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2015/9/28 17:42:49
did you know..... if you use the flies effect along with the camera bloom effect you get some lovely looking fire flies.

thats all folks
2015/9/8 21:12:08
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ coolarama mate
2015/9/1 21:57:34
QUADRAPED IDEA.... you can make the newer characters partly invisible except the heads. because you cant swap them over for another head. the potato heads are all one mesh (i think) so its all or nothing

the closest ive gotten to any sort of rideable thing was a weird waist attachment.

which has yet to see the light of day...... but who knows Big Grin

the kandar riders in action
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2015/8/29 0:31:39
Insert Photo or Video in a Post it has to be a site like photobucket or imgur that host only pictures. the dropbox link will only take you to dropbox to see the pic and you want it to show on the forum.
2015/8/27 1:34:40
Import objects to NOT float/snap to grid/ground? the object at the end of the video doesnt spaz dance, that was urbanlamb moving it about. can you add collision to 100 objects? im guessing probably not but im no expert so i could be wrong. 100 objects on a single import is a lot anyway.
fbx objects will always float on import, thats the way muvizu is and they will always spawn in mid air theres nothing you can do to change that.

urbanlamb...... over to you Big Grin
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2015/8/24 19:47:15
Sliding Door? direct object movement.
director start location set to. locked to object axis

set your movement speed, you want it lowish or ya door will be whizzing off.

hit direct and use the A and D keys on your keyboard. A slides left D slides right.
or Q slides up and E slides down.
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2015/8/23 19:45:05
Waterfall or desert Island scene? blickfang wrote:
Morning All!

I tried to download the Waterfall or desert Island scene from the "Online" scenes and Muvizu complained about something (the error flashed on by) Is this scene no longer available?

download from the asset page rather than through muvizu. you get better results.

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2015/8/21 13:06:10
How do we save attachments? you cant save them inside muvizu to use on all characters. only as you have done on a character. you just have to have a folder on your pc/laptop for muvizu objects and load them as and when you need them. i find its best not to use the favourites anyway. it used to be quite buggy losing textures and such. dunno if its been fixed because i dont use favourites Big Grin
as time goes on you tend to build up an enormous library of assets and having them stored on your computer is no big deal. the more you save into muvizu the more you can lose if something goes wrong if you have to a complete re install.
2015/8/21 9:10:48
Can't keep this old animator down! wow that really sucks. well i hope you get better soon mate
2015/8/10 20:55:14
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail if you are using the autodesk fbx converter thats whats causing the roughness. sketchup into blender is better. as you can turn on the specular and diffuse settings and it will keep its smoothed look. i use sketchup for all my model making and have never had a problem with smoothing on my fbx assets.

the relevant information on how export from blender in fbx can all be found on the wiki pages and urbanlambs tutorials. the texture mapping you'll have to learn for yourself. theres not really a quick fix for making things look good in muvizu. you have to put the work into models.
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2015/8/10 13:38:42
Quadrapeds? Danimal wrote:
I wonder if there's a way to go from the Collada export to FBX, which Muvizu does support?

it can be done in blender.
2015/8/10 12:09:04
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail uv maps for all characters.... http://muvizu.com/GetAssets#&&s=1&p=1&c=1&pl=27&q=

as for attachments. trial an error till you find the sweet spot. the attachment points run down the center of the body from the head to the waist apart from arms and legs. as you are using sketchup.... where you need to place objects are around or on the origin point. some above slightly some below, some in front and some behind. again trial and error. theres no guide to show you so just play around till you find the right spot. the same goes for the scale of objects. once you've made a few assets you get used to roughly where things go.

as urbanlamb would say "its not that hard "
2015/8/8 20:43:06
Eye blink in eye control panel you can animate the expressive nature of the face (ie the mouth) in direct character properties.
2015/8/8 6:02:23
Coming Soon... braj wrote:
For Objects there are settings for 'Floats in the air' and 'keep upright' if only those could be included for the characters. Right now I think the best you can get is a camera roll sideways, and export as a layer, add the sky flying by in another channel in a video editor, but the cape, and the feet, are still problems. If you could only make characters stand on their tip toes, and include a fan prop like you mentioned, it would be enough.

as he is using the hero character he could just use the flying action.
2015/8/7 19:25:04
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Don't you ever do anything with fluffy bunnies and kittens, Fazz? Big Grin

when muvizu supplies us with some fluffy bunnies and kittens as avatars i shall chop them up too
2015/8/7 15:52:29
Character Proportions cperg wrote:
Since all of you have had a greater exposure to video production than perhaps I have I would like to make another forum redundant statement. I am almost sure each of you have seen the free software called MakeHuman. If not here's a link to the project. http://www.makehuman.org/

With this project I was able to produce decent characters and import them into blender just as an experiment. Not much I can do with blender beyond that though. I am going to try and drop one of the characters in muvizu as an inanimate object in the next week. Anyone have ideas concerning this effort?

as long as its fbx it shouldnt be a problem. i know you can export as fbx with that software. it does all the uv mapping for you from what i remember. try and see what happens.
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2015/8/7 13:20:39
Random feature requests can we have soft cloth attachments for the potato heads please
2015/8/7 13:13:45
Coming Soon...
2015/8/6 23:33:45
New Guy hello new guy

(im sure our paths have crossed already Big Grin )
2015/8/6 23:31:45
Character Proportions and a crab.....
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