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2012/12/4 17:58:15
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Interesting link today ! Cool

Does that mean we can expect this technology in the near future in Muvizu ?
2012/11/27 20:38:50
Urbanlamb's Christmas set - comments not being ac Jippiejay ! Christmas is saved !

I found the error: although all packages were shown to be up to date,

they were not !

Probably, because I uninstalled the 64 bit english version after installing the 32 bit german version.
Seems they use the same packages or there was an uninstall error ?

So, I simply un- and re-installed the missing package, and then:

Yummy !!! Cool
2012/11/27 7:08:07
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Yes, I know, but after the error message it quits loading.

Otherwise, I've got no problems with the train set that also has more than 51 MB. Confused
2012/11/27 5:56:04
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) @urbanlamb,

your set looks really good but unfortunately I can't load it.
It always stops at around 68%:

and claims that it misses some resources:

But I'm sure that all packages are installed...
Are there different packages for the german and the english version ?
2012/11/22 6:58:30
HUGE request for a TOWN Maybe you should take a look at Matt's XMAs sets (esp. the Town centre): here

The links still work, but I don't know if the sets are still compatible ?
2012/8/26 18:22:50
The IDea Great Idea (in the truest sense of the word) !

You should protect your "iDea" by patent !
Otherwise, I'm afraid these strange californian computer concern with the fruit name could take you to court and ruin your life ! Educated

But then you could still act as pitchman...
You've got really great voice, by the way ! Cool
2012/8/10 16:25:23
Get Your Arse To Mars Nice, but they should use a better stitching software:

Of course it could also be some kind of spatial distortion due to alien activities ?

Awesome picture, especially if you zoom in first before you pan across. Strange how blue it looks for the Red Planet!

Hmm, looking at both pictures what do think ?

What did they say about the costs for the trip ? Whaaaaa?
2012/7/19 5:28:39
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this All the Best to you !!!
2012/7/16 18:56:35
How do I add a different codec to Muvizu drop down
Oh i the h264 no a codec i could install into muvizu from the internet or?
What He Said

LOL ! Sounds like: Buddies

But don't despair ! I'm here to help you: Pat on the head

Have a look at the lower part: LINK
There is an additional 64-bit pack of codecs.
2012/7/16 17:11:30
How do I add a different codec to Muvizu drop down Hi EEFilmz,
I first thought you might be using the 64 bit version of Muvizu and miss the special 64 bit codecs, but indeed this H264 codec from VideoPad seems to be kind of an internal video codec.

But the k-lite pack is really a good choice !
2012/7/10 5:50:52
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! SUPER cool ! Cool

Fantastic and spectacular trailer !
Even with your own costumes.

A new SUPER DREEKO arises...
2012/7/9 19:27:50
Sketchup to muvizu
That Gile is a neat little program, and it actually likes .ase files (unlike everything else) - good stuff, thanks Tripfreak!

You're welcome, ziggy !

Hi magnata,

here (LINK) is my ASE exporter. You have to copy it into the "addons" section under "scripts".
But it will probably only work with Blender 2.62.

Here (LINK) seems to be a newer version for Blender 2.63 (probably by the same developer).

Good Luck !
2012/7/9 6:50:01
Sketchup to muvizu Hi magnata,

your DAE file seems to be a bit strange - normally Sketchup (with DAE import) alone should do the job.
I don't know if you use VISTA ? In that case the produced files are often not shown (although existent) if you started your program not as administrator.

Of course, you could try Blender, but you'll need an ASE script fitting to your Blender version.
I don't remember where I got my script from (Blender 2.62) ...
Its not on the official site:
and also not on Katsbits:
But if you want to try it I could upload mine and set a link.
2012/7/7 11:39:47
Sketchup to muvizu Hi magnata_14,

I don't know if there's a maximum of pictures that could be shown here, because I tried to answer you already 2 times but was thrown out of the forum after adding the message ?

So, I have to keep it short - 2 alternatives to Sketchup (with Cow.dae example).

1. Use Blender:

2. Use the free program gile (LINK) from the danish frecle team with direct ASE export:

You have to exchange the complete MATERIAL_LIST (Blue) inside the ASE file with another one containing the MAP_CLASS "Bitmap" (otherwise MUVIZU will crash):

Insert your correct texture file name and save ASE again. Import in MUVIZU - READY !
2012/7/7 11:28:13
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congratulations to you and to your Daughter !
And welcome to Grace !
2012/7/5 6:16:16
Help with VideoPad or Upload Issue - I think? Hi EEFilmz,

since it was my recommendation I should probably try to answer you, although I don't know much much about your problem. dunno
For the first time we used the program during our holidays in the end of last year showing some vids to our friends at home on a "private trip website".


As you can see we inserted pics in the beginning and end for the titles and never experienced problems.
What kind of picture did you use ? Maybe the time (1 sec) was too short ?
2012/7/4 5:56:06
Software for voice I didn't know it before, but it's a funny little piece of software !
Thank you !

Alternative DL: here
2012/7/4 5:53:35
SkyLine Hi corvetti,

thank you for the Skyline !
You can also simply upload your files to to the Gallery (Sets or textures).
2012/6/24 17:16:57
Part 4 - Nick Danger & the case of the Missing Sho
I liked the Cab Ride alot..and the pov of Nick when he was waking up! Very cinematic !

i agree

And of course I liked everything else too ! Cool
2012/6/20 5:59:02
Beautiful Video The circle of life... Oh, you got me again !

Did I already mention that I'm jealous of you !
You probably have the best job of the entire Muvizu staff - the whole day watching videos and looking for such pearls.

Here is another one I like:
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