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2016/10/6 11:48:09
Muvizu on the Amazon store Hi Everyone

Digimania has recently been approved as a software vendor for Amazon. A bundle of Muvizu: Play+ and premium content and features is now available on the Amazon store appearing as "Muvizu: Pro".

Please help support our efforts by leaving a product review.


Most appreciated

2016/10/5 10:24:29
Potential business user with questions???? Hi Gene

It's Paul from Digimania Head Office. I've just sent a mail out to you answering your questions. Would be great to catch up over a call in the coming week.

Kind Regards

Paul Collimore
2016/2/25 16:46:59
New 360 video function is now available! MP4 will save you a ton of storage. I re-rendered a 1.6GB uncompressed AVI down to a 3.4MB MP4!
2016/2/25 16:30:32
New 360 video function is now available! PatMarrNC wrote:

(I'll echo what MrDrWho said about the MP4 output!
is that in the new version whether we buy the 360 degree rotation or not?)

Yes MP4 output is included in the new build without having to buy the 360 degree function.
2016/2/25 16:26:22
New 360 video function is now available! Hi Pat

Here is an example using the cabin in the woods set.

Best to view it at YouTube as it will give 360 view controls, or on your phone via YouTube which will allow you to change the view by moving your phone.
2015/11/19 15:49:18
Market place Hi All

What would you expect a single object to be priced at?
2015/11/18 16:09:47
Market place toonarama wrote:
Possibly you have considered and discounted this idea - but what about selling Muvizu animations and/or props in FBX format for use in external applications. I'm sure they would sell well.

Hi Toonarama

This is not 100 miles away from some ideas we have been discussing!
2015/11/17 20:11:42
Market place Hi All

Thank you for your comments and ideas.

There are some challenges we face here at Muvizu HQ regarding transaction fees from our payment gateways, and how we package the assets.

With all payment gateways there is a set transaction fee and then a percentage of the transaction. The transaction fee and percentage fluctuates depending on the type of payment and also the type of credit card used. There is also European VAT regulations which have to be adhered to for purchases from inside the EU.

With this in mind it makes more sense to sell higher value assets or a collection of assets to form a pack.

We have been discussing the idea of standardising the definition of what a pack contains and also the global pricing structure.

In regards to distribution as well as the .com site we will give the creator the option to have the assets sold on our overseas distributors sites, and if the content is suitable via our distribution networks into the educational technology market.

Exciting times.
2015/11/4 23:34:08
The Users content output store......errm promised? Hi drewi

Sorry for the lack of information. This is really because at the moment there is still a fair amount of considerations that need to be finalised regarding the market place function of the content store.

We are working on various procedures which need to be fully ironed out before we can go live. These include:-
  • Standardised number of assets in a content pack and pricing
  • Licensing of the content
  • Transaction fees from our payment gateways
  • Contractual agreements between sellers, Muvizu, and the purchaser

We want this to be a fair system where the purchaser gets best quality and the seller gets a fair price. There is a body of work that we must perform internally here at Muvizu HQ for every piece of content sold, and a fair amount of legalities.

When we have some more solid information we will share with you.

Kind Regards

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2015/10/1 15:16:54
Content store opens it's doors! Hi PatMarrNC

Thank you for your post. The content store will in time evolve into a market place where users can submit content to sell to other Muvizu users.

When the store was originally announced users who had posted content were informed by email of the proposed store and given the option to have their content removed and added again once the market place opens. Some users opted to remove their content whilst the vast majority opted to keep their content free.

As this is still early days with the content store we will be reviewing procedures and listening to all Muvizu user suggestions.

Kind Regards

2015/8/4 14:48:22
Today's Download Glad you like the latest version. Lots more to come in the following months.

Would anyone benefit from a Stereoscopic camera for 3D movies?
2015/4/20 10:02:58
can I use Muvizu screenshots for a tutorial in Ro Hi trluci

Romanian tutorials sound great. There is no problems in you using screen shots. Please send us copies of your work.

Let me know how the training courses go as we may be able to help with attracting Romanian students to the course.
2015/3/3 21:38:32
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Beware of the Uncanny Valley!


urbanlamb wrote:
Pr0gr4mm3r wrote:
Love Muvizu, but surely this sofftware would be the best in the world if they put more realistic avatar as the iclone6, our WOULD BE PERFECT. Maybe one day

lol I am making cartoon avatars for iclone because I am not a fan of "realism" all those pixar movies and whatnot you will notice one thing about them. They never ever try to mimic real life too closely and always cartoonize everything. There is a reason for that

This is a first avatar so the will improve on the next round most of my time was spent learning how to comply with their g5 and now g6 constraints so the animations worked smoothly. You will notice this is definatly not an attempt to mimic "realism"

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2015/3/2 16:32:19
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Hi All

The Auto-update function is currently being update and will be live soon.
2015/3/2 12:24:31
The Future of Muvizu revealed! March 2016................

Only joking, servers are being updated now and new release on its way later today.

MrDrWho13 wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
We did confirm this was March 2015 didn't we ??

...oh dear....
2015/2/26 21:23:20
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Thank you Pr0gr4mm3r

The Brazilian market is very important to us. Our Brazilian user base is second only to the US user base in terms of registered users.

As well as the bug fixes and new content within the new release we are developing ways to make it easier for non UK users to purchase the Play+ upgrade.

Pr0gr4mm3r wrote:
I love this program and wish he had an update and support, it really is a program with great potential. Here in Brazil it has a great success.

My channel on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLsVHh89mKkRqgsvb5DjTcw
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2015/2/17 19:57:35
Quality Snapshots of JPGs Hi Blickfang

I've used VLC media player to generate snap shots of videos and got really good results.
  • Save Muvizu video as an avi file
  • Playback in VLC media play
  • In video menu in VLC there is a snap shot option
  • Snap shot will be saved on desktop or in PC's "Pictures" file
2015/2/17 19:52:39
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Hi Bigwally

There is an update for both Play and Play+. No need to purchase a new copy.
2015/2/16 13:42:17
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Hi All

Indeed, the March release will include a couple of bug fixes and also some new content.
2015/2/11 15:10:45
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Hi All

Thank you all again for your continued feedback.

We do have some news to share.......

The dev team at Muvizu HQ have been working on a new build since the beginning of Feb. The plan is to release the new build in March.

I can't yet share what the new release will include but once confirmed I will post details.

Please do not think that Muvizu is dead. Whilst the dev slowed down over the past year we have been busy taking the product into new markets. Our new user base continues to grow and attracts users from all over the globe.
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