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2013/10/20 10:21:23
Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer
2013/10/20 9:18:49
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
oh perty and yes lighting is much improved

Big Grin

oh here while i am at it technically I guess its coming soon (just uploaded) I love the shinies for sure *cough* blender exporter is a wee bit buggy ...

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2013/10/19 14:56:57
Rosie needs a man! bigwally wrote:

Yup, that looks like Beefy!
2013/10/19 11:03:17
Rosie needs a man! Dylly, for now I think you'd need to use the sinister character.
2013/10/19 10:58:52
Rosie needs a man! Yup, I'm with you guys on this! The sinister needs the ability to put his arms down at the very least!

Supporting the Muvizu brains trust (whatever that is),

Oh, and we need a horse!
2013/10/17 11:18:41
how to move cameras for stereoscopic film? RobG wrote:
Thx for your answer Mike_Num_5

A backdrop, of course! This could be a solution but just partly. Why partly? If you want to move your camera for a total shot of a skyline the objects are far away, so you haven't a good depth anyway, so u can use a backdrop. But for a medium shot of an object and for example houses behind him this wouldn't be a good way because you can see, that depth is missing.

But u still helped me, because i want a total shot of a skyline, so it could work! The other scene i'll make without movement.


You could have multiple backdrops behind each other and use the png building backdrop in Muvizu for the front ones, I'll give an example in a mo.
2013/10/17 10:27:30
how to move cameras for stereoscopic film? I love the .gif pictures on the wiki!
2013/10/16 19:23:23
problem with the timeline urbanlamb wrote:
is this a bug then? perhaps it has to be reported.

maybe explain more and send the info to

I did that a while ago, I'm not sure what happened to that email, but I don't know the cause of the problem.
2013/10/16 18:05:15
problem with the timeline I've had this problem, but can't replicate it. I guess it only applies to sets made in 1.1 and before. (Current version - 1.2)
2013/10/16 7:21:19
Newbie having trouble moving / directing object foff47 wrote:
toonarama wrote:
foff47 wrote:

I understand what you are saying about the character "wearing" a vehicle and the character moving the vehicle but I am too new to Muvizu to know how to do this, any chance of a bit of help on how I can do this, then I can go "play"
edited by foff47 on 15/10/2013

If you EDIT a character you can ATTACH an imported object to part of the body so you could import a car model to a characters waist and reposition as required and then when you move the character the car object will move with them.

Two main issues with this

a) Can only attached imported objects for which you have the ase/fbx file - ie not those that are installed with Muvizu
b) the character can only be moved by making them run or walk which will cause the car object to move/shake as well - you could reduce the impact by ensuring you attach to a part which does not move too much and by reducing the character's expressiveness right down

edited by toonarama on 15/10/2013

hey toonarama,

Thanks for your time patience and help, I have just spent 45 minutes looking for the way to "attach" the car to the character and still didn't find it , I think maybe I am trying to run before I can walk with the programme.
So for the moment I will go back to the start and get more familiar with Muvizu and come back to this issue a b it later on..

You can only attach things to characters with play+, so if you have the free version, you'll have to stick with object animation.
2013/10/15 21:22:01
Audio limited and cut-off I'm still confused of what you mean. In the timeline, do you see the waveform of the audio? Does the waveform go past the end marker?
2013/10/15 20:50:22
Audio limited and cut-off Is it the audio of your video, or the time limit of the video itself?
If it cuts off your video for after 8.15 mins you can drag the pink triangle on the top bar of the timeline (the one with the times on it) to the end of your video. this pink triangle marks the end of your video.
2013/10/15 20:44:59
Character movements I will try to find the cause of this problem when I next have the time. (Probably tomorrow)
2013/10/15 7:24:51
Fatal Error Ah, yes, you have to right click the timeline event to delete it, rather than pressing the delete button.
2013/10/15 7:21:05
Gatekeeper members Hi,
You must have click gatekeeper account when you created a Muvizu account. Have a look at this:

I hope this helps,
2013/10/14 17:12:28
A Sticky End YAY! A competition! Rushes to PC...

It took me ages to go through the T&Cs
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2013/10/14 7:26:07
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
I just downloaded washing up sponges to put in the hands of a robot. This is what Play+ makes you do

2013/10/14 7:24:11
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) urbanlamb wrote:
hi just noticed that the scrollbar on the materials/textures list on imported object appears to be missing there is a main scrollbar but I dont seem to be able to find the scrollbar anymore to scroll through the textures etc. in play + just noticed as i went to try to access something

Strange, it works for me.
2013/10/13 17:36:59
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? You should get a reply tomorrow.
2013/10/13 13:48:42
Sketchup to Muvizu fazz68 wrote:
cheers mate Toast
would you be able to add the post above as well about the colour wheel and eyedropper
edited by fazz68 on 13/10/2013

Yep, adding now!
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