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2017/3/14 18:06:42
Camera window I have been having this annoying problem for quite a while. When I open the program the camera view window is off screen. In order to see the camera window or the other options, I have to minimize the Muvizu program to about half size and then drag what I want to the center and then maximize the program.
Does anyone else have this problem? It is because I am using a laptop? It is a 15 inch screen.
2017/2/20 1:02:34
Business suit? Here is a psd file of one someone shared with me a few years ago.
Here is the png.
2017/1/26 13:17:02
Tall building PatMarrNC wrote:
you should find something you can use in this free set. Be aware that unless you have a very beefy computer, the set is going to take a long time to load. But once its open you should be able to save what you want to reuse as a favourite.


Perfect! Thanks. I was aware of this but wasn't sure it would open. I took a while, but did.
2017/1/26 2:25:24
Tall building I am looking for a tall Muvizu building. You know the type that Superman could leap over in single bound.
I did not find one that is cartoonish enough on the sketch-up warehouse.
Anybody have one or a link to one they would be willing to share?
2016/7/14 15:12:10
Head nod thanks. I should have known that.
2016/7/14 14:15:55
Head nod I need to have several characters nod their heads in agreement. I tried the list action, but the hand movements get in the way.
Any ideas?
2016/5/23 11:19:20
W2 Error NEED HELP Jamie took care of it on his end. All works now. Thanks
2016/5/22 23:05:27
W2 Error NEED HELP I purchased the Asian pack and when I tried to activate it, I received a W2 message. I uninstalled and reinstalled Muvizu and then got a W2 on the play+. I can not open any of my sets.
I emailed support on Wednesday and have not heard back. I have emailed and pm'd and have not heard back.
Any ideas of what to do? I have a project that I have been working on and am locked out. It is time sensitive.
2016/1/21 15:05:23
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? MrDrWho13 wrote:
It would be possible, but it would be a solid object, rather than the current ones that have a fluid style.

I am also interested, can you explain how to do that and where to attach it to?
2015/11/16 11:28:33
Key frames update 10th November MrDrWho13 wrote:
ekessler wrote:
I "activated" my key frame pack and I get an error. Error code E2.
What does that mean?

Try running Muvizu as an administrator and activating again: http://www.muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/134/troubleshooting-e2-error-when-upgrading-to-play

Thank you. When I woke this morning it worked. Could be it just needed a re-boot.
2015/11/16 2:42:00
Key frames update 10th November I "activated" my key frame pack and I get an error. Error code E2.
What does that mean?
2015/5/3 18:05:36
Specs- debating whether to get a new computer. I have watching this thread. I am looking for a laptop to run Muvizu and Vegas 12. My 5 year old works well but it is time to be replaced. Any suggestions?
Also to spent $700-$800 in the US.
2015/4/27 18:17:17
March 2015 update bugs Two problems with Mandy.
1. Her skirt does not keep the color that I chose for it after a set is closed and then reopened. For example I changed to a black skirt and when I reopen the file it is a Muvizu Red and white pattern. It is not a very big problem but annoying to fix each time.
2. There are no custom character texture maps on the website. Or at least I cannot find them.

thank you for a great update.
2014/8/11 13:20:42
part of the costume of a character to be an object Thank you. I was afraid of that. I am using play+. I thought maybe I could save some time by finding the file somewhere on my computer.
2014/8/11 2:32:55
part of the costume of a character to be an object I am looking to have a character's hat fall off and be used as an object. How can I get the hat that is part of the costume of a character to be an object?
Can I find it as a file in the under belly of the program? Any ideas?
2014/7/25 19:25:53
Crawling and climbing Bingo! it worked.
2014/7/25 19:00:15
Crawling and climbing My keys don't seem to work. The arrows and the qwe works but not them. It is quites strange.
2014/7/25 18:11:37
Crawling and climbing MrDrWho13 wrote:
The heroes and villains have a climb action.

Thank you. I need him crawling on the ground. I thought i would rotate the camera 90degrees but it doesn't seem to do that.
Am I missing something?
2014/7/25 17:51:14
Render Lag fazz68 wrote:
how big is the file size?
why dont you convert it into mp4? smaller file size and still keep a good quality of video if you keep the bit rate high enough.
any video converter does the job well and its free, or handbrake but there a bit of faffing around with that program. but still free.

AfterEffects will certainly let you save it as a MP4. if AE is still blury play with settings, if not use the Adobe Media encoder and it will do it.
I use Adobe Media encoder cs5.5 (without AE) and it takes a 3gb uncompressed movie down to 60mb and it is still crisp.
edited by ekessler on 25/07/2014
2014/7/25 11:12:49
Render Lag I always have this problem when I play the video with Muvizu running. Close Muvizu and I bet it goes away.
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