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2012/7/25 12:49:12
Olympic Animation Brilliant! It's got squirrels in. I love squirrels especially on toast.
2012/7/18 18:13:19
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box Lev_Dynamite wrote:
WozToons wrote:
Also having trouble finding a decent point pose for firing the rockets or tracers. If there is one and I've missed it please let me know.
If so, then the "Gauntlet Blast" (found under Animation > Themes > Fighting when preparing character actions) should be suitable for all "gauntlet" effects!
edited by Lev_Dynamite on 18/07/2012

Thanks, I knew I'd probably missed it. So many choices, so little time.

I still think we need "Evil" and "Neutral" settings as suggested.
If push comes to shove I will settle for "Neutral".
2012/7/18 13:25:25
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box I appreciate this is a work in progress but there is no evil setting for them, how can you have master villains called Sinister with no evil setting?

Also having trouble finding a decent point pose for firing the rockets or tracers. If there is one and I've missed it please let me know.

More to come, watch this space.
2012/7/17 20:24:53
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this Best wishes for s speedy recovery. At least now you've got an excuse to sit in front of the computer for hours.
2012/7/17 12:47:55
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) He will probably need considerable assistance finding a date with details like that. You'd better put him in touch with Emily.
2012/7/17 12:20:41
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) Dreeko wrote:
Beefy is 6'6" ...if anyone is interested...

Yes, that's all very well but what's his shoe size, inside leg measurement and favourite food?
2012/7/17 1:27:38
Effects triggers Select the explosion.
Go to prepare object properties and set the track drop down to trigger.
Set Animation to Animate and click Direct.
Direct as normal and when you want the explosion click the box marked "Current".

Hope this helps.
2012/7/16 13:03:50
Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling Thanks, some good tips.
2012/7/13 17:36:27
Pyrotechnics Happy to be of service.
2012/7/13 14:52:49
Pyrotechnics http://www.muvizu.com/Video/17228/Tutorial-26-Project-Make-a-music-video-part-2

See from 06:30. Should help you out.
2012/7/13 14:37:11
Need a model or set made? Dylly wrote:
How soon do you need this monument to the coalition government?

Thank you for your rapid and well thought out response.

I don't envy you, with a Mrs like that who needs enemies. If she can produce said artifact and you can digitise it within the next say 50 years I would be extremely grateful.

In all seriousness sir, I am in no position to impose on your valuable time so suffice is to say, at your earliest possible convenience.

I can work around its absence for now, although without spoilers, it is quite important.

To be honest Dylly I don't really care how long it takes, it's the quality of the turd that matters.
EDIT: http://i.imgur.com/j5BTC.jpg

One stone colour ala statue. One Daiiry Milk colour ala faecal matter.

Thanks again for even considering my request. Full credit will be given of course.
I would normally now post the kind of sycophantic flattery that you have come to expect but I can't be bothered and you are probably sick and tired of being called "Mr. Wonderful".

EDIT: At least I've given you an excuse to eat as much chocolate as you want. Clever eh?
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2012/7/12 18:20:28
Need a model or set made? Dreeko wrote:
Will there be a hitting the fan scene?


Dragonturd is a highly prized commodity and would never be treated in such a cavalier way. Do you know you could be arrested in Dragonton for even suggesting such a thing? Then they'll throw you in the arena.

I don't know! Some people!
2012/7/12 14:48:16
Need a model or set made? toonarama wrote:

If youb take a look at my video here

- I could supply this excrement to you!

Thanks for offering, @Toonarama but the shape is very important and I fear that particular specimen may not be quite what I'm looking for. It has to be pretty much the same shape as the photo due to the fact that it will be used in several different ways.

EEFilmz wrote:
LMAO sorry Woz it's too damn funny not to...besides I think I saw that pile at Dairy Queen!

Glad to have brightened your day with a pile of ****.

Oh BTW Dylly, I forgot to mention that I need two versions, one "normal" and one made of grey stone, ( statueish ), if it's not too much trouble.

I love this forum. Put in a request for a pile of poo and within minutes you are inundated with offers.
2012/7/12 13:59:27
Need a model or set made? Hello Dylly, I am looking for a small favour for a major production.
I appreciate you don't have a lot of time on your hands but crafting the exquisite piece of sculpture that I am requesting would I think be a spiritually rewarding experience.

I need a turd, a steaming mound of poo. A pile of s**t. The stereotypical Mr.Whippy shape would be ideal if possible. I am afraid the creation of this is beyond my limited abilities. Approximately 3 to 4 metres tall in MZ to allow for scaling. ( I need some normal size ones and some quite large, head high ones. ) see pic......


As far as colour goes, a darker Cadbury's Dairy Milk Colour would be better. Don't worry about the texture too much as long as it looks slightly pitted as in pic and not too shiny. If you can manage this extraordinary request I would be eternally grateful as would the people of Dragonton.

This post is a serious request and not a joke and will self destruct in several years.

Thanks, John

Love the office chair and Zombinator btw.
2012/7/10 22:49:26
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Good stuff, Applause
2012/7/9 13:35:44
The 12 Stages of a Breakup Great production values. Really professional. Love the microphone, very clever.
I think I've experienced at least eight of those at the same time.

2012/7/7 22:34:21
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Do you still have to practise, Grandad?
Congratulations on your new long term contract as an unpaid babysitter.

May you all be happy and healthy.
2012/7/4 20:03:01
Software for voice This is great, just set up the PC to record the soundcard's output and you have a pretty good voice engine.
Thanks for the tip. Applause
2012/7/2 0:14:45
New show GAME in GAME out Toast Excellent!
2012/6/30 22:28:39
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! Thanks Gimmick, I will try that as well.
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