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2012/6/19 19:13:52
Channel 4 competition toonarama wrote:

C4 has an interesting competition which appears to allow animations




Interesting stuuf thanks for posting!
2012/6/19 8:46:34
Animating Objects!!....?? Object and camera movement can be a very annoying task. There has been much discussion previously about how to change things for the better. Should there be targets, waypoints, angle constraints etc.

Everyone has an idea about what would be the best solution to the problem.
Hopefully out of all the suggestion, the best one will rise to the surface.

.... I don't think it'll be soon though ( whatever soon is! )
2012/6/18 15:00:48
Coming Soon... Looking good zig!
Where's your serial killer epic though?
2012/6/18 13:40:54
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke I've received a great comment (and YouTube subscription) from this guy.

Jim Meskimen

Thought you may enjoy his impressions
2012/6/17 18:47:49
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Jamie wrote:
Awesome follow up Dreeko, voiced and animated wonderfully. I do like how you've basically used 1 floor texture and lighting to make the scene. Simple and effective.

Thanks jamie!
1 texture, 1 spotlight and a Vulcan ...job done!
2012/6/17 14:22:27
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Whoa! It's up on the Muvizu gallery already! On a Sunday!
Someones working overtime !
2012/6/16 16:48:35
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Bonus track!...

2012/6/15 13:53:03
see through winodws Jamie wrote:
Currently there are 428 suggestions logged

I thought I'd asked for more than that!
2012/6/15 10:04:13
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Yay! The Captain has made it in to the featured videos section!
thanks folks!

2012/6/14 16:19:58
Source Engine Used To Create Animated Film Yeh I know its not using Unreal, but it's still interesting!

2012/6/14 14:28:59
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Kind words folks!

Glad you enjoyed the Kirkaoke

Any more musical suggestions for the Captain?
2012/6/14 7:34:39
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke WozToons wrote:
What a load of old Shatner. It's life Jim but not as we know it.

Have seen some of his vids and you got the atmosphere just right. I like it.

His infamous rendition of Rocketman was the inspiration for it btw.
2012/6/13 22:31:35
Flying Anytime Ed

glad to be of help!
2012/6/13 22:30:03
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke New video today!

Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke
The sixties sci-fi icon releases his long awaited album of some of the latest chart hits!

Second upload of this one. It's not on the Muvizu site yet so thought I'd post it here until it shows up!

Hope you enjoy!
please leave comments. It's the only way I'll improve!

..and a subscription to my youtube channel wouldn't go amiss either

2012/6/13 11:25:17
Random requests! Buttons...

Well how about a direction button on all lines in the timeline editor?
2012/6/12 20:59:49
Flying Right the best I can think of would be have your character standing on a floating ground plane with no texture or colour (invisible) slightly raised from a second ground plane which could have an avi file similar to below.

there are quite a few royalty free clips you can grab from youtube.

Direct the character to look upwards and select an appropriate pose for his/her stance

Position the camera straight above looking downward on the scene to give the illusion that he is flying in the prone position.

Use some effects for extra clouds eg. dry ice, smoke, dust etc and animate either the ground plane moving upwards (bringing the character with it) or animate the camera (movement or zoom) to give the same effect

or both!


animate the movement of the avi ground plane!


If I can manage I'll try and do a video tutorial but basically it'll just explain the above.

Hope this helps

2012/6/12 16:50:41
Random requests! Yeh,
The more I think about it, the more I want it!
It would save a lot of faffing about with the scene window or having to scramble over the set to find the right camera.
And numbers will help too

2012/6/12 11:36:58
Random requests! First request of the day! (will it be my last?)

Camera window with a "+ " button for adding new cameras and a "-" button deleting a selected one.!

Ta muchly!
2012/6/11 12:44:38
New scene button What He Said
2012/6/11 11:48:53
Muvizu needs you! MOGULS
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