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2013/3/16 16:39:25
google hangout?? so i rushed home from work to watch...... not a sausage......
2013/3/3 21:53:55
To the community at large i dunno about most people here but i dont have a pot to **** in, so if muvizu does charge for their software im afraid thats me done. its not that i wouldnt pay because i love messing about with muvizu but at the end of the day i just wouldnt be able to afford it.
2013/2/26 4:43:03
Another problem ... a really simple solution is just shoot exactly the same scene twice, one with the character in and one without. edit together with a cross fade transition.

about 4 mins 20 seconds in is the effect you will get.
2013/2/3 21:59:48
The Avengers... Part 4 thanks urbanlamb, i didnt know i could do the green screen thing with this software, i found it by accident. i still dont know what half the stuff does (im not one for reading manuals, im a trial and error person lol) and the avengers will return soon after ive done something else, just what that is im not sure yet. these things usually happen by accident
2013/2/3 16:29:03
The Avengers... Part 4

hope you enjoy the final episode of this story. it contains my first attempt at using Green screen. the avengers may return in the future, but for now i feel the need to work on something new.
2013/1/29 16:19:04
Sketchup to Muvizu you need to add the toto.bmp file to the place you are importing the object to, all is explained in here
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2013/1/28 15:42:45
Only one colour on imported ase file MR-DARIUS wrote:
thanks for the advice but also faithfully following your instructions will not let me change the color of the object imported

which exporter are you using? there are two. one on the 3d assets page and the one fman00 has linked for you. i find the muvizu one will only let me export models with textures added and only if i have them textures on my computer, if i use just colours it comes out as one colour no matter how many colours i use. if you use the one fman00 has linked it should export the way you want it to. using a sketch-up model from the 3D warehouse can be a bit hit and miss when exporting. explode it till it cant be exploded any more. select the whole model and colour it one colour, then change the colours bit by bit till you get it how you want. then when you use the unreal exporter (not the muvizu one) you should have no problems. import into muvizu (7 colours or less) with the dont use id textures setting, anything over that wont fit on the drop down menu when it come to adding colours in muvizu (well for me that is) . over 7 colours import with use id textures. leave the other settings alone apart from the bottom one, use the double sided setting.
this works for me, hope this is of help
2013/1/27 0:53:44
Coming Soon... coming soon.....

The avenger jet bikes still currently under development in sketch up
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2013/1/21 21:25:33
Top 3 improvements apart from all the suggestions above which i wont go over again because they have been covered perfectly, im going to say simple movements.

1. turning 90 degrees in one movement.....
2.the ability to move forward 1 or 2 steps without pausing in between..... maybe string a few movements together without the pauses in between... say... a step forward, a turn, then forward again without looking like an idiot stopping at each step...
3 kneel on the floor (without sobbing and standing up right away) sit down/lay down on the floor and stand up without looking like a zombie....
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2013/1/16 1:24:55
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Prison interview room in 'Sammamish'. Lighting is so very tricky, but rewarding when you get close to what you envisaged in the first place. This isn't done yet, but it's getting there.

This is why I needed disposable coffee cups, which were so kindly made for me by UrbanLamb (long may she model!). In fact, a lot of her models are going to appear in this film...

very very nice indeed, everything on there looks fantastic
i too take my hat off to urbanlamb and her modeling skills Toast
2013/1/16 1:16:42
Health update... wow mate that really sucks, i thought i hadnt seen your presence about here for some time. wishing you a speedy recovery mate
2013/1/14 15:36:42
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar well done you im not in the least bit jealous Toast
2013/1/12 21:39:06
The Avengers pt3 thanks they are the proper adverts from the recordings. id already made the pink pussycats one so it seemed appropriate to put them in there somewhere.
2013/1/12 14:42:54
The Avengers pt3

the penultimate episode of the avengers radio series
2013/1/9 20:46:56
Coming soon (tm) episode 3 out takes.. of sorts.. i find all fart jokes highly amusing and think there should far be more of them
2013/1/9 20:42:07
Game, SET, and match... :) the set I've used the most is the 1701 bridge set apart from that one i dont think ive used any other muvzu sets. i like to make my own, thats part of the fun of muvizu
2013/1/7 4:24:20
My video does not play did you make the 9mins 49 secs all in one go? that is a huge amount of time for 1 video in one go. i think most of us make the video in shorter segments then join it together in editing. do you have any sort of video encoding software (for example Any video converter ) if you do you might try and encode it with a smaller bit rate to make the file smaller.
2012/12/25 2:19:15
Not of this earth

i made this video about 5 months ago and it was one of the first proper animations i made. its a remake of an old roger corman movie. the quality isnt all that good and i think ive come a long way since then. still i think Mr johnson the main character is still my favourite character, some of the things he comes out with are so cheesy. as you tube seem to be letting me upload videos longer than 15mins i thought id share. i might even upload my remake of The day the earth stood still. merry christmas to you all

while im at it, i uploaded this when i joined the muvizu community but it never made it into the gallery.

its a selection of short star trek parody's i made and edited together to make a short.
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2012/12/25 0:08:34
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar surely the code is for something? i suppose it wont matter but i thought it was code for a you tube identification 11 letters and numbers long, you tube vids are 11 numbers and letters long but i couldnt get it to work for me.
2012/12/24 18:14:22
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar toonarama wrote:
Before anybody else asks - I was wrong and haven't got a clue what the answer is!

i have an idea what the code is but have just spent about 3 hrs trying it out and still got nowhere....
well it would have been fun to enter coz id love a microphone to play with. but this is just giving me brain ache LOL. good luck to those who figure it out and i look forward to your entries. have a good christmas everyone, im off to get inebriated
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