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2015/11/21 20:30:52
object could not load Yes, I'm eating my words right now, and after that my hat , my shoes and anything else in sight.

2015/11/21 19:18:28
object could not load The question is WHY. Do Muvizu users really want by Framel? I guess some might want the frame by frame control, and it may be industry standard, but if Alice wants to wave to George 7 seconds after he leaves, that's 25*7, not rocket science but...Since the timeline scrolls so fast (on my machine), I guess going to frame 120*25 won't be too bad.
2015/11/21 14:21:00
object could not load 11-17 release, very slow head movement and very slow screen update.

P.S. What's with the new timeline?
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2015/11/17 12:17:04
Tears In My Eyes (dedicated to the france people) Thank you Sascha, a fitting tribute to those who perished. May we never forget them.
2015/8/5 1:19:49
Today's Download OK, No Video with any codec?


2015/8/5 1:01:55
Today's Download Hi,
new release
Lagarith Lossless Codec
RGB Default
DirectX 11
Windows 7
I'v e been using Lagarith forever, never a problem.
Suggestion for another codec until the Lagarith is fixed.

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2015/8/4 16:34:26
Today's Download What's to say, NICE, Thanks
2015/7/6 17:32:42
Today's Download Just installed today's latest release. Invisible does not work properly for me with this release.
Only part of the character is invisible. Hair, ears stay visible.

Any suggestions?


MZASS-v1.4 - biuild: 2015.07.03.02R (64-bit)
2015/5/29 8:03:14
New Version Hi Valero,

Thanks for the offer. I have learned to work around the BIG dialog issue and one or two other issues.

Again thanks.

2015/3/7 17:59:46
New Version Hi,

I am having problems with the new version.

I would like to download the previous version (which I stupidly didn't keep).

Do you have an archive section.

2014/10/13 9:29:18
Digimania News As a very satisfied Muvizu user for the past two years, I can only wish Digimania the best of luck and a whopping commercial success with RenderDM.


2014/8/23 17:35:31
DreamWorks competition Hi,

Having not seen any of the movies listed, I took a different approach. I adapted the Dreamworks trailer for Mr. Peabody & Sherman to Muvizu.
I added my own dialog, but still kept to the original idea, and I added my own special effects and music.

While not a scene from a Dreamworks movie, under the circumstances it's the best I could do.

2014/7/29 23:12:17
DreamWorks competition Thanks

I was afraid of that. OK, a new script and voices.

2014/7/28 18:44:14
DreamWorks competition Hi

A simple copyright question. Can I use the original sound track,
or a piece of it?

If not, can I use the same words or should I make up my own script.

2014/5/22 22:21:16
Just One Piece Competition I think this is a good cause, and I hope it gets more attention.

All great videos. But then again, what else would you expect from Muvizu users. I dare say nothing.

Good job people.

2014/5/6 7:37:55
Just One Piece Competition It says it all.
2014/4/14 16:06:14
Just One Piece Competition Hi,

Just One Piece Competition...


2014/2/22 15:31:54
Charactere Not Moving Hi,

Any progress on this issue. It is really a pain.

2013/12/19 21:05:33
Charactere Not Moving Hi

I also hope they have a fix soon. I spend a lot of
time redoing scenes trying to minimize character movement.

2013/12/14 18:24:33
Charactere Not Moving Hi

I like the idea of isolating characters.
I will add this to my good habits. :-)

I find that even new characters behave the same.
Sometimes they move, sometimes they don't.



P.S. I didn't know you could cut and paste characters. Good o

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