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2013/5/2 20:01:05
Coming Soon... Excellent looking van Woz!
Where did you find it?

I could do with a black hack taxi for a thing I want to develop. If you come across one of those then let me know please!

2013/5/2 19:57:41
3D in "the future" Very interesting Urbanlamb!

Here's hoping it can tie in with the unreal engine and therefore our beloved Muvizu!
2013/5/1 23:29:51
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures Yeah, I'm with Chuckles on this one!

The gallery page doesn't do the community justice. The featured staff picks videos should rotate instead of being stuck on the same one. Anyone just glancing at the gallery page could assume that the most recent video was the jonbez one which is always displayed. If the viewer of the gallery ventures further south on the page they will discover more vids but as chuckles points out the videos displayed number 8 only! So they can disappear from the initial gallery page very quickly due to updates. I felt that 16 per page was just right personally.
2013/5/1 14:01:37
So much potential, so many bugs ukBerty wrote:
And a request….

It is infuriating that the characters do not keep their pose when you are editing objects. Imagine the scenario - you have an animation of someone opening a door with the “open door” action. You can get the timeline in the exact position so they have their hand out and you want to re-size and move the door around, so you edit the door object. This closes the timeline and all your characters so to their just standing around breathing state and you can't tell where his hand will be anymore. It would be so much better (i.e. quicker to get stuff done) if either you could edit items without the timeline automatically closing (my favourite solution) or that all the characters at least held their position when editing.

What He Said x 10
2013/4/30 19:12:29
Murally The more I play with it the more I like it!
Could be a great collaborative tool for the Muvizu community!
2013/4/29 10:03:52
Murally Pretty cool app for Chrome.

Check it out!

2013/4/28 20:36:14
How can I contribute to the Muvizu community ? Dwarf wrote:
Hi, I really like Muvizu and I would to know how is it possible to help you ?

I have a washing machine that needs tipping and my grass could do with a cut if you are at a loose end...
2013/4/27 16:42:08
Help from the Muvizu Brains Trust I'm happy to voice over if required Dylly!
2013/4/27 9:04:48
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! Judging from Neil's recent posts it seems that the improvements he has planned will go a long way to making things much easier to use! Yay!
2013/4/27 9:00:13
Help from the Muvizu Brains Trust Is it not just a case of adding a voice over when it comes to edit?
2013/4/27 8:55:41
the avengers radio series Congrats! Looking great!
2013/4/25 20:04:51
How to add actions Have a look here

2013/4/25 16:47:09
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop Yes!
I've just watched the whole thing here


It starts about 41 mins into the video btw!

2013/4/25 15:39:07
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop Thanks for the update Toon!
It all sounds very interesting. Looks like there is a lot more to come from Muvizu!

Exciting times ahead!

2013/4/25 14:12:14
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop I tuned in while on the train so my phone signal was intermittent and I missed most of the presentation but I did see that one of my videos featured! (Batman Begins ...with a B) so yay!!
2013/4/24 21:55:07
Crash on Zoom This is just a guess but in both screenshots it seems like there is nothing recorded on the timeline could it be that the crash is occurring due to there being nothing to zoom other than the actual time increments?
... Just clutching at straws!
2013/4/24 18:14:45
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! urbanlamb wrote:
I just felt like i was invading the thread so i removed it anyhow nice video

Not at all! Lol!

I was only joking with the "bath me in glory" post.

Just trying to keep things light

Really though, What are the issues you are having specifically?
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2013/4/24 17:55:02
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! MrDrWho13 wrote:
I could have sworn that was a paragraph or two earlier...

I never saw that.
Urbanlamb! Can you hear us, one click for yes and a double click for no!....
2013/4/24 17:51:08
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! Mike_Num_5 wrote:
All hail Dreeko!
All hail Dreeko!
All hail Dreeko!


I've got your back man.

And I've got yours! (Unless it gets a bit rough and then I'll call for someone bigger! )
2013/4/24 17:49:24
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
...anyway, this is going way off topic!

This thread is for bathing me with compliments about my new video! LOL!


Great vid Dreeko!
I love the facial animation.

Fantastic work!

Thanks MrDrWho!
The new eye direction makes all the difference!
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