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2010/10/1 16:51:14
How do I use Muvizu on a Mac? excellent tutorial

It made me watch to the end and I dont even have a mac!
2010/10/1 16:40:39
What sets would you like to see? Emily wrote:
No skeletons, just a simple hospital room. It was opened in a development / testing build so you may need to tweak a few things.


Knock yourself out!

Nice one Emily!
2010/10/1 10:42:15
Precision Placement of Animations, and blends glasgowjim wrote:
Hi inlimbo,

The animation functionality is being worked on at the moment - separating movement/locomotion and animation should be done by the next release.

Editing the animations start time can already be done on the timeline - the ability to set specific finish times/durations is being looked at, along with a few other tweaks, but I cannot say if it will make it into the next release.

Take care,

Yet again it sounds exactly what weve been looking for!Thumbs Up

"move to " markers for cameras would be great also

especially handy for members of the laggy laptops club!


2010/9/30 16:38:34
What sets would you like to see? thought this might be a handy thread to kick off

What sets would you like to see included in muvizu or created by a third party?


2010/9/30 16:21:25
Mobile version of Muvizu.com IanS wrote:
Hi Dreeko

A mobile version of the site isn't planned, as such, and we're aware that you cannot post to the forum using an iPhone. It is something we're looking in to though - I'll update this thread when I have some news for you. Wiggle

Thanks Ian

Thumbs Up
2010/9/30 13:38:13
Mobile version of Muvizu.com I've been using my mobile to access the forum when i'm on the move but i am unable to post any replies to topics due using any browser that my phone has to offer

I was wondering if this could be addressed at some point by the tweaking of the existing site or ny the creation of a mobile version of muvizu.com

It's really frustrating the hell out of me

incidentally my phone is the iphone 3gs if that helps

Thanks in advance


ps. a muvizu app....now theres a thought...
2010/9/30 10:24:40
Film Festival KerryK wrote:

Dreeko, FilmCamp went very well! we had such a positive response which is always nice to hear. and had a few conversations around things we may do with them in the future so watch this space - i think the next year will be very interesting.

looking forward to it!
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2010/9/29 20:18:22
Animatable objects-props Neil wrote:

This is something I'm currently working on. I don't want to say too much 'cos I don't want to make promises I can't keep, but the answer is: "yes, hopefully".

Good stuff!

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2010/9/29 13:40:34
Animatable objects-props Quick question

With the introduction of animated objects and their properties, would it be possible to have a backdrop with a scrolling background switch to a totally different scrolling background during the animation?

cheers in advance

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2010/9/29 13:32:18
Film Festival So how did the Glasgow film festival go?
What did i miss?
2010/9/29 13:05:20
Muvizu Should Become Commercial Software i personally think the development rate of this software is outstanding and i don't think sticking a price on it will make the features come any quicker

It is what it is, and i dont want it to become a 3d max imitation

I think more in depth features will appear but the whole notion of near instant animation has to remain because it is this that makes it stand out from the crowd


2010/9/24 22:41:19
Body Movements inlimbo wrote:
It's not a hobby, you fool!!! It's truth, liberation, and murder!

i'm still not wearing the pants
2010/9/24 21:25:37
Body Movements it was a wind up!

i just liked the idea of someone jumping around their bedroom in front of a webcam with bits of paper sellotaped to them self for no apparent reason!

My honest take on it is that there are better and less embarrassing ways to create animation. Yes mocap has its place and maybe its a personal thing but if I find myself leaping around my house with coloured wristbands and matching pants then I know for me that i've taken this hobby a step too far

and that goes for skintight green suits with ping pongs attached aswell


2010/9/23 11:58:40
going nowhere fast That's a massive thing to be sure!

I remeber the bad old days of the "movies game" forum when we harrased the devs for years just to get a camera that we could place where we wanted. and it didnt appear until the expansion pack!( just to squeeze even more money out of the users, sims style). So whats happening with the pace of this programs development is nothing short of amazing.

Thanks again

ps. Im still going to badger the life out of you lot for even more features though!...lol!


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2010/9/23 11:48:10
Facial animation Dreeko wrote:
Emily wrote:
Thanks Dreeko - that's really insightful, it looks like a very good book!

Yes it is, well worth the coppers

So in summary six expressions with sliders for percentages of each....whats the chances of developing something like that for us lot to play with?

Thumbs Up

my first bump (i'm so proud!)
2010/9/23 11:19:36
going nowhere fast glasgowjim wrote:
Hi again Dreeko/Toonarama,

Seems like that could be pretty useful - it would also be good for a cartoon-style running away sequence where they start to run on the spot then shoot off.

Take care,

Yes, on that subject, is the ability to change the speed of a moving background over the animation something that will also be possible with the animating object properties in the coming update?

example: character starts walikng, background starts moving, character stops, background stops


2010/9/23 11:12:40
Animated lights? glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Dreeko/Toonarama,

The ability to Animate Properties and Objects is scheduled for the November release.

This will include lights - so you should be able to do day/night transitions and turn lights on/off, as well as move them around your scene.

If you have any other questions or suggestions just let us know.

Take care,

Fantastic! , What a team!, the next release is shaping up to be a belter by the sounds of it!
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2010/9/23 11:01:17
Animated lights? toonarama wrote:
I agree that this would be very useful.
I've already hit this issue.
I got round it by copying the set file then switching off the light in the second set and then joining the front half of one with the back end of the other - a bit messy to say the least.

And incredibly time consuming too I imagine!

I'm sure this must be on the muvizu to do list
2010/9/23 10:47:10
Animated lights? Dreekos feature request No.482

Animated lights:

Can the ability to animate lights be included at some point ?

So we could have night turning to day over time, or a searchlight effect using the spotlight, or even the simple task of turning a table lamp on and off during an animation.

could be good.....


2010/9/23 10:36:45
going nowhere fast I was thinking about different possblle moving backgrounds that i could create and then it struck me "wait a sec!, as soon as my character starts walking he's going to walk straight off the set!" away from the moving background,

What good is that?

So could we please have the ability to lock a character in the one spot while he carries out the walking/running animation as if he was on a treadmill?

cheers in advance

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