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2013/5/11 21:02:55
Cannot start Muvizu - Muvizu.dll problem? Hmm... perhaps you'll have to PM Neil.
2013/5/11 21:01:17
Crashed randomly and lost 1-2 hours work Hi, sorry to hear about that.
It's good practice to save every couple of minutes or so, which would have saved some of your work.

Do you know what you were doing at the time of the crash?

2013/5/11 7:39:05
Cannot start Muvizu - Muvizu.dll problem? This has happened before.
Did you untick c++ runtime during the install?
2013/5/10 18:53:55
Question: copying character to another file Right click character, edit, then the favourites tab and click save:
2013/5/10 18:22:29
Question: copying character to another file Save the character in your favorites then go to your favorites in the other set and open the character.

Sorry about the lack of detail, if you need more info just ask.
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2013/5/10 16:29:48
Hello Everyone! Dreeko wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
It's not a dragon is it?

Have I asked for that already? Dang!

2013/5/10 16:18:11
Hello Everyone! Dreeko wrote:
I also hang around the forum answering questions (where I can!) and I try to make suggestions for improvement/feature requests wherever possible too! (one has just sprung to mind actually!...(mental note for later!))

It's not a dragon is it?
2013/5/9 16:51:38
Hello Everyone! Hi Carole!
Welcome to the community! I am MrDrWho13, and found out about Muvizu with the BBC Click thing a few years ago. I have watched it grow from 0.16b and now we have version 1.0 (or 1.5 or whatever it is now with all the patches!).
Keep an eye out for the moguls, and those who went to the Muvizu:Play pre-launch party. (I also attended, so just ask around the office for more info about me)
My Muvizu work includes some Muvizu re-makes of youtube hits (such as the ASDF series) and the Uzivum Movies which have input (both scrips and voices) from many people from the community here.

I hope you enjoy working at Muvizu and am looking forward to hearing more about you and your input to Muvizu.

2013/5/9 16:15:12
Rosie's Hands Behind the superman poster.

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2013/5/9 15:57:35
Download link missing. WozToons wrote:
IanS wrote:
Well spotted guys. It seems at a very particular browser width the buttons did indeed disappear. That's it fixed now although you may need to refresh the page first to see them.

Happy to be of service. We can't have people unable to download the best software on the planet.

2013/5/8 17:16:04
Download link missing. urbanlamb wrote:
I had this on a few pages things were not showing up but if I hit refresh it then shows up. I dont know if others have this consistently though. I had this issue when I was going through something on my profile yesterday half the profile seemed chopped off and then I hit refresh and it all loaded properly.

Maybe the Muvizu page is too big to load fully on some PCs... hmmm....
2013/5/8 16:21:03
Download link missing. WozToons wrote:
I already knew where they were they had just vanished.

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Yeah, but if someone searches where the download buttons are, and come across this thread, they can see where they are.

That's one weird glitch though!
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2013/5/8 16:01:20
Download link missing. Just for anyone who comes across this forum looking for them:
2013/5/7 20:45:28
Aiuto in italiano muvizu mettere video in tv Hi, if you mean getting an image or video on the TV screen, watch this video from around 1:30

I hope this helps,
2013/5/6 20:37:29
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Woah so bare!

Jamie, I was googleing Muvizu and went through all the images, there's some pretty cool screenshots of the old app and website!
2013/5/4 21:58:56
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline fazz68 wrote:
you only get one sound effects track ,not sure why, multiple sound effect tracks would be awesome.

Yeah! What He Said
2013/5/4 9:19:20
Can we sit charecters in water,air,land vehicles? There is also this tutorial for putting someone in a fire engine:
You might want to skip the first 2/3 of the video, but there is some useful info in there.

I hope this helps,
2013/5/4 8:59:03
Can we sit charecters in water,air,land vehicles? I'm not sure about the others, but to have a character floating in the air, you have to:

1. Make a ground plane backdrop with any texture and select the 'float in air' box.
2. Put the backdrop where you want the character to float.
3. Put the character on the ground plane backdrop.
4. Set the backdrop texture to 'none'.

I hope this helps,
2013/5/3 18:13:33
How to make potatos? Hello Espalha,
There is another way, (although slightly more complicated than WozToons' idea), that you can do this.
If you get an object from the Google Sketchup warehouse that looks like a potato, you can export it as a .ase file. You can then import this file into Muvizu.

Here is a video which shows you how:

I hope this helps,
2013/5/2 20:32:55
3D in "the future" Pretty cool stuff, not quite real, but you can see it's getting very close!
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