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2011/9/27 18:18:48
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I have to agree with Artpen, he pretty much sums up my issues with the timeline. I have been messing around with the new timeline but I am finding that I just can't seem to get things timed and arranged as well as I could using the old one.
2011/9/22 19:09:55
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ziggy72 wrote:
One last thing...not a complaint, just a suggestion - the timeline is very, very plain looking. A beveled edge or two, especially on the buttons, wouldn't go amiss. Some colour too, bit of shading maybe...just sayin'! Big Grin

I kind of liked the little measuring marks on the old timeline. They helped greatly when trying to fine tune cue points.
2011/9/21 23:50:38
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) 4 hours? Wow. I downloaded the new version this morning and it took about 20 minutes! I got disconnected from the server a few times but after that no problems.
2011/9/21 23:49:03
muvizu mogul demands more satire! HAHAHA! Good one toonarama!
2011/9/13 5:07:05
The Garage Band Blues Concert Series Number 1 After posting this video earlier YouTube in it's infinite wisdom decided to take it off of the Muvizu site. Well, I "altered" the video a bit and uploaded it again so lets see what happens this time.

I hope you enjoy watching it and as always please comment!
2011/9/11 20:55:21
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I've found some "glitch's" with the latest version too. Most all of what I have encountered has already been mentioned by fellow Muvizuer's so I won't go over them again. I'm sure most of the major issues will be ironed out soon.

I still have the previous version of Muvizu installed on my computer that I am also using until all of the bugs are worked out of the new release.
2011/9/11 19:36:01
Extras!! Dreeko wrote:
Yes folks, this feature has been a long requested one, but the main point of my post was to suggest the automated animation feature for extras and to see what the other Muvizu-ers thought of that?

If you have a scene in a bar for instance and you have two main characters in shot but behind you would like to see many extras chatting, laughing etc, at the moment we have to prepare and direct the animation for every single character.
A feature which could make a character/extra become automatically animated without direction throughout the scene would be an immense time saver.

I've already experienced having to animate every single "extra" in a bar scene and it was a fairly time consuming process. I would most definitely welcome an " automated animation feature for extras".
2011/9/11 18:44:11
Extras!! Copy and paste characters and their actions would be great. Crowd scenes would be a breeze to produce. Being able to copy and paste actions on the timeline would be a pretty good tool too.
2011/9/10 17:35:09
another transparent video test That gives me all kinds of cool ideas. Great work Toonarama!
2011/9/7 22:22:58
CAN I SAVE A UV TEXTURED CHARACTER You can't save a character with a texture to the favorites that I know of. A few of my characters have textures on them so here's what I do, I save the characters to my favorites without textures and then when I need the character I go to my favorites, put him in the scene and just add the texture then.
2011/9/7 2:57:30
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I according to the tutorial about cue points you're supposed to be able to "right click" on a cue point to edit it. Well, when I tried doing this the edit window didn't pop up. I tried various things to get the edit cue point window to pop up and couldn't get it. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?
2011/9/6 19:45:45
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I like the new interface! Being able to re-size and position the windows where I want them is great! I'll have to get used to using the new timeline but that's not a big deal. I do miss not being able to double click the mouse and place cue points and being able to delete individual cue points but again no biggie, I'll get used to it. I also miss the little "ruler marks" on the old timeline as they seemed to help me fine tune things.

I noticed right away that not only does Muvizu load a lot faster but the slight lag I was getting when dealing with fairly complex sets seems to be gone as well.

I had some set files that would no longer load into the older version of Muvizu. I kept getting the "file is in an unknown format" message. VERY frustrating for me. This only seemed to occur when I had a lot of lights and special effects in a set. Well, just for kicks I tried loading them into the new version of Muvizu and they all loaded great! There were a few minor issues with some lights and effects not being timed right but other than that everything loaded spot on.

I haven't really played around with all of the new features yet but so far I like the new version of Muvizu a lot. Hats off to the Muvizu crew for once again "topping" themselves!
2011/8/25 3:10:06
Stop breathing, and hold that POSE!!! artpen wrote:
Hello fellow creatives....

Do you get frustrated when trying to give the illusion that your character is
Holding an object? and then have your illusion Busted because your characters
Hand moves with the automated breathing?
Yeah, I know, it's crap isn't it trying to move your gun in sync with the hand.

Dear muvizu, can we stop the breathing? Lovely Jubbly!!!

I'm still working on a spoof, and I would love it!!! If we could hold every pose,
Love it!!!

Thanks, artpen

What He Said
2011/8/23 21:25:32
Various improvments Dylly wrote:
Neutral settings would be good, as well as some prprogrammed camera movement settings, fly by's, walk through's spiral etc. Simply place camera on one spot, then character on another, hit the button and the camera moves for you. Remember I'm still having trouble steering the camera

Excellent suggestion!
2011/8/23 16:38:15
Various improvments I have to agree with everyone, a neutral facial mode and override would be a nice addition to Muvizu.
2011/8/20 17:23:10
Send tutorial requests to Muvizu HQ A tutorial highlighting the new features would be nice. Maybe detailed one explaining codecs, rendering and such. Possibly a more detailed tutorial about how to use the timeline to fine tune things. All with the Scottish accent of course!
2011/8/20 16:42:39
STAR WARS part one is now on you tube I've noticed that YouTube seems to be "hit and miss" about the validation stuff. It doesn't make much sense to me as to why some music passes and some don't. I haven't tried the pitch change thing yet but I'm going to give it a try.
2011/8/17 20:23:36
Dukes of Hazzard - car jump I was in a "car jump" with my older brother when we were young. We jumped the tracks at a railroad crossing. When the car landed the oil pan was smashed into the motor and I had a headache from flying out of the seat and smashing against the roof of the car. We figured out fairly quick that "jumping" was not like in the movies. LOL
2011/8/17 20:12:34
Dukes of Hazzard - car jump It's possible to do a "believable" car jump but it takes a lot of "fiddling" with the object properties and movement controls during the recording stage. I wanted to see if I could do all of this in one shot and it took me about an hour to get something that looked somewhat "believable". It wasn't perfect but it did look like the car jumped the ramp.

I think it would be easier to film a car jump in separate shots as Ziggy suggested. A shot of the car approaching the jump, another of it leaving the jump and sailing through the air and then a final shot of the car landing. Trying to capture everything in one shot is possible but very very time consuming given the current method of controlling objects. At least it was for me.
2011/8/13 21:49:29
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:

Well, can aim the effect, yes, but I was meaning bending the effect, so that it's path (eminating from the effect box) can be a variable arc. Smoke doesn't go straight up forever - it will always be affected by the wind, however slight. Also, bending effects (like the laser) could produce some interesting stuff, I think.

Ya know Zig, maybe another animation along the lines of your Fist full of coders film is in order here!
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