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Home ? Tech Help ? Where's the 'Upgrade' button?

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25/03/2015 14:33:02

HayManMarcExperimental user
Posts: 128
Hello Muvizu,

I am either blind, stupid, or there isn't an 'Upgrade' button.

My 'running version' of Muvizu is the old MZASS-v1.2 - build: 2013.10.28.01R (64-bit). I want to upgrade to the current version (March Mandy release), but I'm unable to locate an option to upgrade the software in any of the menus. Is there one and I'm missing it? Or do I need to download and install all over again?

If I need to install the Mandy release anew, do I need to uninstall my old version first? Or can I keep it and make a separate install with the new version?

So, what I'm really asking is, what is the best procedure to update my Muvizu:Play+ software?

25/03/2015 16:10:18

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 2220
It should have given you a prompt when you opened it.
I think you should re-install the full version from the website just in case:
25/03/2015 17:35:50

Posts: 43
OR u could do what I did, and download the newest Many version through the Contents Pack
25/03/2015 19:00:34

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 1988
Best procedure? Download the full thing, reinstall over the top of the old one. Works for me
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Home ? Tech Help ? Where's the 'Upgrade' button?