what I was trying to say earlier. All credit to you though because that was the video I first saw that technique in. Great stuff Woz!
2013/5/22 6:39:45
Chromakey, characrer in livevideo Cool, I'll have a look.

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