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2014/2/7 15:52:28
Show us your Beefy! MICHAEL FASTRENDER.

2014/1/28 15:53:20
Do I need to install Muvizu to access half price The reason we only place the purchase link in the app and not anywhere on Muvizu.com is because we prefer users to download Muvizu:Play, get familiar with it and make sure everything works in a way they are happy with before taking the plunge and paying for the upgrade.

I have, however, sent you a private message on the matter which should help you in this case.
2014/1/28 10:30:45
Lip Syncing? If you have the character lipsync to JUST the vocals, you'll notice a vast improvement than if there are instruments in the background confusing the lipsync system. You could listen to the song on headphones and record yourself singing along to it without any backing music, use that in Muvizu, and then use video editing software to replace the audio track from your finished Muvizu video with the original full song. It doesn't matter if you're a good singer or not, it just matters that you say the right words at the right time! Maybe you'll even discover a talent for singing you never knew you had in the process.

Make sure you're using "Talk" and "Hush" to switch off lipsync as often as possible when there are no lyrics as well, of course, as this will reduce your character mouthing along when there are no words.
2014/1/16 11:44:24
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? A cheaper alternative might be to invest in some weights instead of a new laptop and work up those laptop-carrying muscles to keep using your current machine!
2014/1/14 15:46:49
Problem with updating HayManMarc wrote:
Thanks, Lev. Here's the process of what I did:

I opened my copy of Muvizu. I believe it was the "old look Muvizu (Beta)" as I have never downloaded the "play" version. Then I updated per pop-up message, including the three addons (.NET, directx, and other(can't remember)). Upon the 'finish install' message, I chose to start Muvizu. When the program opened, I was presented with the same update message - thus the endless loop of updating.
Thanks for the info... Your Muvizu HAS updated, but just not QUITE all the way yet I'm afraid! It looks like Muvizu has first had to update from "Beta" to Muvizu:Play, and in doing so has updated you to an early version of Muvizu:Play (2013.07.13.01R). If you update one more time, it should take you bang up to date with the most recent version (2013.10.28.01R). If you want to take the "should" out of the equation and just guarantee a jump to the most recent version, you can uninstall what you currently have and go to http://www.muvizu.com/Get-Muvizu to grab the installer for the most up-to-date version (though downloading this full installer could take longer than a simple in-app update). Apologies for the inconvenience!
2014/1/14 15:06:00
Problem with updating HayManMarc wrote:
I just updated my Muvizu (64bit) to the recent version
When you updated, did you update from the old look Muvizu ("Beta") to the new-look Muvizu:Play, or just update Muvizu:Play to a new version? Can I ask how you performed the update? EG did you download the installer for the newest version from Muvizu.com, download the installer from another site, update via in-app prompts, or something else...?

HayManMarc wrote:
In that "?" menu, could you click the "About" option and then tell me which version of Muvizu:Play you have? It will be the string of characters between the phrase "build:" and the phrase "(64-bit)" near the bottom of the "About Muvizu:Play" window.
2014/1/14 14:33:02
First EVER sale! HayManMarc wrote:
I already have a previous version of Muvizu. Do I need to download it again to receive the "play+" deal, or do I need to update the version I already have?
If you click the "?" in the top-corner of the version of the app you have installed and see "Activate Licence" in the drop-down menu that should appear, then you probably have the most recent version of Muvizu:Play and don't need to update to purchase and activate Play+ functionality.

HayManMarc wrote:
Do I need to download it again to receive the "play+" deal, or do I need to update the version I already have?
if you don't have the most recent version of Muvizu:Play, you'll need to update it to purchase and activate Play+ functionality.

HayManMarc wrote:
Do I need to uninstall the old version first?
if you DO have an outdated version of Muvizu:Play, it should prompt you on startup to simply and (relatively) quickly update Muvizu:Play to the most recent version with no need for you to manually uninstall what you have first.

HayManMarc wrote:
Will I lose any of my previous work in the process?
SET files saved in old versions of Muvizu and Muvizu:Play should be entirely compatible with the most recent version of Muvizu:Play (including Muvizu:Play with a Play+ licence activated).
2013/12/11 18:11:56
My first effort Excellent first video, and gave me a good wee chuckle. Looking forward to see what else you bring to the table as you develop your Muvizu skills!
2013/12/4 15:09:37
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! We've already got one bang-on-the-money entry from simonheffer!:

A great start! I'd just have posted this as a comment if it wasn't for the fact it requires me to convert my YouTube account to a Google+ account, so here's his praise in this thread instead. Stick Out Tongue
2013/11/27 14:34:50
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 for Windows 7 x64 I've updated my .NET Framework to 4.5.1 and Muvizu seems to be trucking on just fine here.
2013/11/26 9:47:55
Render not working.... ukBerty wrote:
MrDrWho is probably correct - the 2GB limit is a real issue, but this is not a Muvizu issue - it's a Windows issue.
From what I understand it's an AVI file format issue, to be exact. We are working on ways to upgrade this and fix it in the near future, but remember that AVI isn't the only format that Muvizu can render out in! In "Make Video", you can click the "Advanced" tab and change the "Output Type" dropdown to "Targa Sequence" - not the most desirable or easy-to-work with file format for a lot of people, I'm sure, but an alternative with no "limit" (that I'm aware of) in the meantime!
2013/11/25 12:02:42
Logo removal Hi guys,

The watermark was put in the camera preview windows of Muvizu:Play when they are stretched over a certain size to stop chancers from just making full-screen camera preview windows and screen-grabbing watermark-free video from that. I've suggested to the devs that we disable this watermark when a Play+ licence is active, so hopefully that's something that can be implemented in the near future.

