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2014/5/13 14:00:46
Live! from E.V.I.L. Episode 4 - Escape from EVIL! Lol! That was a lot of fun! Very nice!
2014/2/13 16:04:44
Share the love! Congrats! Applause
2014/2/13 9:29:16
3D Letter Objects. Aaaarrrggghhh! Hi HayManMarc, when you are creating the letters, are you keeping them grouped from the options?

I find it easier when making words/letters to keep things grouped.
2014/2/6 10:02:02
Share the love! Good start so far!

2014/1/28 8:54:56
Isn't he cute,.. octo-crab wrote:


No sleep tonight for me then.... thanks.. Whaaaaa?
2014/1/17 10:07:25
VIdeo Card specs...Bottleneck? Hi d_lock and welcome!

You can try turning off lighting mode (F12) to help with resource heavy scenes if you like as a start point.
2014/1/15 14:02:03
fbx chatters 'n' skitters Hi Rocky,

Yea, this is kinda 'normal' if you like. Because Muvizu is built on a Games Engine, the physics are trying to replicate realism in parts, however, due to that it does leave some side effects when gravity gets a hold and the origin of the model isn't centered...

Long story short, yep, that happens to some objects when you turn that off. Sorry
2014/1/15 12:40:24
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? Hi Chuckles,

You can check the minimum specifications to run Muvizu here: http://www.muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/52/recommended-computer-specifications

As long as the specs for any laptops you are looking at meet the ones on the Wiki, then you would just have to see about the weight from the folks selling the laptop. I'm sure most computing companies state the weight on the general overview of the laptop.

Hope you find one that suits you!
2014/1/6 16:27:51
Christmas Competition winners announced! Well done guys!! Applause
2013/12/6 10:46:24
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline What He Said Haha Big Grin
2013/12/6 8:49:30
Coming Soon... Can I buy Maple Syrup in there?

Looks awesome!
2013/12/6 8:20:47
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - NEW INTRO TEASER!!!! Ahhhhh! Can't wait to watch thiiiiis. Big Grin
2013/11/15 15:04:29
sketchup plugin Hi kornexls,

What link of the two were you trying?

What browser were you using?

Might just be a browser issue, so have a go with Firefox / Chrome.

2013/11/4 10:57:10
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
The Death Star Canteen, for yer perusal


Just wow....
2013/10/31 14:54:28
Explaining Virtualization using Muvizu You are very welcome! We are glad you like the software

I hope you make lots more and add it all to your account so we can show it off on our video Gallery!
edited by Mike_Num_5 on 31/10/2013
2013/10/28 13:44:01
Various issues Muvizu uses certain phonemes to try and distinguish between words when you import sound clips. It's something we haven't reviewed in some time right enough so might be worth us having a look of the system we use.

Thanks for the input guys!
2013/10/21 15:01:38
Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer I quite like the sound of 'Time Lord'. Although, if someone were to grant me the title of Time Baron, I would definitely not say no! Big Grin
2013/10/21 12:23:31
Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer I'll be honest, David Tennant is still my favourite, but this looks interesting....

Thumbs Up
2013/10/21 12:16:00
FBX Dylly wrote:

Wow! That's awesome!
2013/10/18 14:36:43
avi file in a backdrop (sorry for the 10 th time) Hi sofie9536,

You can try putting your AVI through Virtual Dub video editor and compressing it to Xvid or some other similar codec and then trying to import it onto a backdrop again. This is the usual method I use.

Here is the download link for Virtual Dub: http://virtualdub.org/

There is also tutorials on YouTube to use it, although it's quite straight forward.

Just drag and drop your AVI into the window when Virtual Dub opens. Go to 'Video' tab at the top. Down to 'Compression' then select Xvid, or similar codec. Then File > Save As AVI.

Once it finishes, you can try importing it again!

I hope this helps.

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