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2014/2/7 23:01:22
Show us your Beefy! Funny, funny, funny! Beefy-face never gets old...
2014/2/7 22:59:18
Character stops moving For the moment, no. There are various tips and routines that some people know to try to fix this.
Something along the lines of restarting and whatnot, but there's no real way of preventing this. It's been said many times, but the Muvizu Staff have never really given an answer or some notice saying that they're fixing it. I think I saw somewhere that it's a problem with the Unreal Engine, but I'm not sure. Sorry if this is inconveniencing.

Good luck, and... well... good luck.

2014/2/5 3:22:45
3D in "the future" Of course, now it's up on the first page of General Dis. because I posted on it.
Oh, sorry, not supposed to post on these old topics for no reason. Sorry.
Just interested. I'll go away now.

(Good video there, though.)
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2014/2/5 3:20:29
3D in "the future" Sorry, not to be irrelevant and disruptive...
(Not that anyone's still frequently monitoring this topic)
But this is the oldest un-locked topic.
It's from quite a while ago...
Everything in here is probably out of date. Doubt anyone remembers this anyway. (If you do, give a shoutout.)
I wouldn't go around de-facing this historic topic though. And, again, sorry for adding to this long-dead topic. Hope you don't get angry and go completely mad, throwing chairs around, cursing and screaming vile things.
Just was curious and interested.

Good luck, now go back to your life

2014/2/3 0:27:37
The Muvizu SALE continues! Forgot I could delete. Deleting them all now.
2014/2/2 21:13:11
The Muvizu SALE continues! Neat!
2014/2/2 18:27:02
How can i make one eye on a characters Yeah, they can't move correctly.
2014/2/2 16:16:49
How can i make one eye on a characters I don't think you can do that, but you could select no eyes, and have a custom texture for the face. Probably not the effect you want though. I'm not sure, hope someone else can help. shake head

Good luck, and hope somebody can solve this

2014/2/2 2:12:59
Any way I can make Sinister put his arms down? Yeah, it's impossible.
2014/2/1 14:22:04
make a character move You right click the character, go to edit, and you get a wide variety of customisation.
2014/1/30 1:13:05
First shot at set building Anybody out there?
2014/1/29 2:26:49
First shot at set building http://www.muvizu.com/Set/33704/Fancy-Restaurant

The link above leads to my first real set-building attempt.
Not the best, but hoping for some feedback on how I can improve.
Feedback Requested

Thanks, and have an average day,

2014/1/28 3:08:03
Isn't he cute,..

2014/1/26 19:52:49
Wonderful world of Wabby I didn't mean that I wanted to use it, I was just curious. Edit
2014/1/26 17:38:56
Get rid of the pink dots deedee23 wrote:
I've given up on trying to get my character to move right now. I've been trying since yesterday. I wanted to make him walk towards the camera, but he won't. So, I've decided to have the camera move in to him instead. Not the same effect, but I wanted some movement.

The issue now is that pink dots appear when I'm moving the camera. How do I get rid of them? I don't want them in the scene.

Please help. Thanks.

The dots won't be there when you render it.
2014/1/26 17:37:57
Wonderful world of Wabby octo-crab wrote:
Wow, that was cool.
Funny, I speak French. Didn't use the subtitles at all.

Who made that, and what program did they use?
2014/1/26 17:37:23
Wonderful world of Wabby Wow, that was cool.
Funny, I speak French. Didn't use the subtitles at all.
2014/1/26 16:24:46
Make my character move
I hate this glitch, too.
2014/1/26 16:21:37
bunch of questions ... Yeah, same thing happened with the graphics card for me a few years ago. Nothing works, the computer's graphics can't handle it. You could buy a new card and replace it, but that usually means a lot of money.
The only way I got Muvizu was when Windows 8 came out and I got my new computer.
Soory, that's all I know. Drink Milk
2014/1/13 2:25:55
Delete a topic? Hello.

Does anyone know if it's possible to delete a forum topic if you created it? Wiggle
Also, can the Muvizu Staff delete topics at their will? bow Just wanted to know for future reference.

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