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2016/7/7 19:59:09
New South Asian character pack available! urbanlamb wrote:
well hopefully i dont sound too much like that.. i must admit i have an apple cider under my belt right now (the alcoholic kind) and i am a cheap drunk so one is enough to make me even less coherent then usual. Big Grin


Don't worry, I was going to condense what you said a bit better than I did, but got bored while typing.
Unless Muvizu can fundamentally change certain aspects of the U3 base of Muvizu, there's not much you can do to keep it going for up to 10 years. The alternative is probably to re-create Muvizu from a new base (Unreal 4 or a bespoke engine).

Of course, I can't really say I know what I'm talking about. I'm sure the Muvizu folks have something planned.
2016/7/7 19:33:49
New South Asian character pack available! urbanlamb wrote:
Unreal 4 bla bla bla (Not exact quote)

I think you're right. They keep adding new features but eventually this software is doomed to obsolescence.
2016/7/6 15:38:04
New South Asian character pack available! ziggy72 wrote:
I also agree that they should devote more time to improving the program than adding new characters. When I use Muvizu my first thought isn't "I wish there were more types of bodies", it's always "when are they going to fix this f*@king thing?" (fbx rotation, fbx textures being reassigned on load, the ties going nuts, dialogue default wrong, last eye animation not working on render, compatibility with Nvidia's latest driver, etc, etc).

What He Said
2016/7/6 8:33:08
New South Asian character pack available! On closer inspection it looks like they have 4 digits, one of them being some sort of conjoined digit.
2016/7/5 14:05:38
Running water There are a few user created water-based sets on the store:

I'm sure there are more.
2016/7/5 7:50:50
Running water If you choose one of the potato head characters, right click,edit,effects,head/mouth, there's a vomit effect built in. For running water, you might want to use a backdrop with an animated texture. You can also use a combination of the steam, dry ice, and smoke effects upside down to look like water.
2016/7/4 18:40:17
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater tonyob67 wrote:
Yes I have I license, I bought Muvizu play+ a few weeks ago, I am learning to use the program and also sketchup pro, but I can not make the pexporter plugin work's, every thing looks differente on my computer than the tutorials.

You might want to use the older Sketchup 8:
This way you can use the Ziggymesh exporter which removes most of the collision automatically, making things work much better in Muvizu.!downloads/rmmoz
2016/7/2 19:03:05
360 camera and key framing upgrade won't activate ekholbrook wrote:
Exact same thing happening to me. The unlock works on all the other options but keyframes simply won't unlock.

You'll have to contact support:
2016/6/30 20:13:10
Running on the spot ikes wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:

A Muvizu forum thread that you're subscribed to has been updated:

Thread: Running on the spot
Updated by: Jamie

Jamie wrote:

"Thank you, that makes sense."

To view the thread, visit:

But, this means that Jamie is Machiya, because that was not my post. The conspiracy widens...

Oops yeah good point. They used to have a bug where new users were called "IanS" but I haven't seen them in a while.
2016/6/30 20:06:12
Running on the spot ikes wrote:
Sh*t, there go's my cover

Haha, I wish I worked for muvizu...but I'm affraid I have no knowledge of making such an awesome tool.
I have no idea though why you get emails from me as being Jamie. What kind of emails are you talking about? Could you post an example?

A Muvizu forum thread that you're subscribed to has been updated:

Thread: Running on the spot
Updated by: Jamie

Jamie wrote:

"Thank you, that makes sense."

To view the thread, visit:
2016/6/30 10:53:27
Running on the spot I just got this email again.
2016/6/27 22:19:34
Depth Of Field robert-j-ladrach wrote:
I figured out a work around to the camera DOF not working when there are effects in a scene. Set your DOF settings BEFORE you add any effects to the scene. I was playing around with a new set and it worked! The background blurs properly while the character stays in focus and snow falls around him and in the background. Yea!

Interesting, I'll see if I can get this to work. Thanks.
2016/6/26 18:47:18
Depth Of Field That's looking brilliant so far!
The banded shadows (like with the spotlight over the bed in the first scene) are caused by the codec you used. I suggest using the image sequence output since Vegas has an import option for it and you don't have any issues caused by compression or the avi format.
2016/6/26 15:01:58
Help with Audio. primaveranz wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
I'm just guessing crazy stuff here... but really not THAT crazy...

I'm assuming you spoke the dialog into a mic and recorded it in audacity. Is it possible there was a real cricket in the room when you were recording?

Sadly no, it plays fine in Audacity, the cricket only appear in Muvizu. So I'm guessing Gremlins it is

Sounds like (pun unintentional) you could be having problems with your audio drivers. You might want to try updating them, and maybe your video drivers for good measure since that might be handling sound and Muvizu really pushes it.
2016/6/26 14:53:27
Coming Soon 2016 PatMarrNC wrote:
you are indeed the scene Meister!

Anybody know if any of the other Moguls will be participating in the contest/challenge/whatever we decided to call it?

I've started a project but I'm not sure if I can make it funny enough, so I may enter this, something else, or maybe I'll wait for the next competition.
2016/6/25 21:53:22
Depth Of Field robert-j-ladrach wrote:
I tried a scene without snow effect and I got it to work finally.

For a camera a few feet from the character - I used these settings - Focal Distance - 0.0, Focus fall off - 2.8, Focal Range - 317.4, Scale - 2.0

Oh yeah I've been meaning to report that as a bug. Effects destroy any blur used in the depth of field.
2016/6/25 19:37:17
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting MarcKennedy wrote:
I love voice acting. I'd be happy to pitch in. Here are auditions for a few characters.

Excellent voice work there!
I'd recommend you get a fairly good mic since you might even be able to monetise your talent.
2016/6/24 22:05:23
Running on the spot primaveranz wrote:
I'm confused ikes. Why am I getting notification emails telling me that you are Muvizu staff member Jamie?

Do I get a prize? Cool

Yeah they used to have the problem where some new users were called "Ian". Now it seems Jamie is the target.
2016/6/23 22:33:43
Patient lying in bed primaveranz wrote:
So could you download a mesh, remove the head (presumably you'd need to keep the same number of vertices) and replace the one in the Muvizu folder to have a headless actor? You'd have to switch that mesh in and out to get the original back of course.

You could try but this sounds like the sort of thing that would cause a crash. I'd be interested to see how it goes though.
2016/6/23 20:28:54
Patient lying in bed ziggy72 wrote:
I can finally make Sinister put his hands down and use him for something.

Please! Sinister is really well designed the the floating hands just look so strange!

Edit: Any chance of a dodgy mod to create custom actions?
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