In the meantime, the watermark actually disappears from the camera preview window if you make it small enough, and you can also preview watermark-free output by checking the "Remove Watermark" box in the "Watermark" tab of the Make Video window. I know this isn't ideal, but hopefully it will get you by until the devs can modify the Play+ code.
2013/11/18 14:17:56
Muvizu WIKI log on ziggy72 wrote:
The majority of the world uses IE, get used to it
2013/11/14 10:01:02
Navigating in muvizu If you're having troubles using the mouse, a list of Keyboard Shortcuts is available by clicking the "?" in the top-right of the Muvizu app window. The same information is also available on this Wiki page: http://www.muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/77/keyboard-shortcuts
2013/11/13 10:22:07
Issue with Floating Point Render TaffJ wrote:
WE have a issue with a few computer that are coming up with the following errror on start up ""Your video card does not support alpha blending with floating point render target(D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16F) which is required to run this game.Exiting""" We have 31 computer in a room 27 work fine ,, they are all of the same Spec. Its a strange one any thought or advice would great. Many thanks
This error can occur if... Well, first and foremost, if your video card is not up to spec! But it can also happen if you lock your PC or perform some other resource-intensive task while Muvizu is starting up. Doing this can prevent Muvizu from getting info on your video card and so the app presumes that your video card is missing or not up to spec in some way and presents this error. Could you try starting Muvizu on these machines again but make sure that you do not lock or take the focus off Muvizu during startup and see if it still happens?

if it DOES still happen, could you let us know your video card details?

2013/11/1 10:05:26
Themes bigwally wrote:
First, you shouldn't use Stick figures as the basis for any competition (sorry Stickman fans). Stick figure animation is for people who a) Can't draw b) can't animate c) have no imagination. (There, I said it. I'm "that guy"). That could be one of the reasons there were only 3 entries (we know the other reason).
I think that, no matter what parameters you set for a competition entry, it will never be 100% perfect or agreeable with everyone and there will always be someone who would like it to be a little different. The point of this competition was to be simple, and the Stickmen characters are a good representation of simplicity.
I don't think someone's ability to draw or animate really affects how easy it is for them to make Muvizu videos - that's the joy of Muvizu, ANYONE can use it regardless of art or animation skill level! The imagination thing - I was actually impressed with the level of creativity and uniqueness in some of the videos (fazz68's use of Play+ face attachments was super clever) and I think it takes a LOT of imagination to craft something interesting with such non-specific character. Are we really trying to quantify imagination here, though? Again, I think it's a matter of opinion. It's a shame you did not enjoy the Stickman concept, but those who took part certainly seemed to enjoy it and I know I enjoyed watching it. Hopefully we'll have something better suited to you in the near future.

bigwally wrote:
Second, announce the contest/competition/survey right here, on your web site, not via email.

Third, the Golden Rule... Don't change the rules of the contest in the middle of the contest. Remember the 10 Second AMD Fusion contest? I had whipped up 2 ten-second videos while others were complaining that it was impossible. You changed the duration to 30-seconds and that completely changed the scope of my videos. I had no chance.

, do not use views/likes as a way to determine the winner. Views and Likes can be purchased.
All taken on board, thanks. We've had a few changes in the Marketing team over the past year that should see our contests more rigidly observed and run, though there will always be teething issues and we apologise for when this occurs. We're learning what does and does not work as we go along and, again, hope that you find future events more agreeable. The input of yourself and others will help inform us with this, so thank you to everyone in this thread for your feedback.
2013/10/29 15:27:01
Dog Character's Teeth chuckles wrote:
The UV Map showing the teeth for the dog is wrong. the teeth are not in the positions shown.
I just had a wee test of the Dog UV map, downloaded from the same link that gimmick posted earlier in this thread, and I'm finding the teeth seem to be exactly where I expect them to be? See this screenshot for an example of me just using Microsoft Paint to make no edits to the UV map except fill the teeth with various colours, and then saving it and applying it as a custom texture to the dog:

Could you explain (or, better yet, show an image example of) how your experience with the dog UV map differs from above?
2013/10/24 17:38:40
Prepare Dialogue Tutorial - out of date? primaveranz wrote:
Here is the .WAV file showing in Audacity, it is Mono, 32 bit, 44100 MHZ - and I can hear it through my headphones outside Muvizu, just not inside
Strange! Is there any chance you could mail the WAV file and the SET file with the WAV imported to bugs@muvizu.com so we can have a look at this?
2013/10/24 9:24:51
Creating Language It's unlikely that Muvizu will ever bulk-up our download size by incorporating text-to-speech as there's already a number of free text-to-speech services available, plus - as noted by everyone else here so far - real voices just sound better! Plus, if Muvizu had text-to-speech then office productivity would take a dive as my "testing" would just consist of thinking up of new swear words to make it say and chuckling to myself at that all day.
2013/10/24 9:16:34
Prepare Dialogue Tutorial - out of date? primaveranz wrote:
Thanks for the reply, but where are you seeing the "New" option?
I think MrDrWho13 meant to say "Prepare > Audio > New...". You go to Prepare > Audio to choose or import sound for your video. Although I'm guessing you actually already sussed that out since the screenshot you posted already suggests you successfully imported "ooooh.wav"! If any of the audio is to be used as dialogue, you then go to Prepare > Dialogue where you can choose the character you want to talk and which audio track you want them to lipsync to. From here, you then go to Direct > Dialogue to get the character to "Talk" or "Sush" at appropriate points.

primaveranz wrote:
As far as I can see, this screenshot suggests you've actually already perfectly set-up the character "Charles" to lipsync to "ooooh.wav". As soon as you hit Play on the Timeline, Charles should start talking (unless "ooooh.wav" is an entirely silent audio file)?
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