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2012/5/4 13:01:29
Dreeko's Tutorials Really nice video and tutorial - good job
2012/4/21 17:43:18
Weird Green Left Step Band nice montage - i like it
2012/4/21 17:40:16
Sketchup & White Bits 3ds Max and maya on students program is free
2012/4/11 23:34:47
It's limited "Muvizu is not a perfect software" but can be better
and this is make me sad for now

anyway im glad to hear that the program will improve

ps. i dont try say some bad things about Muvizu
its already good soft - i just want improvements
Thans you for your attention

add: slow-motion needed aditional frames
video editing software cant add a lot of this shots
(but unreal engine already have slow-motion function
i hope to see in future it will be used..)
this trick can add some drama in video :]
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2012/4/11 13:48:14
It's limited yeap - limited like hell

for example in muvizu
you can not create the planned trajectory for camera
explaining that restriction of the directors methods in reality

but it does not give any additional tools for the camera
such as rail or crane as in real life
camera control - terribly inconvenient
(its need upgrade)

ps. and i want slow-motion
you know.. like in unreal engine..
("slomo exec function" for example.. in slider form..)
2012/4/6 8:13:10
Free scriptwriting and storyboard software "Celtx" is good soft for scripting
have free version on site

look info on youtube
2012/3/15 2:23:27
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... Ok i see problem..

All that is needed to solve the problem (in SketchUp)
a switch unit type in document settings on architectural inches

in menu Window - Model info - Units - Format
1'' (architectural inches) = 1 unit : ]

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2012/3/15 1:11:57
BEHIND THE MIC- a look behind the scenes at H.A.P nice idea - looking nice and funny
2012/3/14 21:16:14
Ambient Occlusion Maps well yeah - its good suggestion
i think this is easy..
(i mean change Muvizu standart Material(shader))
(add normal map and specular map 'nodes')

but this is requires some Muvizu interface additives like
== Import window options
- filename input box for normal and specular texture

== object properties (material instance setting)
- specular map brightness (like 0-400% slider or number input textbox)
(not necessary)
- specular power (size of specular light blob on surface)
- normal map (Hight.. just 0-100% blue channel of texture) (not necessary)
and some mini-things like this..
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2012/3/14 19:28:38
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... forgot some tips about 'Modular' 3d modeling
I dont find some useful snap tool in muvizu and this is mean
- For Easy way you need export 1 full 3d model in Muvizu - for example

- make lego pieces for enviroment
- copy and combine them in full object (castle or wall of castle for example)
- move full object in 0,0,0 (zero x,y,z) coordinate
- export full object in Muvizu

Tip: you can store (and use) all lego pieces and
different variations full object in 1 file (like *.fbx \ *.3ds and etc)
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2012/3/14 19:11:01
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... well..

- international (Generic) Units or just 'Units' in 3d modeling programs and
Units in Unreal Engine 3 - are the same

- Size standarts in video games (for each) chosen to accelerate
the workflow and to ensure that all models were in the same style

also for optimal work - computer memory a requirement
some square texture size like
2x2 \ 16x16 \ 64x64 \ 128x128 \ 256x256 \ 512x512 \ 1024x1024
or 4x2 \ 2x4 \ 1024x512 \ 512x1024 (its work fine too)

- most of video games choose main size
256x256 Units for Level-Elements (Environment)
but this is not size standard
its just middle point for comfortable and "Fast" work

- for example you need to create
'environment building' in game - you can create all building in 1 model
But it will be slow and will have a low quality texture
or you can create individual pieces of the building as a lego

- and collect them from all the building
- as well as different variations of the buildings
- and use the pieces separately

= All this is things need for Fast work \ optimal quality graphics
united style \ and united Game-play element for example
all doors in game must be large enough that the player can pass

= and this is main elements (Art-design and Game-play elements)
determine why the required standard sizes such as 256 and
other sizes for player hight \ coridor hight \ vehicles size and etc etc


+ Сonclusion - Muvizu not have any game-play elements
the size of the model is determined only by art design
and environment scene assembly

- You can choose any size for easy work
and any environment scene assembly

- and i make this image for 'memory tip' (click for full view)

PS. I Hope it will be helpful
2012/3/14 16:26:00
Ambient Occlusion Maps -> Dylly : ok.. i know all about textures \ models \ unreal engine 3
but HOW i can import Normal map in Muvizu
it does not give me options

2012/3/5 18:06:47
Acting Lessons. nice FX on Intro ^_^
good feeling in video)
2012/3/5 17:47:48
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN EPISODE 4 nice video - keep it up
2012/3/5 17:31:58
First Muvizu animation: The Script Music Video Very nice job - Good Video

Tip: If you add a "little" camera movement in all the frames
it will add some nice dynamic - and make video more interest (looking)
you can look different references of popular music video-clips on youtube
like this random youtube channel
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2012/2/24 1:41:30
Some tests and attempts Thanks \ Well this is simple but powerful technique, I think

Many scenes in a big movie shot in a similar way
Let's take a look at videos from the shooting
(click to see) Harry Potter broom \ Immortals \ Titanic \ Fast and Furious
and many many many etc - well how to..

Of course the first thing you should think of the scene and work on it
on paper for example or on preview object in muvizu
this will help avoid unnecessary work and rework

- 1. Create environment objects (preview or full) for move the camera through it
- 2. Create Camera_1 and direct camera movement
- 3. Create some backdrop and change its texture on Camera_1 (its like green screen effect)
- 4. Create main objects of your "movie action" at backdrop
- 5. Create Camera_2 and move Camera_pivot (its pink cross)
to main objects
(or to any convenient place for further movement of the camera)
after direct camera movement of Camera_2 (some shift or approaching or both)
- 6. Its time to move main objects (like characters) - Direct movement main objects
(some turning \ shifting \ moving \ changing texture and etc)
- 7. Add some Effects \ Lights and other stuff at main objects
for erase the boundary between foreground and backdrop - or just for fun :]

main piece of the scene with backdrop should be divided from environment and camera_1

ps. I'll add some "tip pictures" later - you can ask about any point
and I believe that this technique may look much much better than I have in the test

Using this method you can create a scene long fall
or how character moves along a wall or ceiling (example for understanding)
or plane flying or car interior + exterion moving and many others

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2012/2/23 4:05:00
Some tests and attempts Hello Muvize People

In this topic I will add a variety of sampled - who may interested someoneI am glad to read any of your ideas \ thoughts and questions

- Today I tried to make the illusion of motion in the scene

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