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2014/5/30 23:20:43
Can the world size be enlarged? you can copy and paste objects from one set to another, im pretty sure you can do more than one object at a time. as long as you dont close muvizu. i suppose in theory you can open muvizu twice and load one with the set you want objects from and paste into the other. to save reloading sets all the time. never tried it myself though. the actual dome space is pretty big. urbanlamb has made a few city sets. they are on the asset pages somewhere.
i dont think there is a ceiling height. it depends on how high you like them or how high you want them. they can go up to the height of the skydome if you really want your ceilings high lol.

if you really want to cram stuff in you can always reduce everything in size.
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2014/5/28 1:35:10
lip sync .... i dunno how how you are making this so hard for yourself lol.

add your audio track. it should look something like this.

this is just an example with 2 characters. but the principle is the same for three characters. assign all your characters to the same audio track if they all speak on that track.

one characters talking part.

the second characters talking part

first characters talking part. use shush and talk buttons when that character speaks, the audio waveform will help you fine tune the timing.

repeat for second character but for their speaking part.

you have to change character to direct their speech. or you will just over write what you have just done.

the end result should look something like this.
2014/5/27 10:13:01
muvizu is not downloading are you logged in to this site when you are downloading? it may be nothing but i used to get the download freezing when i tried downloading things from the assets page until i discovered that logging in let the download go all the way. why this happened i havnt a clue and it might not solve your problem but i thought id share my download story on the off chance it might help out.
2014/5/22 23:34:33
audio timing no problem i should have said the main timeline.
2014/5/22 23:13:11
audio timing you've just changed it from mp3 to a wav file. so im guessing you deleted the mp3 one and replaced it with the wav one. then as soon as you assign the new file to the characters the lip sync should come back.
2014/5/22 23:07:36
audio timing if you've change the audio file over you should just be able to reassign the new file to the characters to get back the lip sync bit
2014/5/22 22:48:07
audio timing just slide your audio track along in the timeline to where you want it to start.
2014/5/22 22:37:56
Just One Piece Competition aye well done fellow muvizuers and thanks just one piece
2014/5/18 22:43:13
classic kirk fights number 2 thanks all @ziggy a kirk picard showdown eh. picard has always been a bit too smug for my tastes and needs a bit of a slapping.
2014/5/18 22:36:01
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP aye it would be a shame to see you go mate but i understand your reasons. theres only so much you can do with muvizu as it is. hopefully when? the new improved muvizu finally gets here we'll see you again.
2014/5/17 2:14:14
classic kirk fights number 2

a bit of nonsense to pass away 2 minutes.....
2014/5/15 22:29:21
Some more trees lol, closet shrubbery collectors Big Grin im firmly out of the shrubbery closet and proud to be a shrubbery lover Big Grin
2014/5/11 8:04:16
Who's On First excellent mate
2014/5/9 4:44:00
Just One Piece Competition
2014/4/24 21:37:34
Hello Everyone! Sharu_dubz29 wrote:
Hi guys, I am new to muvizu, I want to change my username, if I can't do that, I want to delete my account and start again, what can I do?

you cant change your user name. to delete your account. go to your profile page, click on my account, delete is at the bottom of the page.
2014/4/21 13:01:02
New experimental video bigwally wrote:
Hmmmm... My video did not show up this morning.

not sure about scotland but we are still on a bank holiday in england so they might not be there today
2014/4/19 19:49:00
Coming Soon... oh yeah mate lets bring on the old time radio extravaganza Big Grin
2014/4/19 13:12:16
Coming Soon...
Too many steeds pt2..... long overdue methinks....
2014/4/18 11:23:25
Almost human thank you all
@65Radius nice mate, i enjoyed that video, great minds think alike now if we could have the ability to add actions in muvizu like eating soup and picking up glasses and drinking i would be a happy bunny. these things are desperately needed for our animations, theres a limit to how to cheat things on screen.
2014/4/17 13:30:37
Almost human InsaneHamster wrote:
Brilliant work Fazz!

cheers mate
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